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  1. Mushi Mushi everyone......So I talked about Devils Line last time so I just wanted to post because well i have nothing better to do at 130am. My current list of shows I am watching Tokyo Ghoul:re (of course), Kakuriyo no Yadoneshi, Rokuhoudou Yotsurio Biyori, and of course the next season of both My Hero Academia and Food Wars. 

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    2. txGemgal3084


      @Roxeg sometimes i feel that way. I have a 3yr old and apparently we are night owls/sleep schedule is all messed up. lol 

    3. Roxeg


      @txGemgal3084 Makes more sense now, good luck with that! (╹◡╹)

    4. Wedgy


      Children are just like that, they go to sleep when they please and have no remorse about it, because why should they? : P Being responsible is the adults' jobs.

  2. So I have been watching new stuff per my usual also had to work a double the other day and i was like need reading material so i went to the bookstore which i hadn't done in awhile picked my some new manga. One of which i'm watching that just came out I think is pretty interesting it's called Devil's Line. It's a little about Vampires the first episode was only a third of the manga so reading it got me a lot further but unfortunately i was only able to pick up the first book. 

    1. Viper


      I'm liking Devil's line as well 

    2. txGemgal3084


      I like the way they look when they turn very intriguing take on things


  3. Anime Forums Tinder game!

    @King_Sama that is too funny trust me RiRi is not like that at all lol
  4. Anime Forums Tinder game!

    Nope finger guns and snapping is a no go for me.lol RiRi a fun loving spirited office lady who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind but is very caring also.
  5. @Tefutakato Thanks I think it would be a whole lot of trouble too lol
  6. Started watching Monochrome Factor. I like it plus the little bit of BL is cute. Though i slightly feel like the plot is just circling the drain sort to speak on episode 8 but it just hasn't really gone anywhere but it's enjoyable.

  7. Well another episode of Violet Evergarden down I really don't know how i make it thru each episode. Making my cry every single time guess it really speaks to my heart. It was another gut wrencher.

  8. Would you hug the avatar above you?

    Huggable and a pat on the head
  9. Reply with a picture

  10. The last thing you ate/drank

    Currently drinking Shiner Bock Beer and ate a snickers square
  11. Post Your Wallpaper

  12. So my sister started this family crafting business a while back and we recently had a show called Yumicon since I'm the resident otaku I was super excited to do this show. I picked up a box dvd set of Samurai 7. Super excited because I actually never watched the series but I had it on my list. The vendor had something else I wanted but i couldn't afford it. :( But maybe some day i will get it. Been working lately so hadn't got a chance to watch anything but now that it's the weekend time to catch up and binge watch.

  13. @Dekumyhero Just hang out and watch anime and talk about it. Full disclosure about myself if you don't look up my profile. Female, 33, single, mother to 3 yr. old.
  14. What kind of anime girl are you?

    I got Maid!!! though to be honest when at home i'm a heavy procrastinator and I don't like to clean....lol
  15. [Game] Tell us 5 Facts about yourself

    I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to anime I will watch pretty much watch anything though my guilty pleasure is yaoi I'm a Gemini I was born in the morning during an Annular Eclipse I'm a heavy procrastinator!!
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