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  1. This is powerful, really shows the seriousness of judging others. I also just really admire your poetry style, you always seem to know how to leave an impact on the reader, just brilliant.
  2. Title: Willing Slave Blood in the water, I am you're debtor, saved me from her so I will serve you better, blood in the water drown my last letter, drown my last letter, now put me in fetters... From pain of remorse, guilt gone off course, living life like I'm reading braille, a slave though I'm free from jail, what the hell, is this me? Why is this my reality? I'm a masochist, from the past to this, whips and fists, caught up in this tryst, caught up in this blood red mist, polluting the air with our hate-filled kiss, polluting our minds with this violent bliss... Love and hate, just two sides of the same coin, menstruate before the time, blood runs quickest when your having fun, rushing, rushing till the wake of the sun, feeling, feeling that life's only just begun. But when I'm alone, skins cold as stone, I can't touch myself. I despise my health, my spiritual wealth, can only stare at my wrists, scarred and abhorred. cut when I'm bored, or at least I used to, deserve to be in a psyche ward, and that's why I love you, you save me from myself and swear I did the same, vice versa, however, is not in the name, I swear I can't repay you no matter what you say, but I can help to contain you, I'd not have it any other way. I'll be your object, a thing of beauty in your eyes only, in your heart truly, I kill myself, you'll see right through me, dwell within me as you screw me, I'll fill that need, your need for love, strap on that glove, because you are my dove, my divine rose, such innocent words as I strike this pose? I don't know how to reconcile my love for you and my self denial, you, my God, look at me lustfully, though I am so vile, it is only because of you're smile I can even look ahead a mile... So sign this pact, drenched in my blood, lets reenact this in the mud, that when you die, so will I, I'll slit my throat, as you once tried, you'll close your eyes, and I'll close mine, we won't say goodbye, lost in time, we'll be together, till death does part, for he will pass, before our love depart...
  3. Well, I like it a lot, relatable character, nice intro, got my attention. Just a couple of tense (past/future tense) issues but other than that its really good.
  4. Title: The Wind is my Friend 

    When you haven't a friend with a shoulder to lend, 

    to a crying dear so consumed with fear, 

    do not lose hope, she will help you cope, 

    the wind is she, so wild and free, 

    feel her breeze, she'll calm you're pleas, 

    get up off your knees, entranced in her grace, 

    feel her caress on your face, her silent consuming embrace, 

    then feel, without a trace, you're fear from you're soul race, 

    yes, save face my dear, say grace my dear, for she will be here, 

    every hour of the day, from shimmering sky to cloud grey, 

    a shoulder when you cry, a beautiful future does for you she scry, 

    so do not in the suns flaming heat fry, ignoring her smile, for only you say goodbye...


    Notes: I hope you all liked it, I am in a great mood today and I just want to share my happiness with all of you. The wind truly is as described in this poem, its not all just fancy wording, if you ever feel lonely just stop fighting it, return the hug she is eternally giving you, everything will be OK ~♥ 

  5. Tbh I can't choose. For me it just depends on the writer, I have seen some amazingly well written male and female (Griffith, Light, Yumeko, Rena, Rika etc.) and some absolute trash characters (Mikasa, Subaru, etc.). So yea, I don't think one gender is superior to another in the anime world as far as writing is concerned, therefore I feel like to choose a gender as my favorite it would have to just be based off my own sexual preference, and I prefer women to men however that is not enough to make me say I like female anime characters better in general as I care for the character more than the look of the character.
  6. For PS4/XB1/PC! I am so hyped for this game, don't know how Saitama is going to be balanced, just hoping all the technical stuff is done well and holding out for 4-6 player couch co-op seeing as 3v3 battles seems to be the main mode. Anyway guys, check out the trailer below and tell me what ya think! Tbh, I have been dying for an OPM game since I started watching the show, always thought an RPG would better suit a video game but I am incredibly excited because fighting games are my favorite genre.
  7. 🎊 Congrats on top score for my MCU quiz. It would take a perfect score now to take that spot.



