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  1. Higurashi has been confirmed to get a new installment (most viably sometime this year) and, alongside a short announcement trailer the new adaption has already garnered itself its very own website (https://higurashianime.com/) as well as twitter page (https://twitter.com/higu_anime). This news was released the 6'th of this month (I'm 2 weeks late, sorry) but was teased earlier with the delay of Ciconia phase 2 by Ryukishi07, stating, "Very good news is coming on January 6'th". It has not yet been confirmed what exactly the project is. It could be a reboot, remake or even (fingers crossed) a continuation. However, all we know for sure right now is that Higurashi is back, and I think that's enough to get most of us die-hard Higurashi fan's excited. Now though we may not know the details of the plot we do, however, have information regarding the studio producing this new adaption as well as the artist tasked with redefining the familiar faces of all our favorite Higurashi characters. 7'th expansion is working on the project as expected, however, studio Passione (known best for works such as Highschool DXD and Citrus) has come into the limelight as the producer of this new Higurashi adaption. The new artist designated to 7'th Expansions latest, "When they Cry" installment is none other than Akio Watanabe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akio_Watanabe). I don't know how to feel about this to be honest, seeing the trailer I do enjoy the new art-style (Though I am a stickler for the classic), however, will it hold up in the long run with all of the bloody details this new Project will be most definitely throwing at us? I just don't know. I remember way back when I watched, "When they Cry's" Ova's (Also known as Rei and Kira) and I didn't even like that change though it was mainly lighting and very nuanced. All in all I trust 7'th Expansion's judgement with concern to taking on Akio Watanabe as well as Studio Passione and look forward to this new project whether it be a visual novel, remake, reboot or continuation. With the announce of this new project the Higurashi fandom has been buzzing and there have been some new strides made in the way of commercializing the new project, such as re-airing both seasons 1 and 2 of the OG Higurashi on AT-X in Japan. Have a look at the announcement trailer below and be sure to post your thoughts in the comments section (If you feel like it). Ni~Paaa One last thing: Who is you're favorite Higurashi Character and thereby the character you are most excited to see re imagined in this upcoming project? Personally I love all the characters but my favorite was always Rena (The flagship character of both the original seasons as well as this new project).
  2. Hello AF, I am hoping one of you can answer my question. Is animeultima.com 100% safe? Mcafee doesn't seem to have any problems for it and so far I've only seen good reviews, however, I want to be 100% sure. I just really want to watch Higurashi s1-2 again and animeultima streams both. Anyway, if anyone could either confirm or deny the sites legitimacy please tell me, thx. 

