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  1. Dude, I would love a Jojo's Bizarre adventure open world game with a story mode ranging all the way through the upcoming season 6. Also, multiplayer would be necessary and one story mode was finished I would there to be an option to play as any character you wanted. I think it would be crazy fun to play as Dio and make your very own army of vampires, somewhat like what you can do with orcs in the "Shadow of" series. Not to mention just a really fun versus mode, something like, J-stars but with actual frame data and no limits to where one could go. I know, its a lot, lol.
  2. Tbh, I just look at every challenge as a chance for self improvement and even make things harder on myself on purpose. I believe every human being has the strength to accomplish anything if they just have enough willpower and motivation to work towards it. This view of humanity is something I live and judge others by. I completely hate weakness and therefore I try my best to be there for people who are struggling so I can help awaken the potential they have inside. In my honest opinion though most peoples lives just arent worth living and that makes me both sad and angry, so I try to inspire others; I believe everyone needs to have their own ambition and dream to do something(s) just for themselves because if someone only ever does things for others and teaches said others to do the same the cycle of self-sacrifice wont end. And hey, dont get me wrong, selflesness can be great and all but if thats all you are and all you wish for others to be there will be no more great people nor defining purpose for your sacrifice if those you sacrificed for never did anything for thmselves. Kind of a long post, lol. Good topic though @KeyDee
  3. Title: Smile You're smile, I see it only in my own and you're touch, I feel it every time I moan. Its too much, in bed and alone, a cold husk since you all I've known. The warmth dear, makes me feel at home, its cold here that's why I'm writing this poem; I just hope, that you don't know, I can't cope, where did you go? I'm selfish, telling you this, selfish but I'm eating my fist. This dark world, was so much brighter when you, opened my eyes to a whole other view, but right now, that views looking dim, because someones here and your not him. He's talking in my ear and making me grin, I'm buying him a beer though I know its a sin. He's drawing me nearer, is our love fleeting? Because I feel like I'm floating right up to the ceiling! But I cry when he wants a smile, inside, I'm so in denial. Bedside has gone out of style, because from you I'm only a mile. And this thought it torments me so, I don't want to stay but should I go, oh I don't know... Honey you'd like him, its true I swear, you not even here, why should you care? I'm sorry, I just wish I could run my fingers through your hair. Its ungodly, this feeling of despair. And now into the photo albums I stare, our pictures weary with wear and tear, covered up by an unlikely pair. Family called me and I came running, but I live regretfully, its not that shocking. 3 years hold me here, tiny hands and words of cheer; and 54 years hold me down, but not enough to drown. I've turned my smile to a frown, worn once to many a wedding gown; If I'm to see you once more, I'll be sure to bring something you'll adore. Bathtub water play and play, soap is fun but I cannot delay; we will see you today, my baby.
