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  1. It's called Balan Wonderworld. Yuji Naka made a deal with Square Enix and he got to work on a platformer. I wasn't excited or anything, but I thought it deserved some attention. Cuz he's the lead programmer on the original Sonic game. And then the reviews came out... It's so bad. It's awful. It's pretty. But it's awful.
  2. Yeah, I've played those too. Such a shame there hasn't been a new Sonic game out this year or last year. Even more of a shame that Yuji Naka's new game was a complete fail.
  3. Feeling cute. Might delete this thread later. I would 100% buy this and wear it.
  4. This is my youtube front page. I keep deleting my youtube history and hoping for something I like, but I hate the algorithm.
  5. In the past when I was reading a ton of manga, I've always kept MAL up to date for record-keeping. I've kept baka-updates up to date (because it shows me when a new chapter was available and I read a ton of ongoing manga). But now that I look back, I wish I kept a folder of like just random quotes or saved copies of my favorite pages or something. See, right now, I keep screenshots of the video games I play. For the memories. I mean, why not, I spend HOURS upon hours of gameplay. Why not take screenshots. But I only applied that to games and not the manga. I w
  6. Without looking in your history or MAL, can you name the last five anime shows you've seen? I'll go first. Haikyuu (probably misspelling that one hard) Attack On Titan Final Season And before that, um... it was months ago... Well, I know I watched the whole season of Goblin Slayer. And I dropped Life Reincarnated as a Slime.
  7. Hi there! I saw your profile and you know, I'm also a fan of Sonic the hedgehog. My favorite is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.
  8. Welcome to the anime forums. Nice to meet you!
  9. Sakana sounds like a nice place to try. If the pandemic ends and I see my friends again, I'd love to stop by one. Wow. So there's Sakura restaurants on the other side of the states. My brother is the manager of one. Tell me, do you know what shrimp sauce is? I went to a Canadian Japanese place and people tell me they've never heard of it. That's... unappetizing. (I'd still try it)
  10. Welcome! I'd double the recommendation on Vinland Saga. I've never seen the anime but I loved the manga. Trigun is amazing. I'm glad to hear of it. I don't really know if it's obscure now. People always mention Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop, but Trigun? I feel like it's lost to the ages. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack On Titan, Psycho Pass might your shtick. (Though, I'm guessing you might've seen these already) But yeah, post a blog and participate. Although, I have no idea if blogs get any exposure. I don't go hunting around for them. I hope you find
  11. Ah, so rather, a chef of the house. Yeah, the fan service is over-the-top and is the highlight of the show. Have you tried black pasta? It's on my bucket list of things to try if I ever get the chance.
  12. Yeah, sushi is everywhere isn't it. It's even at gas stations and one Walmart. I haven't heard of a Sakana restaurant. I know of a Sakura restaurant. You're a chef? Quick, what do you think about the Food Wars anime? Bruh, that show introduced me to the term "umami". The slow-cooking bone broth sounds really tasty... I'll have you know... I like to live *dangerously*. I'll try every sushi at a sushi buffet.
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