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  1. Thank you. I do apologize for needing to ask and appreciate the list, that's more like it. These sound like a lot of fun, I guess I'll be posting about them soon. I do need to watch Brotherhood because I've seen Fullmetal Alchemist only and heard there's a big difference.
  2. It never fails that I end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll overhear a secret or gossip and accidentally get in the middle when it's noticed and I get told to keep my mouth shut. Twice I had to look like a desperate tattletale to save someone else the grief of a bully, becoming the bullies new target. Some kind of bad mojo.
  3. I don't know you but I like your gif avi.
  4. First job - Fast food Current job- Retail dream job - Working with animals Fav food- Chicken salad sandwiches Fav dog- All of them! Fav candy- Not much into sweets, sorry. Fav ice cream - Caramel popsicles Fav vehicle color- Red or Blue Fav holiday - Halloween, I like the B movies and costumes. Day if the week- Friday Tats- None Like to cook- What a coincidence! Cooking is a new hobby I picked up at the start of the year. Drive stick- Yes Like veg - Yes but NEVER raw. Wear glasses - No Fav season- Winter Adding - I don't have any special skills. My drawing looks like a toddler who'd never seen a pencil before did it. I can't play any instruments. I do physical activities because they seem to be the only things I'm good at. Well, cooking looks promising. Exploring old buildings is fun. I like to get permission first. It's probably dumb to say but old buildings have surprising history, it's sad to see them forgotten about.
  5. Not much, I try to be optimistic about most mundane stuff. Chores = a good workout or work = a new pair of shoes and a good stereo system. Doing public speeches makes me overthink, I hate it. I've been in charge of staff briefings at work for two weeks and the attitude you can get in return bites.
  6. Maybe a pat on the head if that will do.
  7. The mall with friends or the movie theater. Since Covid-19, that hasn't happened in a while. Friends can get restless and ask if I want to go somewhere but I'm still maintaining distance from groups of people. Last month I was at an arcade and had a Covid scare a few days later. I've been skating in parking lots at night but only ones that are out for lease and don't see a lot of foot traffic. Open areas that don't see many people around. Stuff like that. Apart from that, I've gotten into Haiku writing and cooking Louisiana cuisine.
  8. Getting into Tokyo Revengers at the moment.
  9. A Falling In Reverse skateboard deck that features Revamped artwork and a pair of wireless JBL headphones.
  10. A little of this and that but mostly homesick. If learning to cook is anything interesting? Haven't burned down the house so that's a good thing, right?
  11. I'm almost done with the first season and will follow it with the movie. The visuals are gorgeous, especially the attack forms. Zenitsu is my favorite character so far and I'm interested to see more about Genya and the Hashira.
  12. Almost done with Iron Fist season 2. Think I'll try out the Witcher next.
  13. Kit

    Hiding Anime

    No one around me really asks and they haven't said anything weird or negative when I post about a show that I might find interesting. My sis is crazy into it. Some of my friends like anime but they're not as invested. They can't remember characters names half the time.
  14. Looking for recommendations if you please. My anime knowledge is a little on the thin side. I've only recently began watching. I'm not picky, throw me anything you'd like but I think I'd prefer if the episodes didn't reach 70+ or the likes. Not unless you think it would be rewarding.
  15. Newish to watching anime, I've got a sibling that introduced me to it. As of now I'm watching Tokyo Revengers, episode 3. Didn't know what to expect but I'm glued to the story now. So far so good.
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