  3. Title: Language of the Universe (Like an Endless Flood) Bath towels and Cigarettes, long nights unaccompanied by rest, warm water above this bloody drain; I'm being drained myself, I'm being drained. The drip drop of the faucet like an endless flood, wading through this water, wading through this mud. And the language of the universe, it knows my name. The language of the universe knows my name... I'm not the same, I'm not the same. And the drip drop of the faucet like an endless flood. I wish I could turn it off but the handles broken. I wish I could shut it out but there's a crack underneath every door! There's a crack underneath every door... Am I really living anymore? This intrusive song echoing from beyond like a chinese gong, how long will it last, how long? How long can I last? I can't deal with my past! Because she's always got the joker and all I've got's the queen. And the drip drop of the faucet like an endless flood. These sounds, they used to remind me of incandescent youth, when I was ignorant of the truth, when we... This song. And I wish I could turn it off but the handles broken! The handles broken! The handles broken! And I wish I could shut it out but I'm broken... there's no way out. And the knock at my door doesn't remind me anymore, of: her touch, her smile, But only that of a corps's... And her tongue sounds the same with much less flavour and her palates unchanging even in danger, or when informed by a stranger... Yet I've been here all the while, learning a second language to justify it. But waters water even to the dead, the lame, the blind and those I try to keep out of my mind! And my mind... "I'm just a sojourner here, I don't understand your language!" I wish I could say, but she'd only respond, "Then what's with that tear?" in drip drops, the language of the universe like an endless flood... I can see it on his brow, in her frown, in the hiding of her face beneath her wedding gown... When will I drown In the language of the universe like an endless flood?
  4. Title: Porcelain Heart ♥ When the day is young and the bells been rung I'll lie awake in this song I've sung. And the scene will go with a flash of yellow, my heart aglow and maybe a pinch of snow. And I'll lie in bed, 'cause I don't care. Those tears I dread can't find me here. Inside my head its Christmas day, strapped in tight to Santa's sleigh. Phone in hand and flight laws broken just to leave that girl a token, of the word's I've spoken... under the covers with furry lovers. My breath's so hot and my arm aches, but its so easy how the bone breaks. And the clock ticks on nonjudgmentally as if it too is ignoring me. The moonlight calls us all sometimes, that's not easy to forget living in these words and rhymes. But I just wish we could forgo the silent callings of the world we know, so we could know one another. Y'know its funny, times not cheap but neither is money and when you work that hard the world sure looks sunny. But cooped up in these porcelain walls I cannot hear those distant calls. I'm not a child and I know Santa's gone, but I just wish his miss could hear this song... Because I'm warmblooded in the winter and cold every other time, and no dollar or dime could break that rhyme. But it's not like I've forgotten the days spent outside, no, in autumn there were a lot. And its not like I've forgotten the days spent on the road, friends side by side and the grass not mowed. No, every time I look outside I can feel that charcoal heat on the bottom's of my feet. I can feel that wind around my eyes and the length between the ground and the skies. And I can smell that smell, so familiar, like a breath of tobacco and a whiff of ginger. But I don't like to linger. If I had to choose between school halls or bathroom stalls I'd choose the latter. But I prefer glass walls where the tick-tock of the clock reverberates like an echo in outer space. Because if the former took first place I'd only ever see that face, and I don't have a can of mace to erase that image from my mind... So I stay inside all day and play, after all, don't all kids wish they could live that way? Now the tree stands tall and the leaves conceal... nothing, nothing to steal. Yes, the tree and me, we've one thing in common; we're both dead inside on this Christmas joy-ride. And I know there are millions, but what happened to the ones place, there are billions but what happened to the "smile on every child's face?" And I can feel it, that Christmas spirit, only when I'm allowed to come right near it, or when they take it in their hands and smear it right on my eyes, "See, look what Santa buys". Why do the naughty kids punishments get prioritized? They'll just fight it out when the fire dies. You get it don't you, you see it too, right? The cold gnawing of this Christmas night? "Loneliness makes it worse and so I wish you might, come and speak with me tonight?" Nothing, whether artful or described could touch me like this, natures call from the mist. The beep of the phone, the flash of the light, it resonates within these walls tonight. Now I can't find the door or maybe I don't want to because these walls are made of glass, light enough to punch through! Now out in the cold, mittens drenched with blood, (or is it the other way around?) I plod onward listening for that sound. But I've never heard her voice, nor the choir and that's always been my choice, so now I'll live like a liar. Any voice will do, its hers its true! Any voice, any voice will get me through. But I feel a cold crunch like the cracking of ice and I feel a sharp pain I've only felt twice. And I know its not nice, its not what you wanted, but I've got no rhymes to return to, no plan B's plotted. So I'll just sit down and stare at my hand, glass protruding and blood pouring from every bruise. But I'm numb and don't feel a thing, this winter will chill me right through this wound. And on this Floridan Christmas evening I will catch frost bite. ♥
  5. Thanks, I think I'll buy the game soon then.
  6. So I have been trying to get my hands on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Allstar Battle on PS3 for a while now but I can't find one that isn't sold from Japan. I don't know if I bought the Japanese one whether it would play or not on my Canadian console so I have not bought it. I know PS3 games are not region locked but do Japanese imported PS3 games, despite not being region locked, have to be played on like a 100HZ PS3 or can they work on the U.S/Canadian versions? Thanks.
  7. A little late in the day but happy thanksgiving everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful day. 