      Haha, thanks! Good quiz btw. :D 

    2. Ohiotaku


      Was afraid I made it a bit too hard for most. I feel a little better now 😁

  8. Title: Mirror mirror on the wall, I want to end it all How do you do? I've been watchin' you from across the room, Maybe I should have rehearsed, but I'd rather let heart burst, like ba-boom, ba-boom, pow! Now I know this may sound off the wall, but I'm ready to go with you for the long haul, Because... I love you. And yea, your undecided, but yea, your still invited, its nothing unexpected, didn't think we'd be instantly connected. But hey, I'm ready to go with you for the long haul, so just give me a call? *Sirens blaring* Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. ~/~/~/~/~~~~~~~~ *beeping as heart stops* Yea, I know I'm crazy and that should be just enough, but my worlds gettin' hazy cause your loves just to rough, girl, your oh so lazy, I just had to call your bluff. Cuz' I just aint that tough... You'd think I could talk to you, tell you what I'm wanting to, get some advice from you, but that's just too much isn't it? If I wanted to marry myself, I'da picked a me off the shelf, thrown away my wealth, and a little bit of my health, but I've gotta say this is worse, me and you under this toxic relationship curse, and now I wish I'da rehearsed, 'Cuz today in the twilight zone I am immersed! And yea, this is unexpected, didn't think I'd be instantly rejected, because I'm starin' into your eyes and you into mine, and I cannot tell who is who, why are we a hive-mind!? Lookin' through the mirror, the fog doesn't get any clearer, I don't feel any nearer, to you, or to escape, no... Cuz, the eyes are the window to the soul, but with you there just another dark hole. What do I have to do to get to you? What do I have to, have to do-ooo!? I haven't a clue... Mirror mirror on the wall, so long long haul, I'm not gonna stall, I wanna end it all, and never again fall... Notes: I had something quite different in mind while writing this, same premise but written differently; I may try to write something like this again so I can capture that but my mind just took me where it felt so yea, I hope you all like what this ended up like! Bye, I hope you realize you are having a great day! ~♥
  9. The games that really got me hyped were: Avengers Project, Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring.
  10. Wow, sounds fun! Actually #1 was true, I just binged Riverdale recently, lol. I am planning to learn Muay Thai, practicing a little at home but I don't know it yet.
  11. Ima say #3. 1. I binged Riverdale 2. I finished Naruto 3. I know muay thai
  12. Hoi, welcome! I do hope you enjoy it here, its always nice to see a bright shiny new face on AF. ~♥
  13. Makes me so glad to hear that, thank you very much for the kind words.
  14. Tell me Differently (I Dare You) Life's a bitch, tell me differently, convince me quickly. Don't you see? You can't save me. This itch, just a little thing? No, this itch, it does more than sting... You wanna hear me sing, hear me sob, voice louder than a mob!? I'll never escape this mind-rape, never cut through the yellow-tape. I'll never see the victim, because I can't look in the mirror... Cutting myself with glass, shards of my present, this ailment wont pass, forced to accept this dark descent... I'm weak, powerless and frail, so full of smoke yet I can't exhale, can't look past the pale, I'll never man the sail. You tell me I'm fine, tell me your mine, but I'm not blind, I can't be left alone with my mind... "monotony kills family, kills hope, kills faith, monotony, not death, is the true dark wraith". No truer words have ever been spoken, so take this letter as, lets say, a last token. "A token of what?" you'll ask, heh... A token of gratitude and escape from the past... In the end this curse, this itch, revealed its true colors, it was no niche', but more a cliche', I'm a weak little bitch, you'll find this itch anywhere from Japan to L.A. I'm not special even in that way, I hold no beauty even in my decay, but could I really say, I'd have it any other way? I'm not surprised, I kept myself apprised, knew all along of my forthcoming demise, knew all along I didn't deserve a prize, just for participating, life means so much more than simply living, to live means to be powerful, not outwardly but in, blood boiling defiantly under your skin, its about stabbing yourself with a pin and drawing no blood, its about throwing yourself into sin, and rising clean, no mud, its about enduring the itch, and refusing to stitch up your wounds at a fucking doctor, being your own proctor, and filling you're afternoons, with blood-filled balloons! And If I can't, no... Since I can't refuse even this little itch, I have no right, to... to live? No, I was never doing that anyway, I simply have no right to stay, and take up space in this universe. I have no right to pray, for I myself am the curse. Yea, I have no right to stay, so, um... good day.... Notes: This poem shows how I look at life, you need to be strong and powerful; don't let anyone or anything bully you into submission, sadly this character in my poem bullied himself to death though. But yea, human will is the strongest earthly force in the universe, the power of belief and the confidence to accept such, that is the point of this poem. (Btw the "throwing yourself into sin" verse doesn't mean literal sin, but just tough situations so as to better yourself). Anyway, I hope you all liked it, and as always: please realize you are having a great day! ~♥
  15. I would vote for Death-note. Btw, really cool and creative idea, I love it.
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