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  1. Hey! Nice to meet you! Love your profile photo, haha
  2. Hiiiii, nice to meet you! I'm always wanting to watch Hero Academia but I don't know.. Is it good? A lot of people say it is a very good anime!
  3. OH, I hate it so much when they take so much time for the next season to be released, awful teasing I could say The same is with Kamisama Kiss, everyone is waiting for a season 3 but it is not still there..
  4. Although I'm new here but I'm really curious what is/are the reason/reasons why you watch anime? I think it is important to hear each others stories because people ( who do not understand anime) in real life most of the time think about those who watch Anime that they are like some outsiders or strange, or have some issues? You know there are a lot of stereotypes about anime lovers. Do you think it is true that anime watchers have some common characteristic or a reason behind why they spend lots of time sitting by the screen watching moving drawings ( as some people say) ? I think it would be an interesting discussion: why you watch anime, how you see yourself as a person when you love animations, manga and Japanese culture and what most popular stereotypes you've heard about US? Hope someone is willing to talk, haha. Myself, sending a lot of encouragement to all of us who love Anime and think it is beautiful art! We are cool, we are a strong and friendly community and we are not that weird haha ( sometimes..) !
  5. OMG! I don't what everybody else think but I like the new version very much! I love when a girl is all cute and the boys are def hiding feelings.. of course, the plot is common but it's cool that it has a twist ( won't add on more spoilers). I recommend watching it and I'm looking forward to the ep19
  6. Thank yo so much for your tips! For sure will use them, because it is a little bit tricky here at first. I didn't even thought that somebody will reply to my post but.. I'm glad that there are so many kind people
  7. Thank you for your kindness and support! I love these types of anime too! AH!KAWAII! Thank you for your welcoming
  8. Hi, Nova, The first time I think I did not answered correctly to your post so thank you for your welcome It would be cool if you would talk me around trough all what I can do on this website. Can we chat only here? What is the main purpose of this AF?
  9. Thank you for all the recommendations, I will for sure watch some of them. Anime requieres a lot of time, haha
  10. HI, Nova. I do not know if I have to reply here or message you in somewhere else but I hope you see this! What's up? Tell me more about yourself, ghostly potato
  11. Waves and hello

  12. Hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm looking to find people who want to get along, exchange an interest in Amine and just maybe talk? I still do not know how this website works but maybe somebody will reply, haha. What is your favourite type of anime? What is your all time favourite MANGA? I watch anime for a long time. I'm not like a crazy obsessed fangirl but I truly love it. Sometimes I feel lost in the community, because I do not know all the meanings of some categories and tend to feel shy that I enjoy watching school themed romantic animes most of the time ( Maybe it is lame in this community?I do not know. What are your thoughts?) I have never found my place in the world but Anime really comforts me so I'm looking for some international friends
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