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      Happy Thanksgiving 

  8. You, yeah you, you're breathtaking! And so is this song, give it a listen! :D 

  9. Oh my freaking goodness, I haven't even watched the new SW's but Daisy Ridley is literally the cutest thing ever! 

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  10. 136 Friendship, Folly and the Search for Acceptance: My Decision: Fourth Chapter Chapter 4: My Decision He's a friend, who sticks with you till the end. He's a friend who's loyalty does not bend. He's a friend who's shoulder is always wet. Yes, he's a friend you'd never forget. He's a friends who waits for you till the end. He's a friend who does not condescend. He's a friend who'll for you catch others in his net. Yes, he's a friend you'd never repent. He's a friend who see's the best in others. He's a friend who forgives you're failures. He's a friend who writes birthday letters. Yes, he's the friend you'd wish for in you're prayers. He's a friend who best see's through shutters. He's a friend who to protect you plays pretend. He's a friend respecting of his elders. Yet, he's the friend you curse with you're tears. He's a friend devoted to life. He's a friend trying to stay in touch. He's a friend devoid of all strife. Yet, what can be said of such? He's a friend devoted to you. He's a friend from you, but a touch. He's a friend devoid of all life. Yes, what must be said of such? Two friends, one mind. Two hands, outstretched but one time. Two voices, one line. Two choices, one rhyme. Goodbyes are overrated, hello's overstated. Living friends overexaggerated, corpses underappreciated. Pray for the damaged? I say pray for the damned. Fasten your corsage and into hell walk, hand in hand. I've taken for myself a final stand. Created from happiness my own brand. Idealism is fascism and this poem narcissism. And through true is the above, you envy her don't you? -Friendship, folly and the Search for Acceptance: My Decision. Fourth Chapter. Chrysanthymum M.W. 1994. Ed. Death. Unpublished.
  11. It starts first with the thumping, in the heart an anthem rising and from there free-will compromising. Up and down, plod and drown, one with he, one with she. It continues then by taking root of your mind, of your soul; natures goal, logic in the morgue. Dig your plot, its where you'll rot, but dirt is beautiful and sunlight overrated. It's brighter below. Now you're a mole, digging through coal without a prayer for your soul, yes, you are that thumping in the earth, the progenitor of that ever-rising curse. The blind lead the blind and those with sight bind. The blood of men, women and children, it feeds the earth. Blood and water, a holy resurgence giving way to new birth. Veins to roots and roots to snare, well, is it any different up there? Eye's go blurry and minds do spin, bodies grow weary and necks grow thin; however to be wary, now thats a sin. Collect their spines, collect their heads and place them gently into their beds. Then commences the whispering, a goodbye to history, starting first with the stinging and then with the misery; first with the singing and then with the novelty. Come now, join the row, plod and plow and don't ask how... And it all ends with the entrapment of the tongue. Feel that cold heat on your lung and it will tell you your last words been sung. The gongs been rung, the throng thrung and the battle won and those lying dead? None. Corpses close not their eyes, nor lay down to sleep, nor awaken to eat bread; but unwilfully bob in dread, for hellfire cradles them instead.
  12. Title: Untitled It's funny, this feeling. Compression, I'm reeling, laugh track and I'm bleeding yet smiling while pleading. My nerves have gone haywire, my mind is on fire, I'd tell you the truth but then... I'm a liar. I'd ask you to stop, but can I quit? Getting back on top won't stop this trip. I'm down on my knees and I'm begging you please, but what for? I'm your whore and I screw with such ease... Gimp with a lighter, today I'm a fighter, tomorrow a dead man or something much brighter. Now you're holding me down but not like you used to, crying and saying that I've abused you? That look in your eye, mistress why? I swear I'd cry but then I'd die. Noble friends, brass, now distant murmurs of the past. Even the sun's beginning to look downcast. I sleep with a demon, a freak in the sheets, can't stop believing I'm wearing cleats. Mother is grieving and I don't know why, sister's deceiving dad by and by. The whole world's gone haywire and I'm just sitting her, one foot in the fire and one hand on the beer. Got a cold and a fever, just want to be near her, but I can tell now that death's drawing nearer. Hazel and crimson encircle my mind, in this torturous prison there's no time to unwind. This torture... The eyes of a loved one, the mind a demon, but not like the one that I could believe in. She'd hurt me, she'd kiss me, she'd show me no mercy, but it was a choice, and in that laid consistency. I choke on the misery, the pills I can't swallow, revel in the pity and wish for tomorrow; but I know... I cannot escape this sorrow. And now it's tomorrow, yesterday was then, a new body I've borrowed, my pain feels like a sin. She caresses my cheek and lifts up my chin, but things look bleak, because I am dead within. My posture has fallen and cannot return, my blood has slowed and cannot churn. I flinch at her touch and she flinches at mine, it's all too much, what's happened this time? A life in the grey, monotonous play, sacrilegious missionary, secretive orgy. I wish we could stop, but then, could we quit? Getting back on top would require a fit... Note: Sorry I didn't title this poem, but I couldn't think of a name befitting it. Hope you liked it anyway.
