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  1. Decimo

    Fall 2018 Season

    Pretty much just Goblin Slayer for now. I've read the LN, looking forward to seeing it animated. I might look into other shows later, but I don't have big expectations for Fall 2018 personally. EDIT: I totally forgot, but Jojo Part 5! Looking forward to seeing my Italian boys in action!!!!
  2. Decimo

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Solid 6.5 If I watched Conan it would probably have a bigger impact on me I'm assuming. S;G - Farewell
  3. It's a VN so it's fine imo (everyone is always 18+™). Story usually play a huge role in whether I go through the route or not though. Just don't go chasing kids irl lmao
  4. Decimo

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    Toro y Moi 😍
  5. New Splatoon 2 update looks Fresh af, the trailer was also super anime lol Splatoon 2 4.0 Update Trailer (Anime trailer) ^Linked the trailer if anyone wants to see lol
  6. Decimo

    thought's on Pirates/piracy ?

    It's an unavoidable reality that will most likely never go away. That said, I try to avoid piracy when I can, but I still put on that eye-patch and sail the seven seas.
  7. Decimo

    Assassin's Creed III Official Discussion

    >Notices six year difference between new and old comments O_o Regarding AC3, I thought it was okay. Wasn't really a fan of Connor either.
  8. Decimo

    Favorite Drinks, foods, and snacks.

    Phad Thai is god send. I can eat it indefinitely given the chance. Italian is pretty good too. Favorite drink is the drink for true intellectuals and mad scientists alike, Dr. Pepper.
  9. Decimo

    anyone into the danganronpa series?

    1st game: Kirigiri 2nd game: Chiaki 3rd game: Miu (Kaede is a cute as well) Male character wise: 1st Game: all of them were kinda meh, Naegi was alright 2nd: Hajime, Fuyuhiko, and Gundham 3rd: Succi, Kaito, Gonta
  10. Decimo

    Help me learn more about the anime community

    ^ Agreed with twig, make a survey that's anonymous with the questions you wanna ask. I think you'll get much more data that way as well.
  11. Decimo

    anyone into the danganronpa series?

    Yeah, it's great. Succi best girl.
  12. Decimo

    what are your anime unpopular opinions?

    I actually disagree with a few of your opinions, but that is the whole nature of this post lol - The entire anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul is a dumpster fire. Read the manga. - I didn't think Kobayashi's Maid Dragon was all that great. It was just moe bait and a source of meh anime memes. ( I dropped it four episodes in) - Grand Blue's anime adaptation is a let down and is inferior to the manga in every way ( It's nice to see everyone animated and voiced though)
  13. Decimo

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    BFV beta time!
  14. Decimo

    Clichés, Tropes, and Stereotypes.

    Yeah, I absolutely agree with you. It's the reality of the medium and it's almost unavoidable at this point for a lot of genres (There are of course outliers, but they're still outliers!) Nowadays, it's all about the execution of the cliché. Can the show execute it with grace or will it be done in a half-assed fashion? Unfortunately, the latter seems to prevail, but there are shows that display clichés done well.
  15. Decimo

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Song was a bit lack luster in my opinion, that said, the visuals were really cool! 5/10 Cross Game - Summer Rain
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