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  1. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    Glitter force and Glitter force: Doki Doki. I have not yet watched Madoka magica.
  2. Just had some raspberry, banana bread for lunch while watching some Teen Titans Go! :D 

  3. I would travel to Victorian era London, that is if I could travel back to present times; I just love the Victorian era. Although I may have regrets in my past I don't think going back in time and changing them would be something necessary, I feel people including me become stronger because of our struggles; because of our mistakes we can be become stronger wiser and better human beings, I wouldn't change a thing about my past. If you change your past how are you supposed to know how it will affect your future?

    January 30th.
  5. Children of Salem

    Children of Salem "Witches of Salem, come nigh and come hither lest we righteously slay them!" I cry and I shiver, I look out my window, The soldier holding his quiver, then steps from her house, my neighbor the widow, the soldiers stalk forward, the priests give the signal, and without any mercy, not even a sliver, the soldier throws her into the rushing river, I know what will happen If I am to go, For I can not swim, my death will be quite slow, but I cannot let them kill him, not my only son, My love, the only one, I step from my door, "Come now you witch whore!" I cry and I wail, I struggle and flail, "I love you my son!" I yell out in dismay, as I fall to certain death and to God I do pray, my body hits hard against the waters, So horrible are these mindless slaughters, but God never falters, I know he has a plan, I know from heaven these priests he will ban, "Oh ye children of Salem, ye weak-minded youth, please recognize Gods love, recognize his truth; do not flee from his protection, heed not this unnatural selection." My eyes close tight, my lungs do burst, as the wicked attempt to quench there insatiable thirst, and one after another drown they the "witches", not realising themselves they have cursed, for they are as bitches, they are as hypocrites, who say we have done wrong, for in their eyes have they slits, praising Satan all day long, they say their hail-Mary's, they say they are repentant, yet they return to their own vomit, with evil now pregnant, it grows deep inside them as does a child, from hell does it stem, on them the devil has smiled...
  6. Horus, Horus!

    Horus, Horus! In the pyramids of Egypt, there lies a powerful god, deep within the crypt, you can hear something quite odd, for inside the pyramid, under the golden sands hid, there lies a powerful force, the strange noises source, "Almighty god Horus, we the divine chorus sing your praises" Horus, Horus, sings the chorus! Horus, Horus, sings the chorus! "You're choir of angels, greets you in they sky, as the fodder and peasants in the netherworld fry!" Horus, Horus, sings the chorus! Horus, Horus, sings the chorus! As the wind blows, time itself slows, the earth bows, fear in me it does arouse, out of the pyramid appears, in glorious splendor, Horus holding two golden spears, to him you are a contender, "Filthy mortal, you have the gall, to show yourself in front of me!?" He is so strong, so tall, I cower and drop to my knee, "You will now truly see!" I hear Horus cry aloud, light surrounds me as this world I flee, caught up into the sky as a cloud, covered in a shining gold shroud, I feel powerful and proud, as I watch my body fall to the ground, I can see everything, hear every sound, within me now, evil will abound, I will revenge myself against my enemies, cause them to drop dead like fleas, pour out their blood like the seas, for they are a filthy disease, I laugh manically, my third eye opening wide, a blade at my side, with earth will I now collide, making hell my bride, a soul traded for such power, a single soul seems a small toll, now I will throw this world into chaos, and purge these humans stains, therefore quenching my pains, this world knows not what is coming, they should all be helplessly running, for the tide is turning, the devils are yearning, the humans not learning, soon we will take back our own, gather them under our wings, make them queens and kings, and those who deny our godly power? them we will shower, in pain and hell-fire, as we sit upon the spire, watching as the world burns, "Yes, we demons will conquer, but you are one of those who will suffer, now brother, take him away, make him fry and pay" I hear Horus say, as I feel a blade sink through me, no time now to flee, I will now be punished eternally, "We will now plunge this world into chaos, begin the satanic séance, we now summon our god Rah". Note: I made this poem because I like mythology and it was fun to write about, also to show that no devil will actually help you, you cannot trust them; Elites and stuff all want to bring devils to earth and benefit from doing so, but if they did succeed they would not benefit. Devils want us all In hell, God will come back and destroy them all in the end though.
  7. What instrument do you play, or plan to learn?

    I play Piano, not that great yet either but I love doing it and I am determined to get good. Good luck @seemore_bhutts with your playing.
  8. Faded Blue Jeans

    This is great! Would be a really good song the way it is written, it rhymes so well!

    I agree, but still thank you for signing it because if there is any chance to keep it going I want to take that chance.

    Thank you so much.

    I don't care if you don't watch MLP, I love MLP, it is my favourite show of all time. I would be crushed to see it go and to see all the brony's disappointed, MLP is more than a show for us. Please, just sign it. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Hasbro_Studios_Please_Keep_My_Little_Pony_friendship_is_Magic_Alive/?tJzocnb
  12. Wrestlemania - Any fans?

    Really like it, its fun and funny to watch and always good for entertainment. My fave wrestlers ever are John Cena, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Seth Rollins.
  13. Me, being a noob when it comes to shaving tried to clean the razor off with my thumb, lol, got cut kinda bad. Got a haircut yesterday though, shaved on the sides, can do a lot with it, its fun. :) 

    1. Roxeg


      Sorry to hear that, I'm not a pro at shaving either, only do it once every two weeks but I haven't cut myself yet.

    2. efaardvark


      Ouch.  Electric shavers are a thing.  Just sayin'..  :) 

    3. Wodahs


      if and when I shave I use a cut throat razor as there is something that I seem slightly allergic to in disposable razors and my hairs so coarse electrics don't do well either

      so it can be real fun when I sport a goatee

      at the moment is pass as a ZZTop band member tho :) 

  14. Post your Waifu :)

    My waifu's, hmm... In no particular order (I have such a hard time doing this). Norma Bates (Bates motel) Asuna Yuuki (Sword art online) Rem (Re:zero) Rena Ryuguu (Higurashi) Riza Hawkeye (FMAB) Hange (AOT) Temari (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)
  15. Any good short 1 season anime's?

    Some I absolutely loved/love: Princess Principle, Another, One-Punch man (Although I think one punch man may get a season 2?).
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