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  1. Try and somehow get some wires, solar panels and a boat to move to a deserted island! Would you still work if all of a sudden you were to become a billionaire?
  2. English native speakers, what exactly does "accommodations" include? I'm going to a conference and they offered to cover my "accommodations". I know that this means the place where I stay, but does it include travel as well?

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    2. brycec


      It is normally best to ask them, especially since definitions and such vary between different places (e.g. chips are fries and crisps are chips in the UK, which can cause some confusion for Americans visiting the UK for the first time, without having had experience talking with English people before).

      Does not help that each of the English speaking countries all have their own grammar rules and such.

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      On that topic though, I always found it interesting what would happen if an American talks about his/her pants in the UK seeing that they mean quite different things 😂


    4. brycec


      I’ll have to look it up, since online dictionaries give both UK and US description, or I can ask one of the new members who I know live in the UK, but I can guess it is quite funny.

      Just looked it up, and realized that it would indeed be funny, since pants is said to refer to underwear in the UK. 🤣

      Kind of funny that nobody I talked to in the UK brought it up.

      Then again, the only thing close we got to there was the spelling differences, which led up to hilarious ness of the word mummy, due to the fact that UK residents call their mothers muther or mum.

  3. @Ryan Dave Jimenez Yeah I think this one from 1917 is the oldest one that is still available. Doesn't really look too much like modern day anime. I think what we would consider anime nowadays started around in the 50s/60s
  4. If there is anyone who knows that straight away it would be great. If not:
  5. I was wondering when his next movie would come out. Definitely going to watch it if I ever get the chance. From the trailer I suspect that it will be as great as his other movies ("exited" is an understatement 😂). I honestly think that Shinkai created anime on a completely new level. It is comparable, but in a very different way, from what Miyazaki/Ghibli did. I couldn't even compare Shinkai's works to most other anime. Since I've studied some literature/literary theory and enjoy symbolism on many levels, I thoroughly enjoy most of Shinkai's movies (which coincidentally is also one of the reasons why I think Naruto is one of the greatest anime but that's another story). They are the types of movies which you can, or have to, watch multiple times to actually get everything. If you are just looking for action you'll find it boring, but if you want something that really makes you think, these movies are the way to go. I would even go so far as to say that they are comparable to great works in the literary canon. The only thing is that I don't know Japanese and suspect that I'm missing a lot that is encoded via language in the movies.
  6. Quite the heavy episode. (are spoiler tags still wanted here?) Now that I know the story, I don't think I could have blamed Raphtalia for seriously hurting that scumbag Idol Rabier. He even tried to kill her after she spared his life. But what the heck was that whole dinosaur squashing him part? Seemed a bit uninspired. Raphtalia really had a difficult life but at least she got to see some of her old villagers again. I liked that there was at least some upside to this, even with the whole Rifana tragedy.
  7. @King_Sama Yeah, but being rude is the standard in some parts of Europe 😂 I usually assume that whoever they are replying to or whatever they are reading might be important, so I don't know, I'd personally feel a bit strange telling them off since I don't know what they are doing.
  8. I'd like to add one thing to what @HanaApril has said about being cautious. I don't know where the forum server is located (Australia?), but I've heard of cases in the EU where people got sued for distribution of child pornography regarding hentai. Now, I don't know how widespread that particular theme is, but if you decide to include a hentai section you might want to check the legal status and if some hentai is regarded as child pornography under whatever jurisdiction this forum is. This might be far-fetched and overly cautious but it's just what came to mind when reading the posts here.
  9. @King_Sama I have a friend who grew up in Rome and is a huge AC fan. He told me that he was surprised at how much Rome in one of the AC was actually like Rome and that he could actually use what he knew about Rome in the game to navigate. Haven't played AC games myself yet but I might give it a shot if I ever find the time, especially now that there are collections for the PS4 out.
  10. I'm not usually in this corner of the woods, but regarding the phone thing I'd like to chime in (or rant). It's really difficult nowadays to talk to people normally for more than a few minutes. Their attention is always divided between checking their phone and the conversation. I suppose to them it seems like a shorter time, but while they are reading their latest whatsapp text I'm sitting there waiting until they are finished. I wouldn't mind if people could actually do both at the same time or if after reading they could simply continue the train of thought they had, but most people can't. And ignoring sound notifications even if the conversation is interesting for both, seems to be too difficult for most. I never had a smartphone (yeah I know that's uncommon) so I can't check my own messages while they check theirs. But then again, I don't think it's too much of a conversation if everyone is checking their phones every few seconds. When I take my time to talk to someone, I actually take my time for them and not try to get multiple things done. This turned into much more of a rant than I'd thought 😂
  11. I'd be interested in what reason she has. If it is because of something related to this I understand the reasoning, otherwise I'd be interested in what other reason she might have.
  12. I was wondering what happened to this thread. Are you still doing the watch 5 episodes a week? I didn't have the time up until now, but caught up to episode 5. I enjoyed it so far, really mellow as a whole, story music and art style. And on top of it, it has a lot to do with cats, that's an automatic plus!
  13. seems you were right about that darn article 13


    Now let's wait and see if and how they actually enforce it. If they take it literally, then I guess almost no more memes or youtube videos in the EU.

    1. efaardvark



      We have ‘exception for content used for the “purposes of quotation, criticism, review, caricature, parody and pastiche”’.  In theory.  In practice...



    2. LonelyPoet


      Welcome to clown world :)

  14. and here I was rooting for Raphtalia and Spear hero 😂
  15. am I the only one who immediately thought of one-for-all ?😂 There are too many things that some people could find quirky about me (depends on the people though). I could behave mainstream if I wanted to, but I really don't want to. The most obvious ones would be that I'm quite straightforward and that I don't really use "please, thank you, sorry, you're welcome etc" unless it is something important or I have to, which is kind of a cultural thing and not meant to be impolite.
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