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  1. Where is your comeback? 


  2. Any suggestions for Cherry Blossom's jutsus?
  3. What if our world end up something like this? How would you guess this world came to be?
  4. What if Naruto found a genie? Naruto was neglected and before he went to other dimension or other universe. His first wish is to get rid of the Chakra in Naruto after he enters the portal. Second wish for Naruto was for that genie to find happiness and his last wish was for freeing the her.
  5. This thread is for strangest dreams you ever had. The night on May 21, 2019, I had a dream of a big sister figure who asked me to be her boyfriend and on the same night. She asked me to be her third husband. On May 22, I had a dream of me being at a former brother figure's funeral. Who cheated on my big sister figure the night before. May 23, 2019, Then a family friend's child died. Who actually died after I had the dream of my former brother figure's funeral. December 22, 2019, I had a dream of me making out with my first cousin who is a married woman. She 7 years y
  6. Thanks. I'm thinking have Sai found out about the village. Tsunade send Sakura, Ino, Hinata, & Tenten with their senseis are Anko, Hana Inuzuka, and Kurenai. I could see Sakura thinks that Sasuke Uchiha is the Shodaime Sakurakage due to the Plaque on the statue. lol I think Ino would be jealous but when it's revealed to be Naruto as the Sakurakage. Hinata would join jealous club. LOL. Sidenote: If someone wants to draw the village style they can do it.
  7. Naruto was banished after the Pein's Attack. Naruto found a Cherry Blossom tree and he leaned against it but found a giant carven inside the tree. Naruto decides to make a village named Hanagakure but he calls his new home, "The Land of Cherry Blossom." He makes himself the First Sakurakage of Hanagakure. So he builds the village of Hanagakure. This is the symbol on the Sakurakage's hat: Sakurakage's Hat: This is the headband: The symbol on the vests: I could also see Naruto build a statue of Sakura Haruno in the town square but this ver
  8. The rules to this game is this: 1. Hinata Hyuuga is the main villain. 2. Sasuke has to die by Hinata. 3. Boruto has to kill Hinata. 4. Himawari has to kill Boruto. 5. Sarada killed Himawari. 6. Naruto killed Sarada. 7. Sakura killed Naruto. While dying Naruto told her his love for her was true love not a competition with Sasuke. Naruto says he was the Sasuke at the bench. "You only love Sasuke cause your competition with Ino." "Before I passed away. I always thought of you Have a Charming forehead and makes me want to kiss it." Naruto kissed it then passed on
  9. The only is you can choose two dimensions. I chosen 8 Dimension and 50 Dimension. Dimensions you can choose from 1-7, 9-49: 0 Dimension is Cannon aka Boruto Series. 1 Dimension: NaruIno, SaiSaku 2 Dimension: NaruTen, 3 Dimension: NaruTema, ShikaIno, 4 Dimension NaruShizuka, 5 Dimension: NaruHokuto 6 Dimension: NaruIsaraibi, 7 Dimension: NaruShion, 8 Dimension: NaruSaku's childen who doesn't want to become Hokage but either a teacher or an Archer. 9 Dimension: NaruKaru 10 Dimension: NaruKarin 11 Dimension: NaruAmar
  10. I got the idea from this pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/danielgrubb8/fictional-creatures-created-by-me/
  11. Does anyone knows how to make a Minecraft mod? Cause I don't like the current Naruto Mod for Minecraft.
  12. Konohagakure Ninjas: Haku Uzumaki the son of Naruto and Sakura. Who has pink hair and violet eyes. His goal is to be come a teacher like Iruka or Shizune. He marries Hiro the daughter of Omoi and Kurotushi. Chiyo Uzumaki the daughter of Naruto and Sakura. Who has red hair and Green eyes. Her goal is to become an archer. ------------------------------------ Half of the villagers doesn't like the Uchiha Triplets due to Sasuke's betrayal. Haru Uchiha is the oldest of the Uchiha triplets. Son of both Sasuke and Hinata. One of the Elders tried to killed the clans. Neji and
  13. You are right on one thing that's There are many important woman in the shinnobi world but you are not one. Without that Scarf jutsu you put your hubby to. You marriage is base on guilty trip. We shouldn't call it cannon cause you never get shot without your Scarf jutsu. I wonder if Naruto truly love you or you just brainwashed him in that stupid Scarf jutsu. Call me Itachi Hyuuga cause i'll be the one who murder your whole clan. I thought you wannabe a heiress not a house maid. If you wanted to be house maid. You should've stay in the clan. I'm
  14. So let's get to rapping and stuff. I'll start. You don't need to put a lot of effort into these verses but you can if you want. I'm the Hinata Hyuuga from the Road to Ninja. I make my cannon counterpart look like crap. I got the looks and the attitude to match. To me, Hinata Hyuuga of the cannon is a fangirl and a stalker as well. She's too shy to be a Hyuuga. My father past away but my mother would've kicked her out of the clan with her timidness. I'm the best Princess in the Fictional World.
  15. What would you do if all your crushes’ husbands or wives asked you to take care of their spouses & their kids while they were dying?
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