  13. I just bought Tales of Berseria to play with my siblings and some awesome red leather high heels (my first pair, btw).
  14. Mad World is my all-time favorite song, always reminds me of Donnie Darko but also just really hits me hard and makes me sad; but y'know, sometimes you just wanna be sad? If a song can make you feel something strongly I believe it to be a good song and Mad World can make my emotions go crazy, it's a beautiful (and haunting) song. You're post had me goin' and looping it, lol. ~♥ (Sry for the fan-girling, haha) Also, me, my dad and my siblings were just playing this game like this a while ago; but we had to guess what the lyrics were from. Sadly, only my sister shares my music taste in my family, lol. Okay, ahem... Time to post some song lyrics. "Oh dear, I don't wanna be a burden, but could you please be a little more concerned with the overactive mind of a believer, the toxic thoughts of an overachiever" ... Faith Marie "Toxic Thoughts"
  15. Now that I have begun binging Jojo I have been listening to this song a lot; YES is such an awesome band!
  16. Dude, I would love a Jojo's Bizarre adventure open world game with a story mode ranging all the way through the upcoming season 6. Also, multiplayer would be necessary and one story mode was finished I would there to be an option to play as any character you wanted. I think it would be crazy fun to play as Dio and make your very own army of vampires, somewhat like what you can do with orcs in the "Shadow of" series. Not to mention just a really fun versus mode, something like, J-stars but with actual frame data and no limits to where one could go. I know, its a lot, lol.
  17. Tbh, I just look at every challenge as a chance for self improvement and even make things harder on myself on purpose. I believe every human being has the strength to accomplish anything if they just have enough willpower and motivation to work towards it. This view of humanity is something I live and judge others by. I completely hate weakness and therefore I try my best to be there for people who are struggling so I can help awaken the potential they have inside. In my honest opinion though most peoples lives just arent worth living and that makes me both sad and angry, so I try to inspire others; I believe everyone needs to have their own ambition and dream to do something(s) just for themselves because if someone only ever does things for others and teaches said others to do the same the cycle of self-sacrifice wont end. And hey, dont get me wrong, selflesness can be great and all but if thats all you are and all you wish for others to be there will be no more great people nor defining purpose for your sacrifice if those you sacrificed for never did anything for thmselves. Kind of a long post, lol. Good topic though @KeyDee
  18. Title: Smile You're smile, I see it only in my own and you're touch, I feel it every time I moan. Its too much, in bed and alone, a cold husk since you all I've known. The warmth dear, makes me feel at home, its cold here that's why I'm writing this poem; I just hope, that you don't know, I can't cope, where did you go? I'm selfish, telling you this, selfish but I'm eating my fist. This dark world, was so much brighter when you, opened my eyes to a whole other view, but right now, that views looking dim, because someones here and your not him. He's talking in my ear and making me grin, I'm buying him a beer though I know its a sin. He's drawing me nearer, is our love fleeting? Because I feel like I'm floating right up to the ceiling! But I cry when he wants a smile, inside, I'm so in denial. Bedside has gone out of style, because from you I'm only a mile. And this thought it torments me so, I don't want to stay but should I go, oh I don't know... Honey you'd like him, its true I swear, you not even here, why should you care? I'm sorry, I just wish I could run my fingers through your hair. Its ungodly, this feeling of despair. And now into the photo albums I stare, our pictures weary with wear and tear, covered up by an unlikely pair. Family called me and I came running, but I live regretfully, its not that shocking. 3 years hold me here, tiny hands and words of cheer; and 54 years hold me down, but not enough to drown. I've turned my smile to a frown, worn once to many a wedding gown; If I'm to see you once more, I'll be sure to bring something you'll adore. Bathtub water play and play, soap is fun but I cannot delay; we will see you today, my baby.
