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    My Hero Academia, Goblin Slayer, Demon Slayer, Black Clover, Attack on Titan, The Promised Neverland
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    Slice of Life
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    Emma, Norman, Ray, & Phil from The Promised Neverland, Eren & Levi from Attack on Titan, Noelle from Black Clover, Eri, Deku, & Lemillion from My Hero Academia


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    I don't really have a favorite but I love indie horror games
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    Aurora from Child of Light
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  1. This is killing me because I just watched a video on YouTube talking about how this is still coming out. *sighs*
  2. Last I heard, the second season is still set to come out this year.
  3. Looks like the last season of AOT really will be releasing this year.
  4. Then you could bring Akito to life for me *evil smirk* Would you rather be a professional dancer or a professional singer?
  5. An apple, a banana, an egg white omelette, two pieces of whole wheat toast, & a glass of skim milk.
  6. I don't believe we've met but welcome back
  7. For me, I loved the 1st season of Tokyo Ghoul but I only got a few episodes into the 2nd season because it just didn't do it for me.
  8. This is friggin' awesome! So glad to see people overcoming the challenges that are presented to overweight people who are honestly trying to get healthier. I wish this YouTuber all the success in the world: 


  9. In the process of replacing all the sauces/condiments I use in cooking with better alternatives i.e. no sodium ketchup, salt free spice blends, etc. 

    I'm really glad I started this gradually because if I tried to do this all at once I would be completely overwhelmed. To anyone else who is trying to overhaul their health, please remember to give yourself time to adjust. :) 

  10. Looking forward to what comes next in the role play you started writing. 🌈

    1. Loli


      I left the groundwork set for others to add their own participating bit actually.

  11. I swear, if anything horrible happens to Tohru I will lose my mind...just leave her alone, Akito! Geez!
  12. Welcome in & that sounds awesome. Looking forward to getting to know you
  13. Your Banner = 👍

    1. Loli


      I can pounce at you at any given moment..


    2. RuthisianCodex

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