  4. Title: Demon in Leather This is not love, its a disease. I'm down on my knees, you were not sent from above. "Demon in leather, kiss it all better", you are my master, cannot forget her. Blood on the sheets, curtains, walls, mirror! Who is that girl, what is this horror? I'm pinching myself to wake up from this night terror! The cuff's, so deceitful, whip only knows evil, master's medieval, this is illegal. Shards of glass fragment my past; bruises and slashes turn me to ashes. I am his slut, the girl in the mirror, wish she would cut, but then I'd feel her. Lines on the walls, missing bathroom stalls, dreaming of void and skulls and being meat for the gulls. Sadism, my decision, escapism my ambition, finale the barrel of a gun; But I don't even think I can run... I told him it wasn't that fun, he laughed as if it couldn't be undone, I told him I wanted to see the sun, he said if he'd sinned what was just another one? Is this what I deserve, to serve, to be the curb to the stomp, the reverb to the romp? I can't cope, I won't hope, its not that I've given up just that I was destined for this from the start. I've gotta play the part, bulls-eye for the dart; play the part and cry in the dark... My mind its numb, maybe that'll help my body some; I'm his gum, spit me out when he's done. This is not what I expected, he's supposed to stop when I objected, but now I've been subjected, no longer protected. Its not like I don't understand, after all I am this man kicking myself around in a tin can, no, its that I do; and I hate you... A feeling so raw, nostalgic awe, a saving grace now a damning disgrace, I had no time to brace. Pain saved me, I loved him so; gave him the key and whispered, "Don't let go". But the key was not for me, but for my pretty, pretty little bitches, used to sing that song inside my head. Oh yes my pretty, pretty little bitches, watch them scream and wail until their all dead. But we all cry at funerals, even for dolls, yes we all cry at funerals before shopping malls. And now my blood rushes from my head, whatever happened to pretend? And on his face no smile cured, whatever happened to the safe word? Yes I am him and I know the answer for I've given in to this cancer. Knock on the door, merry laughter, blood on the floor, get the pastor. Note: I gave a lot of thought to this poem so I hope you guys all liked it! ~♥
  5. Title: Plea of the Godly Begone thou bygone admonition, asperser of mine ambition, bite thy tongue and holler for by noon you'll lie in squalor. These streets I tread are filled with dead, livestock, human, interbred. Mangled corpses moan and wail, though their cries for pity all but fail. In my hand hold I a coin, a choice, a reputation. And as if by some divine intervention, upon its face do I chance my reflection. What lies yonder these pathetic streets, gold in hand feasting upon sordid meats? Nay I say, I won't fall prey, to Christ's temptation, not today. I scrounge for naught but mine own gain, but I scrounge nonetheless, what a freeing pain. Now dirt does these my duds besmirch, yet you'll see me on my knees in church. And with Mother Mary's gaze upon me I'll petition not for piety nor pity; I'll plead not for salvation nor money. For mine own divine tenacity I bow the knee and bleed; Though banefully ugly , I would never concede. These mutterings leave my mouth as shields barring me from heaven's yields. I pray alone for I am lonely, praying only for mine own story. Hath God not bestowed upon this mortal form all? Would I truly wish Him from heaven's throne fall? Nay, thanksgiving is the only tonic He will taste, the only sacrifice I will baste. In mine hands clench I the dust to which again return I must. And in mine eyes a tear doth furrow for humanity is just so. This writhing heat upon my palms, diluting under the slightest pressure, this is mans qualms; societies indenture. This shrinking weakness caking my wrist is nothing less than my wife's lustful tryst. Let it come, the frightsome black kingdom, wherein doth plague drown the hag, Mary. Why doth the ground rumble, doth the second coming's trumpet hark? Nay, for the church's crumble; their candles burnt out and all's gone dark. This vision I see everyday in the most wearisome to the most wealthy of company; for despite their facade's they will all fall prey to devilry. Am I yet the only one holy? Mothers Mary's rosary chills me to the bone, Christ's pain ignites my blood in flame. So close to my breast hold I his name, yet am I not one in the same? The difference lies within for with the multitude tis a game. "Deliver the sick, cure the lame", you've only yourselves to blame. Seek and ye will find, yet an evil sign not thine, appears before thee now. Yet in the cradle of my hand rests abundant mammon, enough to cure thee of thine deserving famine. But what good would charity do now for a faithless sycophantic sow? I bid thee well, adieu, ye erroneous apostate and command thee grovel in thine gluttonous state. The taste of blood and sedition of gore is all you now adore. Satan's whore, flagellation will do thee good no more. Related Bible Verses (KJV): Psalm 82:6-8; Philippians 4:13; Matthew 7:6, 14; 16:4; 17:20; 25:14-30. Note: The above verses lend great value in the interpretation of this poem so I would advise you read them if you have time. ♥~Always remember, you are having a great day~♥ -LILDOOP
  6. Starting Jojo's Bizarre Adventure today; been wanting to see it for a while due its amazing art-style and over the top fashion.
  7. Going to go see Joker today, I am so excited; I think this will be even better than Heath Ledgers, which would be insane! 

