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    1. brycec


      I kind of wish you provided the link. The Railgun portion has me excited, so I’ll go look around, but hearing that A Certain Scientific Accelerator is getting an adaptation makes me want to face palm. I might like Accelerator, but A Certain Scientific Accelerator was not really that great.

  2. Ugh....why isn't it November yet?!?

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    2. Ryuji


      Yeah, doing that only makes things worse because I neglect everything when I do that. University is too expensive to neglect.

    3. brycec


      I see. Of course, part of the fun of college life is doing fun things.

      What are you majoring in?

    4. Ryuji


      Computer Science

  3. 30 days until November. Hurry it up xD

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    2. Nono


      That's sad to hear, but I hope you aren't subconsciously "making" it a bad month because of something that happened in the past.

    3. Wedgy


      I understand that, @Ryuji. Likewise that month for me is September. This too shall pass. Try to keep yourself busy so you don't have to think about things too much. Take care. You know how to reach me if you wanna chat. 

    4. Ryuji


      @Nono I probably am subconsciously making it a bad month. Nine times out of ten when something bad is going to occur, it occurs in October. I have numerous examples.....


      @Wedgy I appreciate it. My major is keeping me pretty busy but it's not always enough to completely distract me.


  4. Ryuji

    Tolkien's Middle Earth - Level 1

    I'd just like to point out that the line you have for Boromir is NOT what he's saying in that picture. Sure what you used is a famous quote from him but that's not the hand gesture he makes when he says it. Other than that, a pretty decent quiz and I hope you make some harder ones for Middle Earth.
  5. Congrats on getting 80% on my Pokemon Quiz! You are #1! You're obviously extremely knowledgeable about Pokemon!

    I'm curious which two questions tripped you up.

    1. Roxeg


      Thanks, @Ryuji
      Those two questions were the island guardian, and whether Manaphy could breed or not.

  6. Hay there Ryuji how are you. Hows things been.

    1. Ryuji


      Hey! Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I'm doing pretty well thanks. Things are getting better for me! How are you?

    2. ArchieKun


      No worries we all have lives too. I have been on here pretty much non stop. At least when I am at my computer.

  7. Ryu is feeling awful. He thinks he's getting really sick.

    1. Ryuji


      Feeling somewhat better now.

      Guess I just needed to spend some time in the darkness of my room.

    2. XII360


      well that's good to know, after all being sick is, well, clearly not good >.>

  8. Ryuji

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Yeah....Bravely Default and Bravely Second are two of my all time favorite games.....I only play with the Japanese voices. This being said, since you hate BD, never play Octopath Traveler. It's made by the same team who made Bravely Default/Second. Apparently y'all didn't make it to chapters 5-8 xP That's where most of the complaints come in....for good reason....I still love it and Bravely Second was fantastic in my eyes. As far as I'm concerned, Octopath Traveler is a masterpiece. I'm 60 hours in and while it does have some flaws and some things it probably should have done better, I still love it. I'm still working my way through the 8 paths in Octopath Traveler. As of today, I've finished 2/8. (I've done all 8 chapter 1's,2's etc.)
  9. Ryuji

    Fairytail season 3 ships Canon?

    So I dropped FT after ep 175 but I still feel the need to come here and say NALI OR NOTHING xP There were five things that made me drop Fairy Tail. 1) Lucy Heartfilia 2) Lucy Heartfilia 3) Lucy Heartfilia 4) Lucy Heartfilia 5) I didn't like the design changes after ep 175. Also, Lisanna is best girl xP So obviously Natsu x Lisanna My other ships are conflicted. I want to ship Gray with Ultear and Erza I want to ship Erza with Gray and Jellal xP I ship Levi x Gajeel 100% Mirajane x nobody because Mirajane is badass and doesn't need a man Never decided who to ship Meredy with. She's freaking adorable.
  10. Ryuji

    New Anime Character Personality Images

    Unfortunately we can only choose 1 and there are too many that are super cute to choose from xP Kinda have to go with my beloved Taiga though.
  11. So I have a Switch and I've thought about getting this when it comes out:


    1. Optic


      It certainly looks cute for a side scroller. I still haven't started Cyberdimension Neptunia yet... 😓

    2. Ryuji


      It's not cute at all. It's beautiful.

      I assume you haven't started it because of your work schedule. Of course you don't seem to be into HDN as much as you used to be. Maybe it's just my imagination.

      I love the music in the trailer.


    3. Armada


      Love the music!

  12. I'll have you know I chose the harem route
  13. This is officially the most stressful thread on AF. I CAN'T choose. If I chose, I'd hurt some of my waifu's feelings and we can't have that. Shame on you for trying to make me choose. xP
  14. You're still the reigning champion on my Pokemon Quiz xD

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    2. Ryuji


      Well...you've officially been passed for the Pokemon Quiz. Roxeg got 80% on it!

    3. Wedgy


      Wooohooo!! @Roxeg you magnificent man!!

    4. Roxeg


      Hehehehehe, I know things.

  15. Hay there how are you doing tonight. Read any good VNs lately.

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    2. ArchieKun


      ah understandable what are you going to school for.

    3. Ryuji


      Computer Science. A very demanding program.

    4. ArchieKun


      Ya I bet I know a bit about computer science its a fun one. Though I am here a lot of homework.

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