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    My sister wants to be a photographer, she is saving up for like a $250 camera. Woah, those tree's are magnificent! They are just so whimsical, almost like their from a fantastical alien planet. Beautiful :'D
  2. Honestly, I don't hate a lot of things; I do dislike getting socks as gifts though, lol.
  3. I hate "on fleak", also "snatched". People sound so idiotic nowadays saying this like, "Wow, her outfit is so snatched", what is that supposed to mean!? My little sister talks like that and it really gets under my skin, lol. There is a lot more slang I hate as well but the list would be far too extensive to write down, lol, why can't we all just speak our native languages, are they not perfectly fine as is?
  4. Happy mothers day to any mothers on AF, you gals rock! :D

  5. I see you are a man of culture as well, XD. Welcome to AF, I hope you find it to your liking here!
  6. ♥ Hello everyone and welcome to my Haikyuu collection. I have only recently begun writing Haikyuu's but I will post more on here over time, so feel free to check back any time! ♥ Haikyuu's so far: (2) #1. Fear The man who fears death, sadly only provides proof, that he's never lived... #2. Cycle Fallen leaves, God breathes Life through death, course of nature. Sacrifice, spring sings.
  7. My Submission: Fallen leaves, God breathes Life through death, course of nature. Sacrifice, spring sings.
  8. Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone celebrating! I'm not Spanish but my mom loves celebrations our family is celebrating today, eating a lot of good food. :D 

    1. Seshi


      It was my nephews birthday yesterday, so we had lots of good food too 😁

  9. Title: Dichotomy A crisis of identity, caught up in my past life, reality cuts like a knife, all this pain and strife within me, but is it within a her or a he? My interests stray from my minds eye almost everyday, I tried my best to be a trooper, but I am just to sly, stealing myself away like Sly Cooper, Everyday by and by I am told nothing but a lie, but a lie so sweet, strange and unknown yet warm and fuzzy like the comfort of home, Am I really so strange, from myself so utterly estranged? Am I really to change? God's image is so deranged! I talk to my friends, my family, they say its so plain to see, the complete dichotomy that is me, I tried so hard to flee from who I was meant to be? It doesn't seem right, can't sleep through the night, I just wanna be happy... "Murderer, murderer, you'll kill her", these words echo in my ear yet I wont hear, not when my family dear pressures me to steer in another direction, Is it time to get an erection? I don't know anymore, my soul has flown out the door, I'm falling to the floor, sulking and sobbing terribly sore, just the thought of the procedure, the day drawing nearer, decisions forced to make quickly, am I really just a female effigy? Fender-bender, can't let her, gender gender, get better. I'm so confused, gotta tie this noose, you can see me in the news and cry in the church pews, Because to me, you see, its all just hypocrisy, y'all call for equality, stand up for sodomy, pledge allegiance to the church of inclusivity, but when it comes to me, you show no sympathy, am I so different, am I so warped, or do I just enjoy things some other's don't? Do I need a dick to pick up a hockey stick? Do I need balls to wash up in the locker room stalls, after a game of football? Oh how far will we, humanity, fall? How long will we condemn the normal to abnormality before we see the beauty in our difference? We call out, sexists for their misogyny, we freak the f*ck out over stereotypes, yet we're their own prodigy, honestly, gender ain't no dichotomy, just let us be free already from the tightening grips of society! I'll do whatever the hell I want, I'll do it freely so you can see the only person I need to be, impress, surprise, is me... Note: I wrote this because I am sick of the transsexual narrative; liberals today say stereotypes are bad and condemn those who use them yet they tell people who enjoy things the opposite gender enjoys that they are truly meant to be that gender; its bullsh*t, everyone is beautifully themselves and nobody needs to change simply because society demands it. Hypocrisy is the driving force behind modern liberalism.
  10. Just watched Avengers Endgame... Greatest Marvel movie of all time, nuff said. I'm not gonna spoil because you guys have GOT to see it! :D 

  11. Just finished SAO season 3 a couple days ago, seriously, BEST SEASON EVER! I don't wanna post spoilers, but wow, imo SAO went from good to great! I mean it was always my fave anime but that didn't make it better than other anime i'd watched, now though, it has seriously stepped it up! :D 

  12. Title: Mercy-killing Blood in you're veins, coursing furiously to you're brain, blood in you're veins, coursing, sadly in vain. Blood meets rain, what a beautiful gain, oh how precious you're pain, Better savor it while you can, you'll never experience anything as good, not even when meeting God according to His ultimate plan, this world is unfit for us, we are stained because of him, damn that bastard, that selfish Adam, because of him our souls so swiftly dim, and in our sorrows do we all swim, pass the law, brand them all, dead to death, alive in heaven or even hell, well, either would be more acceptable than this abominable life. Cure the cowardice, kill the devil, end the prejudice, pick up you're shovel, One option, comply or be forced, for despite being the worst of the worst you retain my love nonetheless, so good-bye all and may God bless, I wish to join you one day, but until then... F*ck the press. Note: Hope you guys liked it, feel free to ask questions and always remember you are having a great day! ~♥ (btw I don't believe in original sin irl)
  13. Title: Take Heart A rift between worlds upon the heavens enfolds, casting down the stars, purifying the molds. Skies brightness, beauty, scarred and abhorred, earth's wondrous tranquility abused and scorned. A boisterous beast beating his chest, magnificent and mighty, bearer of a terrible quest, in whose eyes lies not rest, in whose mind no duress, only stress from a god, scorned and tormented, crushed as a seed pod, mysteriously defected. Wrath kindles as the fires of hell, oh too similar, from where has he fell? I take it upon mine self to this transcribe, ink dancing on quill as does hell imbibe, blood of fathers, blood of mothers, blood of children spilt beneath the covers. From such acts stems no guilt, no, not for this beast, majestically built yet falsely gilt, to stay his wrath would ones soul sell, for this act alone would his wrath quell. Raze my bones up on high, make me to soar into the sky, for though rent and barren, cold and callously uncaring as is now her majesty, above yonder troubles sits, one whom would the beast drown in fiery pits. Yes upon a throne, three faces stay, His wrath saved for another day, and though slowly does it come, so too does a new kingdom. Therefore, all my brethren, he that hath an ear let him hear and take heart, from the heavens above descends a righteous rampart, who from this world will evil raze, casting him below for eternity, deserving of our praise and indignant unity against such tempestuous revilers of right, from now unto the end of nights, for in his sights shall decease night. Judge ye the earth, the scornful nations of our God, do not at their wickedness slight, but sob. Chasten and awaken the souls of the weary lest in the last days they board hell's fairy, gladly and eternally, seemingly unaware of the horror awaiting them down there. - Happy Orthodox Easter everyone! ~♥
  14. Billie Eilish has one of the best voices I have heard in my entire life. Been addicted to her music for the past couple of days, she is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard! ~♥ 

    My favorite Billie song: 


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