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  1. Welcome back

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I'm still away  (for another two weeks) but had the chance to stop by today 😂will be interesting to see what happened here though :) 

    2. Nova


      Back to welcome 😂😛

  2. I just recently watched it as well. There's kind of a debate going on here The ending was a bit unusual. I still don't get why they did two of them which were basically the same. As far as I got it and remember it, it is tied to a buddhist/abrahimic view of what will happen after everybody dies but yeah, to get back on topic, I don't think we are quite at the end of the world yet.
  3. Aircraft question.
    This is gonna sound random but I ran into a pickle at work and need someone who knows about Aircrafts. So, I'm working on error theory and need to include an example of an aircraft cockpit. Is it true that aircraft cockpits in general have these three things as interfaces (among others):
    Buttons which you can push, Levers (or would you rather call it a switch?) which you can flick on/off and knobs which you can turn left/right?

    Anyone who knows this or knows someone who knows would really do me a solid here! Or if you have any kind of reference where I can look this up (like a cockpit manual?).

    1. Xyro


      Falcon 900B

      Well the cockpit of a Falcon 900B has all three of the above, if that is what you need?

      Modern aircraft nowadays use far less controls and buttons, but still have all three of the above

    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      that's what I did at first as well :) I also looked at some articles but could never really say if that was specific to the one aircraft type or if aircrafts in general have all three.
      this is what happens when someone who doesn't know anything about them like me tries to include something like it 😂

    3. Xyro


      Well, you can guarantee that any and all aircraft still do require all three of the above user interfaces. Trying to change around the norms of the inside of a cockpit would get confusing, so while some more modern ones remove the mass majority of the unecisary clutter, there are still all three of the interfaces above, just varied in the number actually available :3

  4. @Sam_harris_43 You never know, I know that @Seshi did something related to bodybuilding? So it could have been that you are a professional strongman
  5. probably a religious prophet, but I don't know what question though
  6. in your display image (is it 'which of the guys is you' or 'which of the guys are you'? both seem possible)
  7. Illusion of Terra


    I am quite unprofessional, and most of my supervisors were and are. Not in a way like @Seshi mentioned, more in a 'what? I can't believe these guys actually work at a university' kinda way. I regularly write insane e-mails starting with things as 'fellow humans' and randomly offer food to students People are usually quite confused but after a while they get that I just don't care too much about formalities and everyone mellows out which makes debates a lot more productive than everyone trying to be as wordy as possible (which is quite an annoying thing in philosophy, if people take over 5 minutes to pose a simple question).
  8. Aight So which of the guys are you?
  9. Hi there, if it's an anime forum you were looking for, you came to the right place
  10. I don't know yet. The last episode wasn't really much of my taste. I actually don't think they necessarily need more characters (although I also don't mind) as long as they actually are decently depicted/portrayed. So far they all seem a bit stereotypical.
  11. Just an fyi, I won't be home for about a month because of work and have no idea if and how much access to the internet I'll have. So don't go destroying the forums 😂 I'll try and check in when possible though :) 

    1. Muco


      I will try to NOT destroy it while you are away.

      @Seshi after reading this: giphy.gif

    2. Seshi


      Aww, Yep.. You'll be missed! I hope you have a great time while you're away.

  12. Great idea for a topic! Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place in the year 2015, but I'm not sure it was meant to be realistic
  13. Hi, maybe you will find these useful. If you quote someone (like you did) or if you write @FreshPairOfEyes they will get a notification that you mentioned them. You just have to write the "@" symbol and then the beginning of the name and you can pick it (works most of the time). Something else that I found useful is the "Unread Content" button in the upper right corner. This shows you posts on threads you haven't seen. If you want to message people you can also directly write them a DM by going to their profile and then the "Message" button. Otherwise, like others have said you can just reply to people in threads like this or in Wicked's chat corner, or write on their profile as a status update. After a few posts you will be able to edit your posts by pressing the edit button. I think that's all of the useful things I can think of right now Oh yeah, you earn points by posting and opening threads. You can use those to do certain things such as changing your username or pin a topic.
  14. @Beocat It's great to have the perspective of someone who also watched the series. Sounds like I'd enjoy it. So I am seriously considering watching it after the second movie
  15. @Lucky Bolt Oh, I saw a couple of episodes of that. Was interesting, the only thing I found a bit weird was that they said "everypony" instead of "everybody"

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