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  1. I wish that tsuyuxdeku moment would of lasted just couple frames longer! Tsuyu broke the awkardness a couple seconds too early for it to be real ship material for me.
  2. Yeah, there's actually 3 listed on the wiki: https://bokunoheroacademia.fandom.com/wiki/OVAs The first two are full episodes but the last one is the animated version of Vol 0 of the manga. That volume was passed in theaters in japan when the first movie was being shown.
  3. Having watched the whole first season of MHA, I can say the fight in the school's rescue simulation grounds against the real villains was SOO COOL! I loved the cleverness of the writers in how to incorporate Mineta's quirk in the fight in the water area. I also loved the Momo/Denki pair a lot. Momo's creation quirk is pretty neat because she has to know all the molecular science behind the objects. I was so afraid for Eraser Head at the end but he really fought very well. At this point, I'm getting pretty worried for All Might. He says he only has 1 hour of stamina left...
  4. @dirudiru I'm happy to hear i'm not the only one that doesnt follow the seasonal animes! I normally end up watching stuff that is already over and at least like that i dont have to wait every week. Bingeeee ^.^ Maybe if we find an anime everybody has seen but not us, we could start watching it around the same time! FYI, thank you everyone for your welcoming wishes. Very heart warming
  5. I must say the first 6 episodes are really good!! Deku is a very endearing character and ochako is just so kawaii ^.^ I love All might's non hero look, its so funny
  6. Hellloooo! (I hope I'm putting this post in the right category!) Tonight, I will start watching My Hero Academia. I thought it would be fun if anybody else is still in the beginning of the series, that we have some place to talk about it while we are watching it? (I never used a forum before maybe thats more of a chat/discord kind of topic idk) Anyways, it would be fun to talk about our impressions with someone who is also experiencing MHA for the first time!
  7. Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me be part of your forum! I have been watching anime for a lot of years but my pace has always been slow and very on and off. This resulted in me watching animes loooooonnnnggg after they have first aired. Every year when i go to my city's anime convention, shoutout to Otakuthon in Montreal, I tell myself I'll make more time to watch different animes in the coming year. But then i never watch a lot of them because im busy with other stuff! So! I decided that maybe by getting involved in a forum, it would help me stick to my word and act
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