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  1. What would you do if all your crushes’ husbands or wives asked you to take care of their spouses & their kids while they were dying?
  2. Would Naruto have his hairstyle change color or something? I think Naruto would called the Uchiha Form. lol
  3. @Illusion of Terra What would happen if that did happen. How would Sakura, Karin, and Ino react towards Naruto with Sasuke's chakra?
  4. I know a someone myths but I'm not sure about debunk them. The myth is Anime fans are secretly Perverts. lol
  5. I think Idate Morino would be in one of Naruto's classes. I think Fugaku and Mikoto might've hold Sasuke back due to the other Clan heirs would be in the same class. I think Fugaku would want someone from a shinobi clan with his son instead of a villager clan.
  6. What if Itachi sealed Sasuke into Naruto to help both of them out? I asked this question on Quora.com. Do you agree or disagreed? A person that goes by John Robison, Great Toad Sage of Mt. Myoboku said below.
  7. If Naruto failed three times? He should've remembered Tenten, Neji, and Rock Lee when he'd second time he failed? Also, Who was older than Neji's age cause that would be Naruto's first failed? I think Naruto's rivals in his second time is Neji and Rock Lee.
  8. What if we had a video similar to Mario kart but only with Anime characters?
  9. If all the Animes were in the same universe?
  10. How would you guys rank from the these titles of leaders. Which one of these titles should be the ruler of them all? The Pharaoh Vizors Nomarks Scribes Emperor/Empress Daimyos The King/Queen Princes/Princesses Duke/Duchess Marquess/Marchioness Count/Countress Viscounter/Viscountess Baron/Baroness Judges/Rabbis Sultan/Pope Bishops Priests/Pastors Kages Magis Lords/Ladies Nobles Army Police/Fire Fighters/Doctors Samurais/Knights Ninjas/Pirates/Vikings Sentiors Mayors Construction workers Teachers Residents Peasants Servants Celebrities/Court Jesters Slaves

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