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  1. @Ryan Dave Jimenez Reminds me a bit of the game Spore
  2. I agree with so much you've said But most of all with this What the heck is up with that? I noticed it only a few years ago but now there are a bunch of titles which basically are sentences. I'd add one, but I am not sure if it is only applies to current anime. That is, that the intro and outro of so many titles just seems like every other one. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple that stand out, but overall the majority is just too similar. Can't say if this has always been a thing though!
  3. I don't think there's an anime rant thread, is there? I think there are quite a few things which have improved quite a bit (such as obviously quality of illustration or a much more elaborate spectrum of different anime). But is there anything you dislike about current anime or generally the anime industry nowadays?
  4. that's one gruesome scenario! I have to say I think the original is more to my taste and more upbeat
  5. Hi! I see you got the right name now @Ohiotaku is the man!
  6. While the plot didn't progress that much, I really enjoyed today's episode! Tamaki is my favorite character now I found it hilarious that they solved Mirio's clothes thing by saying that they made his clothes out of his hair just wondering how long that took Looks like it will take a while until they get to Eri though
  7. I've got an idea for a creature. How about a snail with wings
  8. Those are all great! If you are watching My Hero Academia currently, head over to the ongoing My Hero Academia thread and tell us what you think
  9. @xnaylynn It's a bit slower than the other seasons it seems to me. They are just about to get to the main part now, but I personally really enjoyed it!
  10. I got a grey scale one as a gift a ways back, but that color e ink really looks great, especially for stuff like textbooks. Rather 'natural' colors than artificial. But they won't really be commercially ready for another year or so I assume.
  11. Hi Jason! So tell us, what are some of the shows you enjoy? something you might currently watch or your favorites?
  12. man, that really sucks. I'd definitely try and return them. Let's hope you'll have more luck than Beocat. Don't have anything constructive to add was just really surprised when I saw that one disc with the fingerprints. Never happened to me before. Usually when things are plastic wrapped they smell and look brand new.
  13. Hi! Judging by your profile I take it JJBA is your favorite anime then?
  14. Hi there! I see you are a huge Naruto fan like me! There are others here as well. So tell us, what's a Silenqe?

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