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  1. I have started writing a fan-fiction on wattpad, I have finished the first chapter; it is a LOTR fan-fic, a Gandalf x Reader one. Don't worry its not sexual, anyway feel free to give it a read and tell me what you think! 

    If you like it be sure to tune in for any new chapters I add. :D G'day gents and lady-folk. 

    Here is the link: https://www.wattpad.com/679300213-bree-death-and-resurrection-chapter-1-orphaned



      "Notes from the author" also completed. :) 

  2. Happy new years eve everyone! Can't wait for the ball drop to ring in the new year! I wish you all a great new year and I hope you all fulfill your resolutions. :D 


    1. efaardvark


      My only resolution is to not write "2018" on my checks.  :D


    Any Below 18s?

    You know its kinda creepy to ask whether or not someone is below 18 while your other thread is asking for people to watch anime with you over skype. You probably mean well, but I am just saying, you may not be giving off the impression you want to be?
  4. How do y'all like my Gender-swapped Armin? I made her over at Rinmaru games.com and am using the pic as my profile background. :) 


    Behind the wheel

    Behind the Wheel Throw on my coat, my shirt, my pants, my belt, my shoes, step out of my house staining my all too familiar porch with my all too familiar foot-steps, staining my all too familiar eyes with the all too familiar sight of my car, it doesn't look far, my car just doesn't look far, I step inside, buckle in and hold on tight for the ride, back-seat driving, not my decision, back-seat driving, not given permission, honk the horn, its not far, but I'm so warm, so warm... Behind the wheel, I roll over, back flip and heel, how do I feel? Red lights? Run. stop signs? Ignored. "Red light, stop sign, stop!" these words I cannot say, or is it, these words I will not say? From the law I stray, every day, and how do I feel? Behind the wheel I roll over, I back flip, I heel, and to answer how I feel, If I intend to be real, it feels all too familiar... Familiar seems similar, similar to that with which I am familiar, the smell of the oil kills the inner turmoil, the feel of the leather feels good forever, behind the wheel, I reel, I reel, behind the wheel I will, behind the wheel I die, I lie, comfortably, hello miss life, hello mister dream, hello mister death, goodbye... hello miss life, hello mister death, hello mister dream, "Good-bye, good-bye..." May I join you? Good times, cheery smiles and joyous laughs, bad times, hidden frowns and wicked chuckles, comfortable crimes, yes, I'll sit back for miles, I'll sit back for miles and focus on their smiles... "Hey, I have a suggestion, why don't we stop there?" Okay miss life, no problem! "Hey, I have an idea, why don't we stop there?" Okay mister dream, no problem! "Hey, I have a preposition, why don't you stop there?" Okay mister death, no problem... Note: Hope you all enjoyed it, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section and realize you are having a beautiful day! ♥

    How Do You See Yourself?

    I see myself as a beautiful, sexy, strong, happy, genuinely caring and virtually untouchable; I do not care about others opinions of me and simply do my best for myself. I always imagine myself as being a year older than I really am and I do not know why; I rarely ever see myself as weak or helpless. I do know full well that I am strange and am 100% aware of what impressions I give off when out on the town but isn't everyone a little strange? I mean when we are talking about people, the word normal just flies out the window; so yea, I just embrace myself and do what I want however I am no trouble maker, I do in fact respect and care for others. Despite my large amount of confidence however I can have a hard time complimenting or cheering someone up in real life face to face, I prefer to do so online and therefore this is something I am working on. I would have to say my happiness stems from life itself and the inhabitants thereof, nature for example. No matter where I am there is always beauty, there is beauty in trees, flowers, plants, even rusty metal; everything tells its own story if you are keen on listening. This is the world we live in yet most people are to blind to see the beauty surrounding them, this is the world God has given us; so yea, I am mostly happy and rarely get depressed and this is why. I can beat myself up about certain things though, such as mistakes I have made, failures to help people I try to help or failures to live up to my own expectations of myself; however every minute is a new minute and every day a new day, we have endless opportunities to achieve our goals and only ourselves standing in our way.

    What's you favorite game?

    How is Akiba strip, fun? I thought about buying it before but I just don't know.

    modern song, or 1900's song's ?

    100% 1900's songs. I love songs from the 80's like take on me, eye of the tiger etc. Rick Astley is one of my favorite singers and I love all his songs. The 1900's had good songs, meaningful songs; meaning is something anyone would be hard pressed to discover in music today. Modern music is terrible and harmful to humanity and our culture. It's all about sex and money and sex and more sex. Just a bunch of mindless idiocy that people listen to without realizing that the messages from the songs subliminally influence their minds. Because of my hatred for modern music, I listen to almost only metal and emo bands; especially emo because emo bands have such deep meanings put into their lyrics. Emo bands like MCR, TOP, FOB, Icon for hire and P!ATD are my favorites (P!ATD #1).

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    As well as a slew of other Vitas songs; he has quickly become my second favorite vocalist ever!
  10. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! I didn't post this on Thanksgiving because I was celebrating with my family all day but I just want to say thank you all for making AF the best forum on the internet; it is always peaceful and nice, no divisions among the users and a ton of support for those who need it. I want to thank the mods for all their hard work and diligence in improving this forum and for their active fraternization with the users. 

    Here's to another (premature new years wish, lol) great year of AF! ~ Kampai! 



  11. Happy Birthday (little late but still), hope you had a great time! ♥ 

    1. brycec


      You're not that late, at least here. Thanks.

      It was a good day.


    Bittersweet Kiss

    Hmm... reminds me of a character in one of the books I am writing. Good post.

    Recent Video Games You Bought?

    PS3: Resident evil: zero, 1, RE:make, Code Veronica: X and 4. (Halloween sale was good to me). I am a pretty big Resident evil fan.

    Living with the 'rents.

    I'm 17, so yea, I am still living with my parents. However, I will be gone in a couple years I believe, once I get my bachelor's degree I plan to go to Japan for an English teaching job. It has always been a dream of mine to live in Japan, so I am hyped.

    Do you play a musical instrument?

    Working on learning Piano. I intend to practice a lot this winter (If my hands don't go numb from cold, lol); piano is my favorite instrument, it sounds beautiful. Once I finish learning Piano, I wish to learn how to play the Violin, because that is my second favorite instrument ever.
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