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  1. hello everyone, I created a top 10 anime ranking video of summer 2018 come and check it out!
  2. Hello there everyone, My name is Pierre and i have Aspergers Syndrome which is a type of Autism. I am currently working for a company called UNOTAKU, and my job is to create top ranking Anime videos as well as Anime reviews! The youtube channel welcomes anyone who loves Anime! I also have my own youtube channel, which you are all free to take a look My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0XDPkDlPHu16k5vqrNFjNg?view_as=subscriber here is also the UNOTAKU channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZACT5yo4alW5PvhTCAfunw So if you love Anime... then come on down to UNOTAKU and we will provide you with a lot of information on all the latest Animes. Don't forget to subscribe to UNOTAKU on the channel, and also check out the website too by clicking on this link: http://www.unotaku.net/ Anyway. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this! Hope you all have a great Week and keep watching Anime Here is a link to an Anime review i recently just made:
  3. I bought my first Body pillow and i love it No regrets whatsoever
  4. That's awesome! i'm so glad Manga exists because i'm really getting in to it now! Thank you! I love it so far i'm really getting in to it now I'm sorry bout that i myself am not a fan of reading online, I love death Note, and i'm loving the Manga so far it's on point
  5. I love it so far!! The manga is on point and fantastic! and thank you for the suggestion sounds very interesting Thanks! I'm loving it so far
  6. I completely understand, take as much time as you need there's no rush!
  7. So i am so happy! I just bought my first ever Manga, which is Death Note and i love it so much!! I love books with background images and writing notes inside so you can actually notice what's going on it's fantastic It is my first ever Manga that i will be reading, but i definitely will be buying other manga books too! I still do prefer Anime over Manga, though just because it's colourful Please let me know any Manga, you think is worth me buying! What do you guys think about Manga, and what was your first manga you read?
  8. No problem and Thank you very much! and of course we can be friends
  9. Sounds good to me and i recently watched Tomodachi (I have no friends) Absolute masterpiece! Great Anime i definitely recommend to watch
  10. OMG all the food you mentioned, they sound yummy! OMG i absolutely must try the Japanese Strawberry shortcake! Your mum is the best OMG I absolutely must try all these, i definitely would live just eating japanese food instead of eating stuff that is bad for your health lol Yeah i hear ya, i know how you feel Hey that's okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinions! Hey there is no harm in trying Thanks! Yeeeay i'm glad you do i would love to just have Ramen for lunch and dinner! and Haha thanks very much! well i wanted to make sure the picture was good enough for people to think, right i'm hungry now Talking about pictures... I love your Avatar Picture so Kawaii
  11. I'm sorry, i didn't mean to upset you I love your Avatar profile by the way!
  12. It is interesting! Yay i'm glad Please let me know if you liked it OMG yes i hate that the most Lol hey that's okay no worries! Everyone can have a lot of emotions when it comes to Anime, Good or bad. I actually get depressed sometimes watching Anime, because the lives they have is not what i have and that makes me so depressed. Sometimes i watch this really good Anime, but there's a really sad ending and at the end i feel empty so i know how you feel. But i know what you mean though, hang in there man!
  13. You need to OMG it's such a great Anime! Ah that's good then i'm glad you understand now OMG i hate cliffhangers there so annoying! I love it when a story is resolved
  14. Thank you! Amen to Ramen! i must agree it definitely does look better than real life. That's fantastic i love Salmon! I definitely must do the same There's no harm in trying everything!
  15. So i went to the shop today, and i had to think about what i wanted to eat. I normally just have Wraps and Ham, which are carbohydrates to give me energy. I was struggling to decide what to eat, then i started to think about Anime and how much i loved it! I then thought about what Japanese people might eat, and i remembered the name ramen which is a Noodle based dish. So i brought some noodles took it home, cooked it and added some meat and vegetables and i tell you what..... I absolutely loved it. best Noodle dish i ever had it was so delicious!! Ramen is now my favorite kind of Noodle dish! What about you guys? I would love to hear your stories, or your thoughts on Ramen? Thank you Anime for showing Ramen, you are a lifesaver Anime 4 life!

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