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      Ikr I will; gonna go in about an hour. :D 



      Saw it; it was so good! Joaquin Phoenix is maybe the greatest Joker ever tbh though I can't really compare he and Heath's performances; they were both just so different. Heath was going for comic accurate while Phoenix was going for a completely different take on the Joker. I mean, even for someone who doesn't know anything about the comics Joker this would be an amazing experience. I am blown away, hoping he gets an Oscar! :D #BestMovieoftheYear

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      Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Title: Headstone You're smile, it never went out of style, no I can see it now even while... You rest. And you're touch, you said it didn't mean much, but the hugs that you gave pulled me outta my grave; so just know, I'll be brave. And that voice, it cancelled out the noise of all those other boys whose compliments were just ploys; so please realize, for you alone had I eyes. But you're tears, even you couldn't stop them from falling. and you're fears, even I couldn't stop you from stalling. So please stop, don't you know I can hear you calling... And these scars, well photo albums just aren't enough! Damn, you could always call my bluff... Without you, I'm just not enough... I need you're shoulder. It was always there to cry on, dry my tears and make me bolder; now I just wish you were older, but I'll carry on... So please rest peacefully, don't worry about me, because you've made me who I need to be. You will never be alone, because I'll come everyday to cry at your headstone; and even though you'd never ask me to I will always be with you. You're covered now in dew, the soft morning breeze something only once you knew. But I'll be here through and through to keep on reminding you... I love you. So I'll tear each petal from these roses to keep your allergies at bay, and l'll sleep in mud to keep you company, I'll do it everyday; yes I'll do it all to just hear you say... Nothing. This is your headstone, its decorated with the gifts of ignorant strangers. This is your headstone, surrounded by natural dangers, things you would've avoided forever if you would've gotten better. Yes, this is your headstone, but its the best I could do... Best friend forever I failed you. But I know what you would say, "its the thought that counts". Why did you always have to be that way? Perfect... So I'll read aloud your headstone proud, to my dearest friend and love to the end, Chloe Rose 1997-2016 To my rock, my heart and my hero, you truly lived up to your name, soaked up my blood like a rose and always said we were the same, but the path you chose truly shows you were so much stronger than I, I guess now I can say I told you so, but not before I cry. Now I live with the pain you carried, to your corpse and memories I'm married, I only wish you'd tarried, It should have been me you buried. Yes I'd trade my heavenly crown, for just one more day with you on the town, I just wish you could have worn that gown, and gone with me to prom without a frown. Nothing's changed much, you inspire me day by day, I just wish we could still go outside and play. So for your soul I'll work and pray to bring to you God's grace, and one day soon, I swear, you'll even see his face. - Isabelle Carter See you later Chloe, but for now I'll leave you with this, my little purple rosary, please, have faith in me, I know I couldn't make you happy but I swear you'll see a divine eternity, though you may not see me...
  9. This is one of the best poems n this entire club, just absolutely amazing! I feel every word of this poem, beautiful; thank you for sharing.
  10. Thank you for the comment, it makes me very happy to see people really thinking about what I write and finding meaning. It inspires me to write more.
