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  1. The only rule you can't use real lyrics from real artists at all. I'll give you an few examples. The first example: Caution! The Revelation of your destruction. I’m your tribulation. I’m the domination. I’m the annihilation My mind is an ammunition. I’m here for America’s retribution. I’m here for America’s satisfaction. I’m here for your brain reconstruction. That title is my possession. I’ll win in any match conditions. I will always win against my competition. My Occupation isn’t politician. I’m not a musician. I’m not into fashion. I’m not a magician. I do believe in Assimilation. I’m against Abortion. Life starts at fertilization. I’m for Adoption. You believe in separation. You believe in discrimination. You believe in segregation. Your judgement is base on skin complexion. I’m against Evolution. I do believe in the Adaptation. I do believe in a Crucifixion. I do believe in a Resurrection. I don’t believe in Reincarnation. I do believe in legal immigration. I do believe in illegal deportation. I don’t believe in the decapitation. I don’t believe in micro-transgressions. I do believe that you have an affiliation of the oppression. You listen to the corruption from the media’s manipulation. You have to get trophies for just participation. You are been domestication of Media’s corruptions. You have been digestion of the media’s iteration. You believe in an Infant’s dehydration. You are the conversion of media’s faction. You been consumption of corruption’s assumptions. You accepted restrictions on free speech for any reason. It means that you didn’t have an education. You were in an indoctrination institution. That’s a violation of the American tradition. I believe in America’s constitution. I’m the personification of the America Nation. I’m the America’s retaliation. That’s my reputation. I’m the best at recommendations and suggestions. You are the reason for my profession position. Your misconceptions of my intentions. Your intoxication leads to your mind malfunctions. You need a psych evaluation sessions. Your objections to my acquisition. I’m here to teach you a lesson. Your indoctrination education are the poisons of our nation. Thanks to you I have this position. I’m here to to correction your dissolution of this nation. I’m here for your humiliation. That’ll unification of my congregation. You never care about starvations of other nations. In your desperation and frustration is the reason for our nation’s division. Your isolation with other population in this nation. You think of yourself as the perfection. I’m here to tell you that your perfection is actually your imperfection. I’m against your insurrection. I’m more preparation for your extinction. It’s not appropriation but it’s an appreciation. Your imagination is your addiction. Your cooperation with religion that wants to elimination of this nation. You are into a repetition of fail nations. Your the bastion of your hallucination. My sanction is in my fans’ devotion. I’m not here to defamation your fans’ fascination. Cause you don’t have a reputation. You love your experimentations of your misconceptions. You should recognitions of the Media’s omissions. I’m tired of your contradiction of falsification America’s imitations. You are an abomination without question. I know you love your allegations that has to be mention. Your generalization of this Great nation. My suggestion for you is need to fix your circulation. Your recollection is perversion. You misidentification proportions of our population . That’s why my revolution is your liquidation. That’s my reason for being the greatest addition. My introduction is the reason for your redemption. Here’s my rejections of your invasion of this Commendation. You are so desperation of an Elected induction person. I’m here for your realization of your uglification. This altercations in this exhibition will be your salvation. You are the apportion of this corruption in this corporation. You are the possession of the media’s plantation. We don’t need duplications of your generation. You need a medication subscriptions to fix your brain functions. Your corruption is in your monetization. That’s my observation is that you are on the media’s plantation. Your conglomeration is direction to it’s destruction. My mission is to become your reason for your disqualification. Your notification of my assassination by your person. That’s why I’m consideration of my protection from your aggravations. You don’t have a foundation for your confederation. I’ll be the reason for your