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  1. Humbby

    Post Your Anime List

    https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Humbby&view=list&status=7 Oh well mine is in the signature anyway
  2. Humbby

    Anime Merch

    I have 2 nekopara shirts but only wear them at home. Though I did see someone wearing an Aot jacket yesterday which is quite rare here Atleast.
  3. Im still sad about what happened and im still following news and tweets. The president of kyoto animation said they are going to destroy the studio and build a monument for the people that have died. Ill send them a message too.
  4. Same as Seshi. Though I did watch the whole show. And it still stands as my number 1 anime.
  5. Original: Kuroko's Basket Kuroko's Casket Edit: I mistranslated the titel; Since Its called Kuroko no Basket I kinda forgot to turn Basket into Basketball
  6. Humbby


    Last 5 days I played 60 hours of football manager but with 2 friends so... how does one call that?
  7. Blue Lock, Ima replace the L with a C, Im not gonna type It though Since It feels weird doing that. Couldnt think of anything else...
  8. Kyoto Animation Is different from other Studios (From What I've heard and read) Kyoto Actually gives them normal contracts, no Unrealistic Deadlines and enough money for a living.
  9. Soooo, I didnt see this Topic Yet So I made 1. You might have heard or seen It already but Kyoto Animation has been set on fire. Currently 13 dead and 38 Injured, Arson even threw liquid On people, not just the building. I saw this when I just woke up and I couldn't believe It It's an amazing anime studio (Also my favorite) There were 70 people In the building and death count Is steadily rising. Possible Arson has been found. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-49027178 Edit: 33 Confirmed Dead, Arson said Kyoto Ripped him off, Currently 819k $ have been donated
  10. So I know some of you draw digitally. And I want to pick up a tablet myself. So I was wondering. What are some good cheap tablets less than 100$ Also does it feel very different than drawing on paper and is it easy to get used to quicky?
  11. Humbby

    Summer 2019 Anime

    I agree with your list right now. Though so far Kanata no astra is the best that has aired this season so far imo.
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