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  1. These first four are maps are Goodguys: Conjoined Classes (States) of Milan is all about it's education. The Undivided Provinces (States) of Flockson is all about farming and hunting. The Unified Dens (States) of Denizen is about faith and family. United Provinces (States) of Payden is about Military power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These maps below are the villains. Commonwealth Colonies (States) of Charleston is all about fame. Celebrities rules. The Connected Regions (States) of Cardin is about businesses. Evil they use unpaid labor. Leagued Settlements of Sheridan is all about the sports. The Unanimous Districts of Lairson is all about the fear power. Have Slaves. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. The opposite superpowers of these superpowers: Regeneration, Intangibility, Invisibility, Shape Shifting, Teleportation, Appendage Manipulations, Planet and weather manipulation, water breathing and space breathing, Danger intuition, Duplication, Magnetism Manipulation, talking to animals & infants?
  3. You could called, "Coûife" "Huscus". Here are some new words for you to use that I came up with: "Barcen" means a bad Recon. "Gorcen" means a good Recon. "Dorrcen" means it is recon once and been recon twice or two times. "Tirrocen" means it is recon three times.
  4. Time System on Gruden: 18 months in a year. 8 days in a week. 28 hours in one day. 1 sleep 2 sleep 3 Worship Time 4 Breakfast 5 6 go to School / Work 7 8 9 10 11 12 lunch time 13 14 15 16 going home from work & school 17 18 19 20 dinner time 21 School study 22 religions Study 23 Pray Time 24 bedtime 25 sleep 26 sleep 27 sleep 28 sleep ——— ——— ————————— ——— Eras of Gruden B.E. (Before Earthlings) The First Era The Transformation Era The Ages of Massacres The Tender Age The Aeon of Confusion The Era of Prophecies E.A. (Earthlings Arrives) The Era of Migration (Earthlings Arrives) The Age of Struggle The Havoc Age The Era of Harmony A.E. (After Earthlings) The Ages of Gadgets The Age of Trickery The Decade of Confessions The Romantic Aeon The Mutation Decade (The Hybrid of Gruden and Earthlings.) —————————————————— Years: Earth // Gruden (If you want to do your Gruden year when you are born. Just 8x your year that’s your Gruden’s Birthyear) Here’s mine Gruden’s Birth-year: “ Earth Year 1984 = Gruden’s Year 15872. EARTH | Gruden: 1956 AD = 15648 B.E. 1960 AD = 15680 B.E. 1984 AD = 15872 B.E. 1986 AD = 15888 B.E. 1996 AD = 15968 B.E.
  5. My favorite Naruto Pairings in order NarutoXShion, NarutoXSakura, NarutoXIno, NarutoXTemari, NarutoXTenten, NarutoXIsarabi, NarutoXHokuto, NarutoXAmaru, NarutoXHotaru, NarutoXShizuka, NarutoXKarui, NarutoXKurotsuhi, NarutoXFuu, NarutoXKarin, NarutoXKin, NarutoXTayuya, NarutoXHinata If Naruto was little bit older like Hana Inuzuka's age. NarutoXHana Inuzuka NarutoXAyame NarutoXGuren NarutoXSamui,
  6. I think Naruto is just a copy cat of Dragonball Sakura and Bluma Hinata and Chi-Chi. Naruto and Goku. Sasuke and Vegata.
  7. NaruHina isn't my favorite pairing.
  8. What if there was Country ruled by only Athletes? What would their laws be? How long do you think the country that runs by Athletes would last? I think they'll last longer than the Country that runs by Celebrities.
  9. What if there was Country ruled by only Celebrities? What would their laws be? How long do you think the country that runs by celebrities would last? I think least 10 years at the maximum.
  10. Here's another one but this one is about Goofy. What if Max's mother cheated on Goofy with the Mailman? What the kid in video is actually Max's half brother? You seen this video:
  11. I think harem is harem the only differences is the gender harem lol. If I was a King. I probably would do a harem for my bloodline. If you were the owner of WWE and Walt Disney. What would you do?
  12. 1. I was just got done using the Mens' restroom. Trying to get back to my dad. This big heavyset guy thought I was a fan that attacked Stone Cold ten years before. This funny thing happen in 2011. 2. Grandmother of teenager wanted me to go out with her granddaughter. I was 32 at that time I think. 3. Kentucky. A Curly hair girl asked my dad if I was his son. She asked if I was single. 4. At work two girls come up to me. I thought they needing something. They just said hi and ran off. 5. One day before I went to work. I had to stop at both Wal-Mart and Lowe's. One of the employee of Wal-Mart asked me if I know another employee was. At Lowe's a Customer asked me where some was.
  13. The Green line means Adopted. I was saying that Tefiti adopted Maui before Maui betrayed her by stealing her heart. lol
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