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  1. My personal favourite game is Magic the Gathering; however that is a card game. When I am playing with more people, Monopoly is my fave party game; it takes forever but its really fun (My dad always wins though, lol).
  2. Well hello there, welcome to AF; I hope you enjoy it here! You sound freaking awesome (sry if to enthusiastic, lol) but from what you have described about yourself, you remind me a lot of myself; I would love to hang out in PM's or whatever; I would also like to read some of you're poetry, I write poetry as well. Feel free to join poetry club if you want, I haven't posted much on there but I have posted some poems, also I have like 200 pages worth of poetry on an MS word document, lol. Oh and btw, I used to be depressed thinking life would pass me by too; I hated the monotony, everyday was so alike the last but you have got to realize that no matter where you are you can accomplish great things. That is one of the reasons I started writing poetry I think, I wanted to write something that made a difference, I am also working on 5 novels and some fan-fiction atm; anyway, feel free to chat with me about whatever. PS. AF is a very supportive and well-mannered site, all registered users I have met are very polite and should not message anything bad, however once or twice some people will join up just to harass forumers, I was messaged a lot of wierdness from such people (but it happens rarely), anyway if that happens just report and block. I hope you realize you are having a beautiful day, bye!
  3. Welcome to AF, I hope you enjoy it here! Btw, what is you're favorite fighting game?
  4. I would want to live in a super-hero type anime, where almost everybody had powers (OPM, Naruto, etc). However my life right now would just be considered a: Slice of life/comedy/drama with some mature themes. Probably rated T for teens, lol.
  5. Alive and yet so Dead I am alive, on life do I thrive, every morning to this earth I arrive, yet into depression do I dive, As I my poems archive, past struggles, distant pains, never-ending tunnels, no-stop trains, It's strange really, this feeling of anxiety, existing only in my past, yet refusing today's piety, I am sorely outclassed, in my own society, as though I am over it, though I am glad, my subconscious mind goes into a fit, driving itself mad, It's not hard to deal with, for what is there to it? Its easy to live, though I cannot stop chomping at the bit, hungry for death, for morbid world-views, cannot take a breath, while watching the news, Yet I am filled with joy, smiling everyday in the church pews, Or am I yet coy, by mine own self truly abused, I think it is this, yes this alone, I cannot forget the fist, that shattered my bone, it was so powerful, it did not relent, made me so sorrowful, yet I live unrepentant, wearing his face as a pendant, my work living by his every tenet, because despite my hate for him, he gave me a purpose, my life no longer a monotonous sim, no longer a recluse, living only to myself reduce, so despite the pain he caused me, despite bringing me down to one knee, I can live ever thankfully, as he is now my friend as well as my enemy, without whom I could not live so powerfully, without whom I could never be so free...
  6. Wow, this poem is absolutely fantastic; in fact it is my favourite of your poems. It honestly filled me with wonder, I could just so vividly imagine your words coming to life, simply beautiful.
  7. I watch Pewdiepie and Nyanners a lot, I probably watch gaming channels like: Mainmanswe, Blue3Angels, A.X.L, Lionheart, etc (yea, all Tekken gaming channels, lol) the most though. And I used to watch Alex Jones by far the most but he is ban from Youtube now because of the anti-free speech agenda.
  8. Re:Zero Main character is a complete and utter loser, he sucks at almost everything he does and despite everything he goes through he always just sucks, its like he cant improve at all; it is because of this as well as his character that he is my least favorite anime character ever, you may like the show if you are just looking for an utterly pathetic MC.
  9. I just started playing MTG:Arena yesterday, I have completed the tutorial and have been playing against people online, I just won my first match a little bit ago; it is super fun! Just wondering if anybody on AF plays, maybe we could have some friendly matches sometime? Anyway, my player name is LILDOOP if you feel like dueling. Btw my CPU's fan is screwed up so if I disconnect randomly don't think I rage-quit or anything (I do plan on fixing my CPU soon however).
  10. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that.
  11. *Drinks water* Lol, I'ma be sitting around and playing games (For Honor). My mom is gonna have some valentines stuff to do, idk what but she likes having parties. But yea I am single, gonna be studying for college (doing 3 classes atm) and just lazing about.
  12. It's my Birthday today, hope you all have a great day as well ~♥ 

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      Hope you enjoy your day


  13. I would turn my PS4 console and controller as well as myself super Saiyan, lol.
  14. Netflix: Naruto, Black Butler, Kakegurui. I have not seen BB but I know its supposed to rock, also Naruto and Kakegurui are amazing. However Crunchy-roll has got just about everything so I would recommend you just subscribe to them tbh.
  15. Leveled Valkyrie up to level 14 or reputation 4 in For Honor; also started playing Law-bringer, he sucks compared to the rest of the heroes however I still enjoy playing him.
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