hospitalization. Here’s your reservation for your contusion vacation. This is my convention I don’t need to explanation. I’m more supportive of your defection of this Great Nation. Your exaggerations of this Great nation is your delusions. Your transformation is your illusion. You are the school bully that never got a detention. Your imagination has limitations. I won’t give you a verification or Clarification. But this is your notation for your rehabilitation. Your temptation of Confusion and distraction of this generation’s obligation. That’ll leads you to your destination that is your prison. Your assumption of your so called solution. I have your prescriptions for this situation. I don’t need your permission for my rejections of your emotions. This is my accommodation. You have no legislation for a investigations on my person. You don’t have the qualifications for your accusations. You are opposition to my succession. Our altercation is your expiration. I’m on a commission to action against your infections. Your blood would be our donations. My mission is my solutions. I won’t have any discussions. My aggression is my application. I’ll win our altercations. I’m here for your implications. My declaration of this generation is inhibitions. I’m not a superstition person. Your destruction is my celebration. My victory is my graduation. Your termination is my justification. Your submission would be my compensation. My position is to extrapolation of your procrastination. I’ll make your career have an cancelation. I’ll make it publication and confession. My confirmation is this ring is my cushion and my relaxation. Our collision is my exclamation. The Hall of Fame is my career completion. That’s the end of this discussions and conversations. ----------------------------------------------------------- Here's the second Example: My name is Slick Sticks. I’m from the sticks. My blood is from a Hillbilly and a rednecks family. That makes me a Hick. I’m Country Hick. You probably think i’m a dick or a prick.
  2. I got the idea from this pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/danielgrubb8/fictional-creatures-created-by-me/
  3. Does anyone knows how to make a Minecraft mod? Cause I don't like the current Naruto Mod for Minecraft.
  4. Konohagakure Ninjas: Haku Uzumaki the son of Naruto and Sakura. Who has pink hair and violet eyes. His goal is to be come a teacher like Iruka or Shizune. He marries Hiro the daughter of Omoi and Kurotushi. Chiyo Uzumaki the daughter of Naruto and Sakura. Who has red hair and Green eyes. Her goal is to become an archer. ------------------------------------ Half of the villagers doesn't like the Uchiha Triplets due to Sasuke's betrayal. Haru Uchiha is the oldest of the Uchiha triplets. Son of both Sasuke and Hinata. One of the Elders tried to killed the clans. Neji and Hanabi with the Hinata stopped the murder and they are the only ones left of the Hyuuga clan. Hinata passed the Hyugga heiress to Hanabi who married Konohamaru. Haru Uchiha have all the dead Byahkugans into his body. His goal is to become a Sanin. Haruto Uchiha is the middle age son of Sasuke and Hinata. Sasuke decide to pull a Danzo and implanted all the Sharingans into Haruto Uchiha's body. His goal is to restore the Uchiha's name. Haruka Uchiha is the youngest of the Uchiha Triplets is the daughter of Sasuke and Hinata. Who had Rinnegan implanted into her body. Her goal is to become Hokage. Who has Haku Uzumaki but she fall in love with Nawaki Kato Senju. --------------------------------------- Nawaki Kato Senju is the first experiment of Orochimaru's and Danzo. Sasuke was the one who found it with the help of Sai who is actually is Shin due to Fu Yamanaka messing up Sai's mind similar to how Itachi mess with Sasuke. Nawaki Kato Senju has the DNA of all three sanins and Dan Kato. Who is paised as the next Hokage. He is the goal boy of Konoha. Yahiko Uzumaki last experiment of Orochimaru before he left Akatsuki. Yahiko Uzumaki have DNA from all of the Akatsuki members. He is view as a monster similar to how villager did Naruto all of his childhood. --------------------------------------- Inoino Akimichi is the daughter of Ino and Choji. He goal is to opened up a shopping mall. Who has a crush on Haru Uchiha but married Haruto Uchiha. --------------------------------------- Sasuka Uzumaki is the daughter of Sai and Karin. --------------------------------------- Rina Hatake is the daughter of Kakashi and Hana Inuzuka. Who married Hiruzen Umino. --------------------------------------- Hiruzen Umino the son of Iruka and Shizune.
