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  1. bootsies

    Oh.. Hi!

    You are correct! I love that anime soooo much! I'm currently watching a similar one!
  2. thanks for the follow even tho I think im lost and unable to lead :) 

    1. bootsies


      It's okay! I'm loyal, regardless! lol 

  3. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    hey I like being called a cinnamon roll! it's precious! so I approve of this! haha @Wodahs @Wedgy
  4. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    Eeek! I don't know what to say that is like one of the cutest things I've ever heard omg! *is totally maybe possibly blushing* lol
  5. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    I'm glad this forum is so strongly connected with one another. Everyone is so kind, and sticks together when it's needed. I'm so happy that I came back. It's places like this that make me realize that not all of humanity is bad, even in a negative moment. People still lift others up and shield those who aren't strong enough to do so themselves. Thank you, thank you all so much. I hope to grow more and learn more about the members of this wonderful site.
  6. bootsies

    Yokai or ayakashi anime?

    I haven’t seen that one! I’ll have to watch it!! I’ve seen Hiiro No Kakera! And Kamisama kiss! Both are wonderful. I loved the opener to Hiiro No Kakera
  7. bootsies

    Yokai or ayakashi anime?

    So I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently and come to find out I reaaaally enjoy anime about Yokai or Ayakashi. They haven’t all been horror either. So I’m just wondering what some recommendations there might be? The picture below is one I’m currently watching. But would like others!
  8. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    Ugh I just have really awkward luck. And I feel horrible for everyone else that has to delete the PMs even if you’re a guy.. you shouldn’t be subjected to that matter one bit. I used to get messages like that on Facebook quite often and I would just delete and block and that was it. This person goes above and beyond being a perv.
  9. Okay after watching Kakuriyo -bed and breakfast for spirits- I have to say Ginji.. I’m in love with his cute face!! Look at this smile!
  10. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    I’m starting to agree. I also find it even more strange that it’s only a few days after I returned.. I hope it’s not my fault some how and it’s just some super creep...
  11. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    I just woke up to a whole bunch more stuff.. this is ridiculous.. you would think someone would get bored eventually..
  12. It was soo lovely, and the rings were simple yet gorgeous. The screen shots I took are my absolutely gorgeous from that last episode!
  13. Ohhhh that's a tough one. But I think Silver might be my favorite, even though she doesn't say much, you can tell how much she loves everyone and cares for the house. Especially Chise. it's almost as if Silver considers Chise a daughter. Episode, that's a hard one too because I liked that in each episode even though there was a lesson, it still continued and built a story.
  14. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    I agree.. at least a few mods and admins.
  15. bootsies

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    Thank goodness Optic came to the rescue..
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