  11. Here she is, lil chibi Toga. ~♥ Thanks for the extension @Seshi
  12. Title: The Atmosphere "It's like hell on earth" I once heard someone say, "Earth, what's that?" I replied... You see, the moment my eyes opened I died, the rest of my life is just the decay. Normal folk would tell you I lied, but how 'bout you make up your own mind? If by the end, when you draw your last breath you agree with me, that this is no death, tell me how you feel. You feel glad, you feel gay? Maybe your honest enough to openly reel, due to the fact that you are the devil, admit it, you like being evil, we all do, after all, we originated in hell. And as you're corpse flies upon the breeze don't you forget these, your wicked pleasantries. A red vapor, blood-red mist, an angel of light, from hell you now take flight. I'll see you again tonight, forecast is rainy, guess I'll fly a kite. Its the least I can do to subdue you from becoming dew, let your last color be blue; it's enough, what you've been through. Freedom is my friend, to no imaginary God will I bend. In the end my own chest I'll rend, and in my hand I'll hold my petrified heart, and I'll squeeze every last drop for me, myself and I. Alright, its time to fly, lets take to the sky, hell looks so far away from so high, but what's this I hear, sounds of joy? I've breached the clouds, now the stars gaze upon me, The sounds of merriment grow louder increasingly, I cannot stop, cannot return, its getting hot, I can see the ozone, the sun glares at me disapprovingly as he turns and disappears, my skin tingles feverishly, an airless environment awakening my deepest fears, the atmosphere engulf's my flesh and victoriously sneers. Was hell looking down on us all along, quietly listening to our indignant song?
  13. Title: Fuck ♥♥♥♥♥ I'd fuck 'er, I fucked 'er, It was fucking awesome. "'Fuck this, fuck that', what happened to mankind"? We'd dirty the flower before it could blossom. Barely legal? FUCK yeah. Morally illegal, we don't care, roll our fingers through her hair and lie, teeth bare. Cocks in their pussies, money in our hands, money in our hands, tears in our wake; We don't give a second thought to the heart break. Virginity is just a challenge and homosexuality plagues those with a different view. Sociophathy is something we are born with and original sins colored us a dark hew. We make our mark on society as the dogs of yesterday... We fuck, they duck and that's life; boys will be boys. Whatever happened to love? Seniority is its glove. Whatever happened to parenting? "Let them make their own mistakes". Whatever happened to marriage? Look to the latter. Men today, say hello to David, you're manhood's nonexistent. Will-power and strength, our inheritance cast aside; goodbye Esau. At least in failure your persistent, take off her bra, it becomes an anaconda. "Make love not war", we've failed; this is not love. Flesh on flesh, its meaningless alone, just two humans in heat, carefully sewing regret. To fuck, to bone, its our favorite. Its all that exists for the teenage mind. Pleasure is god, there is no one of a kind. We need a culture shock, love in stock, 1950's bring me to my knees, 1950's save me please, please... I want to make love, experience the magic of two souls dancing in unity, I want to hear the angelic harmony, moan for me, I want to give my body away, oh, your kinky? DO WHAT YOU WILL. Selflessness brings thrill, I no longer need the pill. I won't get out of bed tonight, I'll lie awake and watch her sleep, watch her chest heave and her breath take flight, I watch silently not making a peep, and I'll take it all in, this weight before my eyes. I'll take it all in and throw away the key, I'll say, "fuck off", to fucking and good morning to loving. ♥♥♥♥♥ 3 Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. 4 The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife -1 Corinthians 7:3-4 KJV. Don't fall for a dog that has eyes for every bitch -Anonymous
  14. Title: I Wish I didn't Like Chocolate Hello, goodbye, I'm wasting away day by day, Wanna see a movie? Oh... yea, that's fine. I know what's wrong with me because me, I'm mine, and I wish I didn't like chocolate. Lets say I've got a date (hypothetically of course), and he says, "Wanna get some chocolate Ice-cream"? I would, wish I could just reply with, "No thanks. I don't like chocolate". Because then I could see his eyes beam, light up and gleam and for a moment I would feel that warmth that everyone but me has experienced, I just wish I didn't like chocolate. When you hate yourself and the world ignores you what do you do? Don't ask me, I wouldn't know. I can't do anything at all except sit by the phone and wait for a call. *Ring, Ring* Hello, goodbye. Wrong number... Always. Flying sounds awfully nice but even though I have no reason, I stall. Its not rare to be suicidal, getting pushed over the edge takes no effort at all. I just wish I didn't like chocolate. Dating site: 0 messages. I can't even serve as a quickie, my head hurts from these hemorrhages , how bad can I really be? I know the answer to that... Likes: puppies, cat videos, weather, long walks on the beach, chocolate... Now you see, don't you? Yea, you do. my sob story is not enough to net me even a single friend, keep your piteous thoughts to yourself, you know how many times I've been set up with a buddy? It doesn't end. Passed from one guy to the next, recommended as a way to escape my presence; disgust filtered through a guise of romance, how many friends can one man have? I just wish I didn't like chocolate. These tears, they want to see you get down on one knee, these fingers, they long to warm themselves in cold steel, this body, It wants to be undressed, yearns to feel you. I just wish I didn't like chocolate because then maybe you'd like me too.