  5. You are right on one thing that's There are many important woman in the shinnobi world but you are not one. Without that Scarf jutsu you put your hubby to. You marriage is base on guilty trip. We shouldn't call it cannon cause you never get shot without your Scarf jutsu. I wonder if Naruto truly love you or you just brainwashed him in that stupid Scarf jutsu. Call me Itachi Hyuuga cause i'll be the one who murder your whole clan. I thought you wannabe a heiress not a house maid. If you wanted to be house maid. You should've stay in the clan. I'm a NaruSaku shipper heck even Shion would be better than you. Stalker. You never care about your clan like you say you do. You are the true villain of the Cannon in my book. I'll put you in fan girl bingo book were you should be. You think you are the most powerful? The only things I need is a spider web or a rock to defeat. I don't mean Rock Lee. You are a sad Hyuuga. If you were a true Hyuuga you would face off like real kunoichi.
  6. So let's get to rapping and stuff. I'll start. You don't need to put a lot of effort into these verses but you can if you want. I'm the Hinata Hyuuga from the Road to Ninja. I make my cannon counterpart look like crap. I got the looks and the attitude to match. To me, Hinata Hyuuga of the cannon is a fangirl and a stalker as well. She's too shy to be a Hyuuga. My father past away but my mother would've kicked her out of the clan with her timidness. I'm the best Princess in the Fictional World.
  7. What would you do if all your crushes’ husbands or wives asked you to take care of their spouses & their kids while they were dying?
  8. Would Naruto have his hairstyle change color or something? I think Naruto would called the Uchiha Form. lol
  9. @Illusion of Terra What would happen if that did happen. How would Sakura, Karin, and Ino react towards Naruto with Sasuke's chakra?
  10. I know a someone myths but I'm not sure about debunk them. The myth is Anime fans are secretly Perverts. lol
  11. I think Idate Morino would be in one of Naruto's classes. I think Fugaku and Mikoto might've hold Sasuke back due to the other Clan heirs would be in the same class. I think Fugaku would want someone from a shinobi clan with his son instead of a villager clan.
  12. What if Itachi sealed Sasuke into Naruto to help both of them out? I asked this question on Quora.com. Do you agree or disagreed? A person that goes by John Robison, Great Toad Sage of Mt. Myoboku said below.
  13. If Naruto failed three times? He should've remembered Tenten, Neji, and Rock Lee when he'd second time he failed? Also, Who was older than Neji's age cause that would be Naruto's first failed? I think Naruto's rivals in his second time is Neji and Rock Lee.
  14. What if we had a video similar to Mario kart but only with Anime characters?
  15. If all the Animes were in the same universe?
  16. How would you guys rank from the these titles of leaders. Which one of these titles should be the ruler of them all? The Pharaoh Vizors Nomarks Scribes Emperor/Empress Daimyos The King/Queen Princes/Princesses Duke/Duchess Marquess/Marchioness Count/Countress Viscounter/Viscountess Baron/Baroness Judges/Rabbis Sultan/Pope Bishops Priests/Pastors Kages Magis Lords/Ladies Nobles Army Police/Fire Fighters/Doctors Samurais/Knights Ninjas/Pirates/Vikings Sentiors Mayors Construction workers Teachers Residents Peasants Servants Celebrities/Court Jesters Slaves
  17. Imagine you did have a son or daughter. I'm single lol I'm in my 30s yet never kissed a girl. I had pre-date Girlfriend but we never went on our first date.
  18. Would it be awkward if your childhood crush's child had a crush on your son or daughter? For me. I wouldn't approve of my son's or my daughter's of it.
  19. We all know that in Naruto there is a Bingo Book. In this thread is about if there was a similar Book but who won't make it as a Kunoichi due to their boy obsession. By the way. If Someone wants to create a male version of this Bingo Book. Go right ahead. Also, I want you all to know this doesn't have to be just Naruto Character only. The first entries:
  20. I'm more into GokuBluma. NaruSaku, SasuHina,

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