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  1. It's like I've know you a lifetime Kre, thanks for putting up with me. XD Your open mindedness and understanding is more than I could ever ask for big sis.
  2. Today I learned what a tsundere is, thanks google.
  3. One of my problems is wanting to settle down. Did not expect to be feeling this way at least not until much later. XD I still talk to my closest friends but when I went to university outside of the city we drifted apart. Came back to finish school closer to home but I can't shake the homesickness. Thanks man, anime forums might be a small website but the users are open and genuine.
  4. Ever since my early 20's I've had seasonal depression. Not every year. I don't know how anyone lives alone and doesn't crack. Moving from a roommate's was the worst decision of my life.
  5. Thanks for all of the recommendations. Coming to an end on Fullmetal: Brotherhood, it was good I loved it more than Fullmetal but they both have positives over the other. The voice acting in Fullmetal over Brotherhood and I don't know why but I like the animation in Fullmetal better. I'll probably try Steins Gate next. I don't have a favorite character but I do respect that Draken was one of the ones that commanded any sense. I didn't like how easily Takemichi was folded into the group. He came between the friends when they had known each other longer and had been through more stuff together. Draken couldn't settle Mikey down but Takemichi could? I saw no resemblance between Takemichi and Mikey's brother. They should show the connection in season 2.
  6. When I was little I wanted to be a vet and foxes were my favorite animal. As it was a childhood dream I went with Kit to relate my early youth to it.
  7. 26 Anime newbie here, working it into life. I can see why it can be addicting. lol
  8. Give thanks to the pto lords so that I may have also have vacation for Christmas. In other news, spending thanksgiving with family out of town. You guys do the full deal? Turkey and reliving the family photo album? My uncle on my mother's knows how to tell a good story gonna be sad that he can't make it this time.
  9. I hear people say that the animation quality and story in TR is bad but I don't have much experience in watching anime to compare it like that. Never heard of Steins Gate but if it's like Dr. Stone I should like it. tbh I'll be open to anything to build up a clear picture of what my interests in anime would be. I was thinking of Jojo's too because it's a big meme that's everywhere but looks like a good time.
  10. Is your profile cover pic from Wolf's Rain? :)

    1. EnviousEnvy


      Yes it is! One of my favorite anime series!

    2. Kit


      I watched it not that long ago and agree it's one of my favorites too. Cool to know that we can put gif's for our cover I didn't know that was something we could do.

  11. Man I've been hearing all kinds about Star on Youtube and can't wait to see how they animate that. Is Jjk a good manga? I've never read manga before but I've been thinking about jjk and Tokyo Ghoul. I tried getting into manga in the past reading it backwards and slant on page sucked the fun out of it. That was back when my attention span didn't hold up
  12. Shakespearean? Oh snap, I've never thought of it like that. Kind of like west side story too. Did you just diss Mikey like that? It was hard for me not to like the characters as they all had something in their lives that was cause and effect to how their attitudes were. Chifuyu was a real bro though I liked him. Yea it can get dumb at times but i'm not much of an anime expert to put it against quality or anything. I liked it but I'm trying to sort out what my tastes in anime are while I'm watching some of these shows.
  13. To answer your questions Leave my noodle fingers out of this. Paint style? Something with less clean lines? LOL guess that was a no brainer on my part. Wishing I could do cleaner lines but i haven't tried not doing them. Do I make any sense? nope! Finally got some good luck headed our way. We packed yesterday to visit family for the holidays. This will be my second time flying and I prefer being on solid ground. The price for family- Dom voice. LOL I've never had coffee before, don't plan to. you took the coffee machine apart?
  14. Heck yea brother "Pretty sure it’s Rei from Evangelion." This anime comes up a lot in conversation as a must see. Need to watch but there's different versions or something. I might need to put in research on that.
    liked it way to go
  15. Don't know where the character is from but yes, she looks nice and chill
  16. Is it just me or is replying to a status post not working? It says saving but I need to leave the page and come back to see if it posted.

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    2. Kit


      Maybe they will fix it in the next update?

      xD How many letters is this secret password? Person, place or thing?

    3. Ohayotaku
    4. Kit
  17. What do you think about Tokyo Revengers? Watching Tokyo Ghoul, it's crazy good that opening music man.
  18. There's not enough dexterity in my fingers to learn skills like that. My hands shake too much. At one time I had a interest in painting but lines were a problem for me and I can't diy for shit. That's nice of you to do for your family, how come your plans got ruined? Man nothing like being alone on the holidays they been giving me depression lately. "I don't know how I keep getting coffee machines but I keep getting coffee machines" rol what do you drink coffee at least lool
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