  19. Title: Demon in Leather This is not love, its a disease. I'm down on my knees, you were not sent from above. "Demon in leather, kiss it all better", you are my master, cannot forget her. Blood on the sheets, curtains, walls, mirror! Who is that girl, what is this horror? I'm pinching myself to wake up from this night terror! The cuff's, so deceitful, whip only knows evil, master's medieval, this is illegal. Shards of glass fragment my past; bruises and slashes turn me to ashes. I am his slut, the girl in the mirror, wish she would cut, but then I'd feel her. Lines on the walls, missing bathroom stalls, dreaming of void and skulls and being meat for the gulls. Sadism, my decision, escapism my ambition, finale the barrel of a gun; But I don't even think I can run... I told him it wasn't that fun, he laughed as if it couldn't be undone, I told him I wanted to see the sun, he said if he'd sinned what was just another one? Is this what I deserve, to serve, to be the curb to the stomp, the reverb to the romp? I can't cope, I won't hope, its not that I've given up just that I was destined for this from the start. I've gotta play the part, bulls-eye for the dart; play the part and cry in the dark... My mind its numb, maybe that'll help my body some; I'm his gum, spit me out when he's done. This is not what I expected, he's supposed to stop when I objected, but now I've been subjected, no longer protected. Its not like I don't understand, after all I am this man kicking myself around in a tin can, no, its that I do; and I hate you... A feeling so raw, nostalgic awe, a saving grace now a damning disgrace, I had no time to brace. Pain saved me, I loved him so; gave him the key and whispered, "Don't let go". But the key was not for me, but for my pretty, pretty little bitches, used to sing that song inside my head. Oh yes my pretty, pretty little bitches, watch them scream and wail until their all dead. But we all cry at funerals, even for dolls, yes we all cry at funerals before shopping malls. And now my blood rushes from my head, whatever happened to pretend? And on his face no smile cured, whatever happened to the safe word? Yes I am him and I know the answer for I've given in to this cancer. Knock on the door, merry laughter, blood on the floor, get the pastor. Note: I gave a lot of thought to this poem so I hope you guys all liked it! ~♥
  20. Funny grumbling noises were coming from just down the hall, mommy and daddy did it, they finally got me a puppy for my birthday! I wheeled around the corner eyes wide in amazement; mommy was drooling uncontrollably with eyes wide open as my daddies hands clenched her throat tightly.
  21. Title: Plea of the Godly Begone thou bygone admonition, asperser of mine ambition, bite thy tongue and holler for by noon you'll lie in squalor. These streets I tread are filled with dead, livestock, human, interbred. Mangled corpses moan and wail, though their cries for pity all but fail. In my hand hold I a coin, a choice, a reputation. And as if by some divine intervention, upon its face do I chance my reflection. What lies yonder these pathetic streets, gold in hand feasting upon sordid meats? Nay I say, I won't fall prey, to Christ's temptation, not today. I scrounge for naught but mine own gain, but I scrounge nonetheless, what a freeing pain. Now dirt does these my duds besmirch, yet you'll see me on my knees in church. And with Mother Mary's gaze upon me I'll petition not for piety nor pity; I'll plead not for salvation nor money. For mine own divine tenacity I bow the knee and bleed; Though banefully ugly , I would never concede. These mutterings leave my mouth as shields barring me from heaven's yields. I pray alone for I am lonely, praying only for mine own story. Hath God not bestowed upon this mortal form all? Would I truly wish Him from heaven's throne fall? Nay, thanksgiving is the only tonic He will taste, the only sacrifice I will baste. In mine hands clench I the dust to which again return I must. And in mine eyes a tear doth furrow for humanity is just so. This writhing heat upon my palms, diluting under the slightest pressure, this is mans qualms; societies indenture. This shrinking weakness caking my wrist is nothing less than my wife's lustful tryst. Let it come, the frightsome black kingdom, wherein doth plague drown the hag, Mary. Why doth the ground rumble, doth the second coming's trumpet hark? Nay, for the church's crumble; their candles burnt out and all's gone dark. This vision I see everyday in the most wearisome to the most wealthy of company; for despite their facade's they will all fall prey to devilry. Am I yet the only one holy? Mothers Mary's rosary chills me to the bone, Christ's pain ignites my blood in flame. So close to my breast hold I his name, yet am I not one in the same? The difference lies within for with the multitude tis a game. "Deliver the sick, cure the lame", you've only yourselves to blame. Seek and ye will find, yet an evil sign not thine, appears before thee now. Yet in the cradle of my hand rests abundant mammon, enough to cure thee of thine deserving famine. But what good would charity do now for a faithless sycophantic sow? I bid thee well, adieu, ye erroneous apostate and command thee grovel in thine gluttonous state. The taste of blood and sedition of gore is all you now adore. Satan's whore, flagellation will do thee good no more. Related Bible Verses (KJV): Psalm 82:6-8; Philippians 4:13; Matthew 7:6, 14; 16:4; 17:20; 25:14-30. Note: The above verses lend great value in the interpretation of this poem so I would advise you read them if you have time. ♥~Always remember, you are having a great day~♥ -LILDOOP
  22. Starting Jojo's Bizarre Adventure today; been wanting to see it for a while due its amazing art-style and over the top fashion.
  23. Going to go see Joker today, I am so excited; I think this will be even better than Heath Ledgers, which would be insane! 

