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  1. Hope everyone is doing well. I just got over Covid-19. Was sick for like a week. 

    *disappears into the abyss again*

  2. My favorite part is in ep 2 when Yukimura-kun questions how Himuro's hair moves I love her hair moving!
  3. Yeah their interactions are fantastic! Kotoko is fantastic too!
  4. Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It It is widely believed that science can provide rational explanations for the countless phenomena of our universe. However, there are many aspects of our existence that science has not yet found a solution to and cannot decipher with numbers. The most notorious of these is the concept of love. While it may seem impossible to apply scientific theory to such an intricate and complex emotion, a daring pair of quick-witted Saitama University scientists aim to take on the challenge. One day the bold and beautiful Ayame Himuro outwardly declares that she is in love with Shinya Yukimura, her fellow logical and level-headed scientist. Acknowledging his own lack of experience with romance, Yukimura questions what factors constitute love in the first place and whether he is in love with Himuro or not. Both clueless in the dealings of love, the pair begin to conduct detailed experiments on one another to test the human characteristics that indicate love and discern whether they demonstrate these traits towards each other. As Himuro and Yukimura begin their intimate analysis, can the two scientists successfully apply scientific theory, with the help of their friends, to quantify the feelings they express for one another? Anime of the season right here. Every episode so far has been filled with cuteness and comedy and I JUST FREAKING LOVE IT!!
  5. In/Spectre At the young age of 11, Kotoko Iwanaga was abducted by youkai for two weeks and asked to become their "God of Wisdom," a mediator between the spirit and human worlds, to which the girl quickly agreed but at the cost of her right eye and left leg. Now, six years later, whenever youkai wish for their problems to be solved, they make their way to Kotoko for consultation. Meanwhile, Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22-year-old university student, has just broken up with his girlfriend after he fled alone when the two encountered a kappa. Seeing this as her chance to become closer with him, Kotoko immediately makes her move, hoping to get married to Kurou one day. However, she quickly realizes there is something more to Kurou. With this knowledge, she asks for his help in solving the various issues presented by the supernatural, all the while wishing her newfound partner will eventually reciprocate her feelings. In/Spectre is a somewhat dark but fantastic anime airing this season. I'm highly enjoying it (with the exception of the beginning of ep 3 which nearly made me sick)
  6. Hope y'all are having a good year so far! I'm working full time now. 
    I've been playing Tales of Vesperia, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Fire Emblem Warriors, Pokemon Sword, Trails of Cold Steel II and Link's Awakening. All great games. 

    1. Yuuki_Radosian


      Been doing much better than before, hope you're enjoying the job and Tales of Zestiria is now one of my favorite games of all time. Still busy with Berseria and Versperia.

    2. Ryuji


      I've missed you! Glad to hear you're doing better!

    3. Yuuki_Radosian


      It has certainly been a long time. I missed you as well, how are things going your side?

      I'm still trying to get out of my country (there's not much here in the ways of work and moving forward in life).

  7. So the other day I won a steam copy of Digimon Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition! I'm loving it so far!

  8. I just completed my first manga. ReLIFE. All 222 chapters. I love it! Highly recommended!

    1. Shiroe


      I remember watching that one from a few years ago. Did the side characters get more development in the manga?

      Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. Ryuji


      Haven't watched the anime yet so I can't compare but the manga did have a lot of development for all the characters.

    3. Ohayotaku


      Liked the anime (especially the OVA follow up episodes).

  9. Hey there Ryuji how have you been doing. 

    1. Ryuji


      I'm alright I guess. Still alive. 

      Hope you've been well. 

    2. Geano


      Thats always a plus. Anything new going on in your world.

    3. Ryuji


      I'm studying to be an Electrician. 

  10. I got Ori and the Blind Forest on the Switch. I love it!

  11. I'm her "former lil bro" and I do not appreciate being called evil when she's the one who is evil.
  12. Why you look at my profile is beyond me. You know who you are. You know I'm not having anything to do with you. I'm content with leaving you alone.

  13. At 74 hours and 45 minutes, I'm finished with Hollow Knight! It was such a grand journey! Ended with 104% game completion (out of 112%) It was truly a memorable experience and I highly recommend this $15 game.

    1. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      That looks really cool, and they have it for PS4! I might have to get that soon, thanks for the recommendation. 

    2. Ryuji


      Awesome! I hope you enjoy it!....and prepare yourself, it's really difficult xD

  14. I love Hollow Knight but White Palace sucks the soul right out of me.

  15. Hey Banri!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ryuji


      Good to see you here. Are you enjoying AF?

    3. Zen Wistaria

      Zen Wistaria

      You too, life here at AF is amazing and I'm truly happy here, how are you?

    4. Ryuji


      That's awesome! Glad you're enjoying this place. It holds many memories for me.
      I'm doing well thanks.


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