  15. So I just recently read the Watchmen and watched the (2009) film after getting both from my local library and in my opinion the Watchmen is the greatest comic book ever written. Alan Moore is in my honest opinion the best writer ever as he has written Watchmen, V for Vendetta and even Batman: Killing Joke so I guess I should't have been surprised that Watchmen was so good. In this thread I would just like to discuss Watchmen, the characters, the intricacies of their personalities and their ambitions. Who was your favorite character and why? Did you like the ending, why or why not? Did you like the Watchmen movie, how about its casting, why or why not? Do you prefer the comic of the film? How do you feel about the, "Before the Watchmen" comic series and the new Watchmen show coming to HBO? Would you prefer the Watchmen be left alone or do you simply want more of them no matter what? I am just ready to talk anything Watchmen related with other Watchmen fans.
  16. Gryffindor: 68 Hufflepuff: 69 Ravenclaw: 81 Slytherin: 93 Well, I got my fave house!
  17. I have been writing around 6 books for a while now but I started a seventh around 3 days ago and I am flying through it. This is the first book I have felt so inspired to write! I have written 2 full chapters in around 2 days and have the outlines for the next 2 and even have an idea of what I am doing with book 2 as well as characters for it (when I finish book 1). Just really pumped and thought I'd share. :D ~♥

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      Wow.. Just wow. Thats amazing! <3

  18. Ehm... I... yea, I wouldn't do it, lol. I don't like kids and like, @RyePotatoes I have college. I'm sure they could find someone more qualified to take care of their kids.
  19. Title: The Play What's this in my hand, small and red, throbbing and splurging? No, it can't be, are we merging? Please, get up off your bed, wait... are you dead? If you're dead, why am I bled? Why am I white, where is my heart? Am I alright, why must we part? Where have you gone!? Don't you remember our wedding song, need I remind you of our first-time? This is a crime, forced to write, forced to rhyme, my heart was your dime, what is it this time? Paper heart colored red, calling it art, lost in dread, water into wine, 65 proof. Heart in my hand, stone in my chest, body and soul disband. Oh God, was I not blessed!? blood on my gums, seals on my sums, one with the bums. Call me the devil but you made me this way, don't you dare blame me for my decay! Father forgive me for I have sinned, father forgive me, but I won't be to church today, father forgive me, for I've fallen along the way... lost my religion, It wasn't my decision, just my part in the play. Well, you know what they say, "It's God's will", Maybe that is meant financially, what a tragedy... Dear diary, hear my plea, don't let me die in this blood red sea, to hell with me, I will die dry, so I can't, no I wont cry...
