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  1. Wilson will float away to save itself from being marooned with me. XD
  2. Finishing school for Business. Almost ready to co-sign on a building. Meeting a friend in the Spring. Learning how to surf. XD
  3. No time for peace and quiet in there? Being left alone with my thoughts for a day would be a miracle. Manager life. Lol
  4. First time watching Hellboy with Ron Perlman. I don't think I'll watch the Shape of Water ever again. What was going on in that! Did research online and came across an article about the world of Hellboy. No canon connection but still interesting.
  5. Embarrassed about my online ramblings and appalling typos. Never mix creating a comment in loud, distracting environments. Productive day, nothing new going on. Relishing the quiet for once.
  6. Kit


    Lowkey hate the theater. Too many people talk at them or bring a screaming kid. Worse when the person next to you keeps ordering food and crunches through the movie.
  7. Unexpected events kept me from making a mistake brought by low self esteem from depression and anxiety. I'm happy last week wasn't a dream.
  8. I've never seen this anime but it's the feeling that counts? XD thanks:)
  9. You and a friend from work built me up to it. XD thanks for everything. This is a turn in my life as lame as that sounds.
  10. Finally got the nerve and she said yes
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