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  1. I'm currently watching black clover and other 16 anime airing well most fo them are not. just let me show the list <33
  2. Hey guys can u recommend me some manga like brutal a detective who kills criminals and not putting them in law. Thanks in advance!! Here's the cover of Brutal
  3. First of all Spongebob Courage the cowardly dog The regular show The simpsons The family guy Fish and hooks Phineas and ferb The world of gumball Adventure time Rick and Morty Teen titans Teenage mutant ninja turtle Ben 10 We bare bears Mickey mouse Tom and jerry Mr. Bean Winnie the Pooh And 99 others
  4. I guess we have the same taste in anime too.
  5. I watched gaming channels like markiplier and corykenshin. I'm also into anime edits channels and of course music.
  6. The recent movie that I've watched is the conjuring 3 a.k.a conjuring: the devil made me do it. This movie becomes a popular horror in cinema. It was released last month so it was new. This story is also based on real life. This movie is really promising. Many ppl scared of this but it wasn't really lol Yeah I also liked it and the brutality was good it seems real.
  7. Oh my so you already watched the series if you do I have an advice: ❶Made in Abyss: Journeys dawn - compilation film recapping the first half of anime series. ❷Made in Abyss: wandering twilight - Compilation film recapping the second half of anime series. The last one ❸Made in Abyss: Dawn of the deep soul This was the continuation of the last series. I highly suggest that you must proceed to the 3rd movie☃ Have a great day!!
  8. I think it's best for you if you watch some anime that probably fewer episodes because you still new right? Anyways then after that, if you think you can handle many episodes then why don't you try it. I suggest you to watch a light anime first: demon slayer, death parade, that time I got reincarnated as a slime. If you want some more message me and I'll be there☃
  9. Oh my this anime makes me cry a lot every episodes I think? Lol. I love violet she's also my comfort character. I don't how to put it in words all I have to say this was a masterpiece. If I were in shoes, I don't know what will I do because she has a strong mentality that I could not possibly have.
  10. The case study of vanitas the episode 1 is already coming out then the popular anime Tokyo revengers and To your eternity.
  11. Save your tears - The Weeknd - the song is kinda sad but lovely☂ https://youtu.be/fkXCAKgqD3M Let me know your opinions♪
  12. I will only open for someone who are also related to anime. It's okay to embrace how much you love the anime just don't oppress what they say. What matters the most is that you enjoy it.
  13. Oh congrats on finishing the s1 of Moriarty the Patriot, now proceed to the s2 It has many shocking surprises, I hope I'm not being overreacted. If you want some recommendation that has a mystery genre try death parade and monster.
  14. Lol I think it takes years before the anime was finished and I'm glad because I just finished the fish-man Island arc and gotta ready for the new arc.
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