  20. Title: The Devils gone Drinkin' Tonight (Warning: Language and sexual themes) The devils gone drinkin' tonight, she's wearin' high heels and kickass coat, Sunglasses and blood on her moat, she's speakin' sweet words and backin' em up, she's pullin' sheets down, no she cant get enough. She's a wild one, an animal in bed, she'll beat you down and she'll give ya head, she's a brazen bitch, a silver tongued bandit, she'll steal your heart and you'll never retrieve it. She's got hooves and a halo, horns and a cross, you'll never wanna let her go, but guess what, she's the boss, yea the devils gone drinkin tonight... She makes me hot, my blood pressure's risin', she holds me down and keeps on cussin', no thoughts in my mind 'sides jimmy rustlin', I can't stop, my head is screamin', what's this? My ears are bleedin', I should stop, but I keep believin', I keep believin'... that one day, she'll be my darlin... But the devils gone drinkin' tonight, she pulls the zipper up just to pull it back down, sleeping around all over town, bitch just take off that cum stained gown, too much weight, your gonna drown, bitch just come back home to me, this ain't how things gotta be, yea I'm mad but i'll make ya happy, if you'd just commit you'd get the chance to see, I love ya, even though I don't mean ta... She's got hooves and a halo, blowing up guys like a volcano, horns and a cross, feedin' off all that sauce, what a darlin' whore, wish I could show er' the door, but I aint got it in me anymore... Oh honey, lets renew our vows, be faithful, not fields for plows, oh honey lets renew our vows, be careful, or you'll fall in with the sows... The devil's gone drinkin' tonight, princess of deception, mother of lies, just how many babies you cut from those thighs? I wish I could man up, wish I could kick er' out, wish I could stand up, but I just sit an' pout, "Oh baby where do you go, when I'm asleep at night?" acting as if I don't know, though she assumes I might... Cold hearted skank, childless slut, you're no purebred nah yer' just a fuckin' mutt, why don't you make some smut, at least then you'd be getting paid, but I just keep gettin' played, while you keep gettin' laid, and the worst part is I don't know why, don't I satisfy you more than the next guy? Yea, the devils gone drinkin' tonight, pulling up to the bar, stud in her sight, stepping outside her car hopin' she might add to our marriage yet another blight. Not today Satan, I ain't waitin', my hearts already breakin', and I ain't fakin', hand on my should, whisper in my ear, "Oh won't you cum and pleasure me dear?" The look on her face as I turn around, the look on her face as she falls to the ground, its all I could ask for, because maybe now, maybe this whore, this whore I used to adore, maybe now she'll actually change. I turn to look back just one last time, looking back on our memories sublime, brought to an end by her choice, I need to hear a different voice, flip on the radio, suck down my beer, drivin' all night, I can't help but see 'er, this wound in my heart, it wont go away, but that's something I'll deal with, I'da handled it no other way...
  21. Title: Crossroads of the Double-minded My tears trace my face enraptured in this ebony embrace, Darkness' descendant, tears of this revenant fall for yon onyx mynx, heaven's charcoal half-smile displaced by a mile, her tangible essence departed the present, nods, the future does he with smile mixed, hate with irreverent joy, perpetuating endless bliss, no tears will fall, not under his call for eternity belongs to he whom holds the key, and by what power can tears preserve forever? To what end might I preserve this hopeless, feverous endevour? I call upon my inner demon, the scourge whom within hides, fingernails pressed against my wild-eyes, surprise, feel ye the surmise of destiny, see ye her fruits, be ye yet so wise? Your own heart does inside you God despise, within your blood murmur the spies, within your belly hell does sleep and from your mouth do its curses seep, wailing and gnashing of teeth, a life of torture you would bequeath to thine own soul? Is this what it is to be mortal? Oh how I love the charcoal, the lick of her breath upon my neck, the kiss of her lips upon my chest, the unknowable nature of her person, oh why, doth the mother now become the sinner? Doth the birth now become the sin? Darkness before whom existed I, I fair thee well and pray thee better as you die, I clench my teeth, draw upon my carnal code and tie this fetter, break the mold, I brand my soul with the thought of you, the pitch-dark beauty of which none ever knew, I honor you in your death and find thee well in your revisitation of God's holy breath, an inhale of the beginning beckoning forth the exhale of the eternal, bare thy teeth as they gnash in hell infernal, as my heart does harden and for you beg no pardon, Satan, my eternal enemy. Sin, my eternal friend. Yet in the end every knee will bend, Why do I mourn your wicked scorn, your two-faced malice, your defiled chalice? Why do I God's grace lessen, why must I abide the inhuman? No choice have I, for all must die. Sorcery, a pheromone, the ghost of you chills skin and bone, Oh God my light, oh God my love, accept me into thine arms above, but let me not forget the grace in which I dined under darkness embrace, nor let me flee from mine agony, encumber not mine idolatry, for your face does shine, yes, as the sun, but her face quoth, "to me my son", We will forever be as one. This human nature, the sable allure, harkens me closer, am I so pure? My heart does ache, the sun doth break, insurgence beneath my bellyache, two sides do strike, one side must fall, hear ye now the trumpets call? Seven on high, foot from the sky, sever my eye, blood dripping, death nigh, a two-edged sword do I behold, time be it now to make myself bold, accept I my exile alone with the lonely, flesh dripping down, bloody and boney? Oh Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me, for no longer doth time provide me sanctuary...
