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  1. just caught up with this show oh boy it good but im worried about my boar head bro he seems kinda down and out
  2. gonna start watching If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord is any good?

    1. Ohiotaku


      I dropped it after episode 8, because the relationship seemed to be getting ... creepy. A shame really.

    2. Seshi


      That is a shame - it was so promising

    3. kageokuma


      yeah that what i figure man anime always does they did it in usagi drop too

  3. nelliel tu from bleach dont why exactly but somthing about stuck with me to this day
  4. their is a lot of boobs and im mean a LOT of boobs COUGH also unique story telling and beautiful and animation COUGH but mainly boobs
  5. The ova are really funny and for some reason they break the 4th wall a lot plus we get some dakuxtsuyu moments
  6. made in abyss angel beats pet girl sakurasou I know angel beats isnt as good as other tearjerker but it made me sad none the less, pet girl was sad without having anything too bad happen to the characters and made in abyss well it had this
  7. watching kuguya sama but the characters are kinda of annoying so i think im going to drop it🙄🙄

    1. Ohiotaku


      That was my first reaction to the 2 MCs as well. I got to like them better later on, but admit it was primarily Chika’s antics that kept me coming back


    2. kageokuma


      i want to make this clear chika was fine its the 2 tsundere mc playing chicken with their relationship

  8. catching up on attack on titan season 2 and 3 thats been in my watch later list forever
  9. totally what sell it is the characters they really interesting and relatable and the action is great
  10. Made in abyss i like how it kinda sikes you out at the beginning. Here i was thinking what is this anime dora the explorer only to find out its dark souls the anime played by children
  11. i guess the art style and the unique storytelling
  12. heya i new here im new here too welcome this community and i love all genres of anime and manga but my favorites is parasyte and my hero academia
  13. Just finished mob psycho 100 season 1 and 2 and looking for a show like it. kinda not heavy on drama or something i have to take to seriously. THanXX
  14. if i get spear im gonna be pissed oh thank god i got the bow hero
  15. Thanks for the follow 😁

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