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  1. Call me behind, but I decided to finally ready my copy of A Certain Magical Index's manga. First volume. Seems like a good story so far, but I've learned the manga skips some story arcs entirely, while the anime at least covers them. But I've been wondering; of the arcsthe manga DOES cover, did it adapt them better or worse than the anime? And could I read them and simply read the light novels of the skipped arcs? Kinda don't have the patience I used to to read books, or at the very least, I didn't.
  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  3. happy birthday ^w^

  4. I'm still of the stance that anime is literally a description for "cartoons made in Japan." And look at the above post. So unfortunately, like it or not, in Japan, stuff like Sausage Party of all things can be called "anime" and nobody would bat an eye.
  5. SurrealBrain


    I've never smoked, and I'm scared to. Part of it is that I know it'll kill me, but another part of is that I'm scared that if I try it once, I'll get addicted and never stop.
  6. How has life been treating you today?

  7. You're welcome. And it's back to normal on my end. Thank you! If anyone else is having the issue, don't hesitate to mention it!
  8. It seems the Amitie image link is broken. I'll post the image in case you're in need of a new copy.
  9. Of course. I've thought about watching Kill La Kill more than once, and I like to think the hype's died down enough, but I still worry. Doesn't help that the DVDs aren't cheap, either.
  10. I'm only starting to feel comfortable around the word "waifu" again. There's still a lot of apprehension on my part, however.

    1. SurrealBrain


      An incident made me turned off from the mere mention of the word. I went from proudly calling Amitie my "waifu" to refusing to call her such because I felt like I'd be insulting her doing so. I still adore her, but as you can see, that's exactly why I stopped. I still kinda feel like calling her my waifu is more insulting her than anything.

  11. I hate the Pokemon anime, at least after the first couple of arcs; personally, I view the animation these days to be shoddy, and the storytelling shit. Though I admit, I haven't watched any of the X & Y episodes, and I'm hearing some say it's improved, though some others say not so much...but quite frankly, even if the former were true, I've been so thourougly burned off the anime for years that as far as I'm concerned, it's too little, too late. But many still find enjoyment out of it, and I respect that. Likewise, I loved Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, mainly
  12. I'll admit, if anuthing, anime or otherwise, is hyped, I'll have my doubts. A bunch of games were hyped up immensely, only to be disappointments. I tend to just ignore hype, especially these days when I've been burned one too many times by those I once admired.
  13. I'll assume you mean our avatars? 7/10. Looks good enough, though it's a tad grainy.
  14. Been pre-ordering from RightStuf lately. I would pre-order from Amazon if not for one moment of a screw up combined with my brother's horror story regarding a particularly bad screw-up, in which they cancelled an order, meant to be a Christmas present for our other brother, without even bothering to ask about it. It was a limited edition item, too. Basically, they assumed he got the order wrong (since he had his own copy), so they cancelled it. Since it was limited edition, it completely ruined my brother's idea for a Christmas present, since by the time he'd be able to fix it, it'd be do
  15. I have the PS4 version. Sadly, it's one of those games in my ever increasing backlog. Hopefully I can get to it at some point.
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