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  1. I thought the 'recap' was done very well. But, what I kinda expected it to be a bit shorter so that they also show some new stuff. Something like half an episode recap and the other half something new would have been great.
  2. Hi there! I also liked Hunter x Hunter, but can't really decide which is better, the new version or the old one. You are taking that N5 this year? I heard those are quite difficult! But never even tried or seen one myself
  3. You probably have heard of protons, electrons etc. right? There are also 'anti-particles' for those such as anti-protons and anti-electrons. Reading your post, as someone who doesn't drink coffee, I really thought that in this respect you are an anti-version of me or vice versa
  4. holy guacamole, just saw the first dubbed episode of Nichijou. I didn't even know there was a dub. Gotta say, it is insanely different from the Japanese version! I knew dubs could change a lot but it really shows with Nichijou

    1. efaardvark


      I've seen the same thing.  Dubs really are different shows than the originals they're based on.

  5. Hi there. Cheerful you say? Then you can't be from Europe just joking. There are a few who like fantasy here. Have you seen the first season of The Rising of the Shield Hero? Not exactly what you described but it's just the first current title that came to mind
  6. @Endynyp why do you want caffeine though? Aren't people nowadays stressed out enough
  7. @Ohiotaku It's a movie? I thought it was a series as well. Oh well, still gonna have a look!
  8. Posted it somewhere before but I'm also curious about blackfox
  9. That's certainly a quite original introduction I'll go with my usual and unoriginal Hi there!
  10. Especially curious about My Hero Academia! Just checked out the info on No Guns Life and this struck me "his head replaced with a giant gun", what the heck
  11. Hi there! Plenty of anime people around here Also, great to have someone from Ireland here
  12. I already made a Dr. Stone thread but yeah, it's great to see that you are enjoying it as well! Haven't seen the latest episode yet, but if you have, how about you tell us what you thought! Here's the other thread
  13. Hi there and privet! Can't remember seeing someone else from Russia here, so it's great that someone from there came here! I grew up with a few Russian friends, but none of them were interested in anime. Is it a big thing over there? I do remember one famous ice skater who includes anime in her ice skating songs though (not sure if she was from Russia though)
  14. Am I the only one who thought you were talking about an actual theater? (not a movie theater) Similar to you though I'd have to go by myself, so I don't really go.

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