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  1. Why I feel called out. XD


  2. Is this a good anime? I've been curious.
  3. A most excellent day so far.
  4. I have no problem with text conversation but enjoy voice chat and all in one apps. Speaking makes me feel more comfortable. I like the feeling of getting to know someone in their own skin off that makes sense. I'm a better conversationalist this way too, it's weird to express myself with text all the time. It's a better experience to share emotions and thoughts that don't get lost by interpretation of the reader. Technology has changed how we communicate. Forums have their place too, it's a 50/50 for me. XD
  5. Bean, cheese and egg breakfast taco and coffee.
  6. The Outsider written by Stephen King.
  7. New hobbies, learning new skills. Had a good week that ended with fireworks. Metaphorically. It's all good.
  8. Sausage breakfast biscuit and orange juice.
  9. On episode 200 of Bleach. XD
  10. The new Dexter that I didn't know happened. XD
  11. Ever done urban exploring? I feel a little stupid doing it at my age but I like old buildings and seeing what's been trapped in time. No ghosts either.lol Don't make me say it it's embarrassing. XD
  12. Did you guys do any adventuring where you lived? My friends and I would hop on a train that ran through the city to get around faster. Looking back it probably wasn't a safe move. XD We would bring a radio player onto the court. Do kids play outside these days? I never noticed.
  13. Same but it was basketball. From after lunch to sundown.
  14. Brushing up on my Latin for these psychology tests I'm doing for class.
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