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  1. Hey peeps! Hope you're doing well on this fine Easter Sunday.
  2. I saw thread about swearing on forums, but what about TV? Do you think they should lighten up on the censors? What words should be allowed and what shouldn't? Do you think after a certain time (maybe 10pm?) all words should be fair game?
  3. Hi all, hope you're doing well. Don't forget to wear green a week from today :P
  4. How do you prefer to pay for purchases? With cash, a credit card, or some other payment method? Why?
  5. Hi all, long time no see. Hope your February is going well.
  6. Nebulous

    Worst names

    What would be the worst name you might give a son? A daughter? What are some really bad baby names you've heard?
  7. Hey all! Hope you're all doing well. Tomorrow is New Years Eve! Anyone have any plans to celebrate?
  8. What animals have the best life? Explain your answer.
  9. Hey all, long time no see! Just wanted to pop in and say hi.
  10. Hi all! Almost Friday, any plans for the weekend?
  11. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa? Do you still think he's real?
  12. Nebulous


    Hey all, hows it going? Hope you're having a great October!
  13. Lots of longevity here, thats cool!
  14. Just got my 1 year badge! Happy anniversary to me How many years have you been here?
  15. Nebulous


    Do you like elevators? How often do you use elevators? Why do people keep pressing the button to call the elevator, even though that doesn’t make the elevator come quicker? Do you always try to squeeze in even if the elevator looks full?
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