  22. Title: The Social Acceptance of Suicide Depression, anxiety, they feed off my piety, my irreverent hatred for my soul's body, brain alight on the burning pyre, no trial for there is no denial, self-worth promoted to covetousness, strangers holding my heart in their hands, such a weakness makes me want to break, If I could go back in time my own life I would take, to stare in the face myself back then would be more hell than heaven, the pursuit of marriage valued most, for love I had for a ghost, in my heart held I desire, love wallowing in the mire, wasted potential, depiction of madness, the human spirit burnt to ashes, yet today do I stand tall, obeying my own voices call, realization of realizations, I want to burn it all, the cancer, the curse, the hell on this earth... It is love, don't you see? No, I wouldn't expect you to. Its a lovely suicide, a matricide, a homicide, breaking on the inside what your loved one sees on the outside, its a legal suicide, human worth tossed aside, its a willing self-demise, human pride cant abide, have you not seen the films, have you not been alive? So romantic it is, "I can't live without you", "I don't know what to do without you", Romeo and Juliet, ahh, what a sought-after mindset, go ahead, become your partners pet... Romantics are the dullest gits anyone could ever meet, they think themselves lovely and pure, their partners do they adore, yet death do the welcome to one another's door, to devalue oneself to the point they cannot live without another, feebly clinging to their partner as a sick pup does her mother, to swear her death means theirs, to forget their will to live, no, for their will to live was only as strong as hers, you gave up all your ambition and set out on the marriage mission, what a fool you were for death takes the weak, he crushes the meek, with no power left inside, for none you ever, designed to burn outside, you've tossed it into the pale, your skin goes white, your eyes to dart side to side, what pathetic art, whether your flesh falls today you will die, welcoming your souls decay, what pathetic life now will you lead? Lonely widower wasting away, amounting to nothing but a bucket of tears, or maybe, none at all, a corpse beneath the rain fall, you will never again stand tall. but there is savior, if you'll resurrect that child-like fervor, Selfishness, she will save you from this crisis, the symbol of sin, sent from God on angels wings, bear yourself up on her, accepting no vindictive thoughts, beat your wings proudly over the earth, love and care for others is not to be forgotten, but inner power, will and desire to fulfill ones dreams, these cannot be from your soul torn asunder, do not resign your fate to another's cord, nor your life to mother natures wiles, bequeath not your soul wholly to another, nor wish for her desire over thine, support is key, to happiness in duality, power is key to a life of majesty. A dream is something you do for yourself; not for others -Griffith. where power is forfeit so too is self-worth, where self-worth is forfeit love abounds, where love abounds death lies in wait -LILDOOP.
  23. So "Emo" music has consistently been my favorite kind of music for years now, and while "Emo" may not necessarily sum up the sound of the music it is what most people would call the bands I like. Seeing as in my household my music taste is disputed by many of my siblings as well as my parents, mainly for the sound as most of them do agree the lyrics are meaningful. So, with such bands as My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Twenty one Pilots, Icon for Hire, La Dispute, and Fallout Boy in mind what would you say you're opinion of "Emo" music is based off of sound and lyric quality.
  24. Candy, I love gummies. ~♥ Sing on stage with your favorite band/soloist or attend their concert with backstage passes?
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