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  1. It's the original, didn't even know there was a remake lol
  2. Agreed, some shows wouldn't be the same if it weren't for their dubs.
  3. bweh, It's been a long time since I've been online haha. Anyways hope you're all doing good!

  4. Started Kino's Journey a few days ago (I get it's short I just take a long time to finish shows) I've been liking it so far, it's definitely a good watch after a long day at work.
  5. I always like this question, there are the two sides to it who always have their more vocal advocates on other parts on the internet. When in reality most people don't care. I'd say more newcomers to anime prefer dubs, but that's because anime is becoming more mainstream for younger people. The fact is that there is no real answer to this, some subs are better, some dubs are better. It's really a subjective thing entirely. I personally prefer to watch subbed, but I always give the dub a chance unless it's not available. Subs usually just have a different feel to them, it's an entirely different experience than most subs. However there are some absolutely great dubs out there, some of them beat the subs out of the water.
  6. Helloes everyone! Hope you're all having a nice weekend. ( ^_^)๏ผ
    It's a clean your room and sit around browsing online kind of day
    Had more time for by book as of late, so I've been getting some work in which is good to finally do !

    1. Animedragon


      I'm having a bit of trouble understanding this post. What do the words "clean your room" mean?ย ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜

    2. Admiral_Fall


      means moving my junk to other places and calling that clean lmao

    3. Animedragon


      That sounds a good plan.ย  ๐Ÿ˜

  7. I used to like it alot as a kid. I watched alot of the show, up until around gen 5 (idk what it was called probably Black & White like the games) As for the games G5 is my favorite, I still play it and some of the Ranger games today. I really stopped liking the games after gen 6. Perhaps I just grew up but I just lost any of the interest in the series as a whole. Moved onto YuGiOh in High School, I mostly like the card game and have a mild interest in the show. I just watch it on Tubi whenever I'm not watching anything interesting.
  8. hiyo everyone ^_^/ how are all of you doing today? It's my day off so I've been sitting around and being lazy, hope ur all having nice days :3

    1. Bulletje76


      lazy BUT watching anime?

  9. My lifes taken some wacky turns in the past few weeks. No time for anime or vidya sadly, but I've always got the internet in the back of my mind, hope you're all doing well : D

    1. Animedragon


      There are times in our lives when anime just has to take a back seat, been there, had that.

      Hopefully things will settle down again for you in the not too distant future.

    2. Wild Emotion

      Wild Emotion

      Sorry to hear it. I hope you'll have time to enjoy anime again soon, but in the meantime just try to stay afloat in stormy seas, so-to-speak. ^^

  10. Got home super late, but I wasn't quite ready for bed so I started up the 95 Slayers, I'm only 2 episodes in but It's a petty fun and funny show, definetly will be watching more throughout the week !
  11. I don't mind alcohol, but I also don't go out of my way to drink it. If I go out to a restaurant or bar I'll get some fruity drink just to try it lol. If I buy something from a store it's either beer or whiskey, I like Rolling Rock alot. I haven't tried my hand at mixing drinks and I don't really have any interest in doing it either. In short I drink in moderation for the most part ^__^
  12. [Spoilers] As I said a few days ago I picked up Cosmo Warrior Zero, and I have to say there is really nothing redeemable about this show. I was hoping that the "big epic space battle" at the end would have some kind of redeemable quality but it was a big letdown. The plot of this show is a complete mess, and feels like a much longer anime that was chopped up into smaller "important" pieces. With unexpected twists and turns in all the wrong places, the loosely connected plot turns into spaghetti within the last 7 or so episodes. Character arcs are started and fulfilled mid episode, a romance forms out of nowhere, and absolutely nothing is satisfying. Zeth Vorder one of the main "villains" aboard the Hellcastle is dead set on destroying Zero and the Karyu in the final fight. Why exactly? I'm not sure, Zero has basically done nothing the entire series and should be seen as more of a sore under the machine mens thumb than it's greatest threat. The only reason I can come up with is because he's supposed to be a super important and cool character, and the Karyu is supposed to be the best ship in the galaxy but neither make the cut. They try and explain this with "they hate us because we love eachother" type excuse but even that is a poor excuse. Overall this anime stinks, I don't really like to say that because I was kinda excited for this, but it really does. Gets a 3/10 from me (extremely harsh but it left a sour taste in my mouth.) A story that pins an upcoming captain against the legendary Captain Harlock seems like an amazing concept but it was very poorly executed. In fact that isn't what this show is even about despite what the synopsis might tell you, Zero and his misfit crew just sort of shadow Harlock and form an uneasy alliance with him.
  13. It's really good, always on my recommendations list. One of the few instances where I prefer the English dub over the sub. It's an action packed ride that's fun from start to finish!
  14. I remember my first introduction to anime that was outside the usual shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh was through watching SAO on Netflix. I was around 12/13 at the time, and I got hooked on anime for a while. I watched some other Netflix anime like Black Butler, along with some other titles I found while browsing online. My first really "mature" anime was Black Lagoon, and I was pretty impressed with it. After that I went through a short phase of not liking anime and thinking it was too childish before I got back into it in my late teens with some older titles, like the original Evangellion and Sailor Moon which was my first DVD in my entire physical media collection!
  15. I usually prefer subs, but if I always give the dub a chance. I try not to be hardcore on subs but most the time I just prefer them. I do find it mildly annoying if I have to pause to read a whole wall of text, but those moments are few and far between imo.
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