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      Ikr I will; gonna go in about an hour. :D 



      Saw it; it was so good! Joaquin Phoenix is maybe the greatest Joker ever tbh though I can't really compare he and Heath's performances; they were both just so different. Heath was going for comic accurate while Phoenix was going for a completely different take on the Joker. I mean, even for someone who doesn't know anything about the comics Joker this would be an amazing experience. I am blown away, hoping he gets an Oscar! :D #BestMovieoftheYear

    4. Absent


      Glad you enjoyed it!

  24. Title: Headstone You're smile, it never went out of style, no I can see it now even while... You rest. And you're touch, you said it didn't mean much, but the hugs that you gave pulled me outta my grave; so just know, I'll be brave. And that voice, it cancelled out the noise of all those other boys whose compliments were just ploys; so please realize, for you alone had I eyes. But you're tears, even you couldn't stop them from falling. and you're fears, even I couldn't stop you from stalling. So please stop, don't you know I can hear you calling... And these scars, well photo albums just aren't enough! Damn, you could always call my bluff... Without you, I'm just not enough... I need you're shoulder. It was always there to cry on, dry my tears and make me bolder; now I just wish you were older, but I'll carry on... So please rest peacefully, don't worry about me, because you've made me who I need to be. You will never be alone, because I'll come everyday to cry at your headstone; and even though you'd never ask me to I will always be with you. You're covered now in dew, the soft morning breeze something only once you knew. But I'll be here through and through to keep on reminding you... I love you. So I'll tear each petal from these roses to keep your allergies at bay, and l'll sleep in mud to keep you company, I'll do it everyday; yes I'll do it all to just hear you say... Nothing. This is your headstone, its decorated with the gifts of ignorant strangers. This is your headstone, surrounded by natural dangers, things you would've avoided forever if you would've gotten better. Yes, this is your headstone, but its the best I could do... Best friend forever I failed you. But I know what you would say, "its the thought that counts". Why did you always have to be that way? Perfect... So I'll read aloud your headstone proud, to my dearest friend and love to the end, Chloe Rose 1997-2016 To my rock, my heart and my hero, you truly lived up to your name, soaked up my blood like a rose and always said we were the same, but the path you chose truly shows you were so much stronger than I, I guess now I can say I told you so, but not before I cry. Now I live with the pain you carried, to your corpse and memories I'm married, I only wish you'd tarried, It should have been me you buried. Yes I'd trade my heavenly crown, for just one more day with you on the town, I just wish you could have worn that gown, and gone with me to prom without a frown. Nothing's changed much, you inspire me day by day, I just wish we could still go outside and play. So for your soul I'll work and pray to bring to you God's grace, and one day soon, I swear, you'll even see his face. - Isabelle Carter See you later Chloe, but for now I'll leave you with this, my little purple rosary, please, have faith in me, I know I couldn't make you happy but I swear you'll see a divine eternity, though you may not see me...

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