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  1. I feel like a man baby for complaining about my mood when everyone is overworked and stressed. Hitting the slow season atm but I know when life picks up and I wouldn't wish that stress on anyone. Take care and catch a breather.
  2. The only time the cold doesn't get me down is when I can play in it. XD Skiing or boarding.
  3. Going on vacation this season in Quebec to try out a new board on the powder.
  4. Top gun flashback for the new movie.
  5. Always looking on the brightside XD Saw The Northman big wth lol
  6. True but it's shorter when your fails flash before you in 4k. XD It's going to be awkward if she says no rol!
  7. Proof that I don't know anything about technology. XD
  8. Madly, deeply in the big L word. Wishing I had the guts to ask.
  9. Iceland Italy France Madrid
  10. Thank you :) I didn't know that. XD
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