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  1. What kind of anime girl are you?

    Hey guys and gals, using my friends computer atm since I am away from my own. I didn't know what else to call it, the description is the personailty it has but it in itself is a Furry; It just wouldn't feel right not to include a furry in an anime quiz, imo.
  2. What kind of anime girl are you?

    I just made this quiz, its my first ever personality quiz so I hope I made it well and it works. Anyway, here is the link if you wanna play it. https://www.playbuzz.com/deadpooldaboss10/what-kind-of-anime-girl-are-you Have fun and feel free to post your results below!
  3. random number generator?

    Thank you! I want to start working on it ASAP.
  4. Favourite Youtuber?

    Me too, aside from Pewdiepie I watch it for gaming and music. Mostly Tekken gaming channels.
  5. So, my favourite video-game is dead. :(

    My favourite video-game ever was Marvel Heroes 2016 and it is dead now. I am sad about it, I said my goodbyes, I am just glad I spent some months away from it due to CPU crash problems before now because it does soften the blow a little bit. I will miss the game so much and if anyone else plays the game or played the game, now you know its dead. https://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion/330386/a-heartfelt-thank-you-and-goodbye#latest ^My goodbye post.
  6. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    Alright, alright, now about me. 1: I take forever to eat, I make sure to chew every bit of my food; Its not worth eating unless you enjoy it to the fullest. 2: I am a perfectionist when it comes to things I really like, like for example, gaming. I keep at one thing for hours and I don't care how long it takes, if its something I cant do yet I will be able to do it before the day is up. 3: I am a germophobe. I hate germs and I hate being sick, I avoid any and all contact with people I can; I don't touch things when I go out places and if I do I like to use hand sanitizer immediately afterwards. 4: I fall asleep almost instantaneously all the time. Even when I am not tired, if I get in bed it takes only about a minute and I'm out for the rest of the night. 5: I have a bad habit of popping my knuckles that I have been trying to break a while; I broke my nail biting/picking habit a few months ago. That's a lil' about myself.
  7. random number generator?

    This is awesome! Thank you, I am pretty sure this'll work.
  8. Rate the song above you

    5/10 Pretty good but not really for me.

    It is time to test your favourite characters might! Can they survive the gauntlet? This forum is simple, I will post some insanely damaging attacks and the like below, then anyone who thinks they know any anime character that could survive being hit with every attack can post that character and say why they would survive. Then members will vote for whether they think they would or not. What he/she has to survive. How far will they get? ROUND 1! LETS SEE HOW TOUGH YOU REALLY ARE. 1: Gaara's sand coffin 2: Kirito's dual wield barrage 3: Itachi's Mangyeko Sharingan ROUND 2! THE POWER LEVEL HAS INCREASED! 4: Levi's god mode 5: Fully ascended Goku's Kamehameha 6: Ichigo's hallow transformation Cero 7: Naruto's yin yang ultimate tailed beast Rasen-shuriken combo. FINAL ROUND! 8: One punch man's super serious punch Okay, so who is gonna run this gauntlet?
  10. Favourite Youtuber?

    Ha! This is the first post mentioning another Youtuber I actually know, lol, I stick mostly to Pewdiepie. But Markiplier is awesome, is love it when he collabs or makes an appearance in a Pewdiepie video.
  11. random number generator?

    So I was thinking I would make a forum game, a real good one. With character stats and levels and the like but I would need a random number generator for that; Now I am looking for one that can be viewed on this forum and you can see who rolled and got what RN. Does anyone know of anything like this? If you don't understand what I want, its like a dice simulator that allows you to see which player rolled. Anyway, if there is anything like that please tell me because I would like to be able to play this game I am making online and not just as an offline, err, real life board game.
  12. is water wet people?

    Water is wet only us humans and other living things that touch it, I don't think it in itself is wet.
  13. Hello, I am glad you joined, feel free to tell us a little about yourself and why you joined!
  14. I'm going to be gone for around 4 days on a little trip; Leaving tomorrow morning, I will miss you guys! Hope you have a great time while I am gone.

    Image result for kawaii anime girl bye! gif

    See ya!

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      Enjoy your trip! Travel safe.

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      Vivi Hyuuga

      Have fun! Look forward to having you back on the forum.



      Thank you Hyuuga!