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  1. FF14 Did pandaemonium v4 - trying to get all my gear to high level
  2. From the top of my head: MrBeast (because his videos are almost always like, some crazy ass shi- lol) Jacksfilms Ryan George Oversimplified A couple of horror stories channels: horror stories (lol), Mr ballen, etc OverlySarcasticProductions ...etc
  3. How often do you go to the Cinema? -Not as often as id like. Id say probably once every like 2 or 3 months if something comes out that looks interesting or is something ive been looking forward to. I feel like I need to watch less franchise movies and try watching stuff brand new/go into something completely blind and not know what to expect. Typical pricing to see a movie? 11-13$ for a ticket. I buy tickets through my bank and theyre like 9$ and an upcharge for imax of like 6$ Do you usually buy food and drink from the Candy Bar? Only popcorn/nachos/soda. Candy and small snacks we defo sneak in lmao. I bought ice cream once and that was a disaster so never again Ever experienced a disruption? (e.g. fire alarm, technical fault) Don't think I have Your most favourite movie at the Cinema? Currently? uhhh maybe bobs burgers atm lmao. It didnt feel like a movie more an extended episode, but it was so cute and different that i couldnt help loving it. Especially watching with my family.
  4. FF14 mostly I fell in love with it and Eorzea a little over a year ago Haven't been hyperfocused on much else, but I do jump to other games in my library when I'm burnt out in ff14
  5. Feels like this is my themesong sometimes
  6. Brooklyn 99 I can watch it on rerun almost anytime and it just puts me in a good vibe. Binged it while I was working a very comfy job during the beginning of the pandemic where I was just doing security at a construction site and it made go by so fast. Other shows I love: South Park, Bob's Burgers, Walking Dead, Castlevania etc
  7. Sleepy And with that we off to bed
  8. Thanks for the warm welcomes o7
  9. Hi everyone! Pleasure to meet you all. Names Jonny but ofc you can just call me by my user. I decided to make this account while waiting to get into FF14 as the recent update just launched and I jumped in right away, but before then I was bored and decided to look through this forum a bit and thought it seemed fun/chill so figured I'd join in. A couple small things about myself: -Am boy, pisces, 26 years old (jfc i feel like im ancient but also nowadays I feel like so many my age feel this way, lmao) -I love vtubers and follow the vtuber community, if you havent noticed by my avatar mori calliope is oshi, but have several others I follow (Shylily, Numi and Bao) -A couple of my favorite anime can be found on my profile, but I have watched a bunch more, havent really been watching anime lately though, a sin I know - eventually I plan on starting up something new. I'm all about getting to know people and making friends and stuff, love when I can find someone to just vibe with so if you are the same, hmu o7 Other than that, I'll just be around the forums posting a bit from time to time, looking forward to my time here.
  10. Slightly depressed but trying to not be
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