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  1. I'm back! I was on vacation and had some stuff to deal with! I'll be around as much as I can <3

  2. bootsies

    Thoughts Anyone on Slice of Life?

    I've always been into Slice of life anime with other genres of course. But it's nice to see other 'daily' lives other than the one I live lol. So I enjoy all stages with good plot and art. But cooking and sports to hunting demons etc anything goes for me in my book. Like one I really enjoyed recently was Sakura Quest. I thought it was absolutely adorable and heartwarming. The characters had depth and it didn't feel rushed.
  3. Trying to find a new anime to watch at the moment I need something new and cute... funny and maybe like idk something to keep my interest and I'm hella picky.. kinda ahahaha
  4. bootsies

    Has anyone watched the new anime Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi?

    Okay so continuing the episodes of this anime, I'm really, really enjoying it. The depth of the characters keeps growing and there's mystery and some dark stuff too! Holy balls am I addicted and can't wait for the next episode!
  5. bootsies

    Modded Ark Survival Evolved

    I built the PC myself, she is pretty strong lol. She's my baby! ahaha what kinda PC do you have?!
  6. bootsies

    Modded Ark Survival Evolved

    Well to be honest, I'm playing with 33 mods lol it's part of the new map pack on another group I'm with! I don't know all of the mods on it but I can link it to you later once it's updated. There's an update tonight at midnight EST. My group is always looking for people to join us on Ark! 🙂
  7. bootsies


    Welcome back! *mutters to herself.. ‘who is this!?’* I was gone too for a while and just came back recently as well! Hope we can become friends ^.^
  8. bootsies

    Modded Ark Survival Evolved

    Essentially, you start off stranded and naked and everything essentially wants to kill you.. kinda like Australia! You have to gather resources, make armor and weapons. You have to eat and drink water, you also have to watch out for temperature too because you can take cold and heat damage. You can tame animals, build huge bases. And there are end game items to work towards but it’s suuuuper hard. Def takes time and it’s worth it. Especially playing with friends. You can form tribes, have allies and enemies. The map is huge and there are always new species of dragons and dinosaurs being found. But come prepared.. because things hurt.. really bad. Oh! And you will die a lot. It sucks but with modded you can make a gravestone to recover lost items. And getting back your Dinos isn’t hard but also not easy. This game puts you to the test of your patience, but baffles you with its colors and scenery! If you already have it is def worth playing. And if you don’t.. I don’t know how much it is now but I think it’s the normal price of a game.. like 60?
  9. bootsies

    Modded Ark Survival Evolved

    I just got back into playing this game, and let me tell you.. modded adds a whoollleeee new level.. it’s quite addicting to be honest. Between this game and anime.. I have no life now! Below is my dragon Akane!
  10. I haven't watched Black Clover, it was on my queue to watch.
  11. Well I am very interested in computers and technology. I know a bit of coding and scripting. So I’d like to go into Software engineering and development. But thank you ^.^ Only one of those I have seen, and to be honest I was thoroughly impressed with it. The Irregular at Magic High School. I really enjoyed that anime. And I’m sad there hasn’t been anymore. I would like to read the manga though. But those sound like good recommendations though. Why is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, underwhelming? What’s it about so far?
  12. I currently don’t work due to medical reasons, so I’m currently getting my FAFSA together to go back to school. Also training my pup to be my service dog! So anime is life if I’m not baking or cooking as a side job. But I was told I have to watch Noragami. I haven’t seen it yet.
  13. I am currently watching 4 different titles! Sakura Quest, Hinamatsuri, keniko banchou otome -girl beats boys-, and Kakuriyo -bed and breakfast for spirits- ! I’m really enjoying all of these titles. To be completely honest, Sakura Quest is so precious. I’m in love with all of the characters and their personalities. What is everyone else watching? Who is your favorite character of your current show?!
  14. bootsies

    Oh.. Hi!

    You are correct! I love that anime soooo much! I'm currently watching a similar one!
  15. thanks for the follow even tho I think im lost and unable to lead :) 

    1. bootsies


      It's okay! I'm loyal, regardless! lol 

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