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  1. Just bought an awesome new pair of heeled boots so you know what that means.....

    A week or two of walking around in them at home so that I hopefully don't slip & break my neck out in public, that's what! 

  2. There are definitely things about this series that get on my nerves but I'm still enjoying it because of the overall story, the variety of powers used, & the fight scenes.
  3. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi aka Season 4 of Natsume's Book of Friends
  4. Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your time here & make some new friends
  5. Welcome to AF. I hope you have a nice time & get to make some new friends.
  6. Just watched it & I was expecting something absolutely terrible to happen but it wasn't as emotional as I feared it would be. I did tear up at Momiji & Tohru praying together though. There was such a fierce sincerity between them. And when Yuki said that he stood up to Akito with that pleased look on his face, that just made my day. I really wanted to hug him. And yeah, I've been calling Akito a girl the whole time so I wasn't shocked at all. She's a spiteful, mean, insecure, vindictive, whiny, weak, little girl. Ugh. And if you're wondering if I was moved by her break down with Kureno, no I wasn't. Look, none of us like feeling like we've been abandoned or not good enough or whatever but not everyone goes on destructive rampages where they're trying to gouge out people's eyes, claw at people's faces, throw people off rooftops, or smash glass objects over people's heads. Akito isn't just immature & codependent, she's dangerous. I'm not sure how this revelation is going to change the dynamic between Tohru & Akito but it would be awesome if Akito goes to do something so ridiculous that it snaps Tohru out of her overly delicate state, grabs Akito, & beats the hell out of her. I mean, it's unlikely but hey, I have a right to dream lol.
  7. I got into some discussions about this episode on MAL and there is something extremely traumatic & brutal that happens to Joker when he is young. It can be very triggering so just steel yourself for it if you haven't watched already. Joker has immediately become one of my top 5 favorite characters in the show, if not of all time in anime period because of this episode. The amount of suffering he was made to endure is ridiculous. I'm loving the changes to the animation in this episode because it was much grittier than the others & I'd like to see this style used more often.
  8. Welcome in, Ristic. Glad to meet you & hope you make some new friends.
  9. I've begun my first playthrough of Eternal Hope. The art style & mechanics are gorgeous. The mechanics are similar to Limbo but there is an added feature that I've not seen in a game before that is pretty nifty that you use to alternate between realities. I will say that if your Limbo game was a bit rusty, the controls can be a bit awkward at first because it uses the arrow keys for movement. I'm pretty sure Limbo used W,A,S,D but I could be wrong since it's been a while since I played it.

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