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  1. I listen to this kind of vocaloid all day my favorite \(^ω^)/ dancing
  2. You may like demon slayer it's my favorite anime Plus you may like These animes Ruruoni Kenshin Tenshi muyo original Galaxy angel Bleach Date a live An many others
  3. I was looking on the fourm for a topic like this but nobody has done this before so I thought to make a topic like this I know this may seem pointless but im baord so yeah here is my shirt collection so far Btw I do have a Miku figure but I don't have a picture of that right now Plus it doesn't have to be shirts like this it can be anything that you have Plus figures can be anything too
  4. https://youtu.be/UhXRK-0sniI https://youtu.be/MXJCwL3KCBc https://youtu.be/aYyqnzuRBHA My favorite videos of all time
  5. I mostly watch the old animes but I do love the new ones the ones I like are Yu yu haukusho Ruruoni Kenshin Tenchi muyo original I had not seen the other ones The slayers Gundam pretty much every mech anime Bleach New ones Date a live Demon slayer Miss kabuyashi dragon maid D frag Aho girl That's all I can think of I know so much that I can forget
  6. First picture 2nd picture 3rd picture 4th picture My anime collection I hope you like it! The t Shirts are my favorite
  7. ok hello everyone i am nezukofan12345 i have been watching anime since i was 13 but i was never on the internet until back in 2018 i have a youtube channel called haruko haruhara with 65 subs but i am also in the doom commutily like doomwold an zandronum an zdoom fourms i am mostly a doom player in many doom discord servers doom is a first person shooter made in 1993 to 1994 yyeah i know this is offtopic but i love anime to many of the types of anime i like is action comedy prety much thats all i like i can.t really think of anymore right now but my favorites are of animes flcl from 2000 konasuba aho girl demon slayer yuyuhakusho rurouni kenshin bleach galaxy angel dragon ball z an so much more i like the old ones alot as well i am more retro i like to play retro games like mostly on the ps2 an ps3 an all that such an old pc games plus what i like about anime merch i have alot of dvds an vhs but my favorite is the anime t shirts i like the ones with full print you know the ones that are like 20 dollors those are my favorite but sorry for the long interdues i just want you get to know me about what other commutiys im in an such hello back!

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