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  1. @Snyder I don't think it has been turned into anime yet. But you can read it's manga online. It's pretty amazing! @Trooper19 Fairy Tail is a pretty good anime and won't let you down. As you go down the lane with their stories and new arc developments, I hope you'll fall in love with the characters and especially how strong their bonds are. But I'd advise you to complete Naruto Shippuden and Boruto first if you've only finished naruto. They are amazing but the 500-long episode could bore you at some episodes so it's better to skip those parts but do watch them first before starting a new anime.
  2. Hello everyone!! I'm Missdarkcatgirl, fellow anime fan, an otaku, a webtoon lover and a simp for Haikyuu boys. I also love listening to openings songs. Favourite is: Goya no Machiawase and Kyouran Hey Kids!! Also an avid fanfic reader so if you have any fanfics for me, throw it to me! I love to draw and sketch anime characters but haven't joined Digital art yet. If anyone can teach me that would be great too! I really wanted to talk to other people about anime since all of the anime watchers I know don't talk much about it. Favourite ships are Izuku x Uraraka and Jiwon x Dong-gyun. I love reading mangas. Favourite is: L-DK. I also listen to nightcores too, tried making them myself but they're bad. Favourite webtoon: My dear cold blooded king, let's play, sub zero and Midnight poppylan. K-POP is a go to but I've been entering the world of J-pop too. Only watched 135 animes till now. I'm currently a writer on Wattpad, though I'm on the brink of changing my user ID. And I'm also a BL fan, so dear fujoshis, rejoice! You have a new member. Arigatou gozaimasu! Yorushiko onegaishimasu.
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