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  1. Only nine episodes of Fairy Tail left. It’s almost over and i hope they make a possible spin off in the future. Maybe call it “The Adventures of Natsu and Happy”.

    1. Muco


      What about the 100 years quest arc? 

      Afaik, it's a continuation of fairy tail but whether they will make it into an anime is still not clear.

  2. I see this points feature on here. Not sure what they're for though. 

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      You can exchange them for souls at the cryptkeeper.


      Or buy certain things at the shop


    2. Seshi


      Well now I think we need a cryptkeeper shop item >_>

      Shop items are fun and useful ways to spend your points, but you can also exchange them for other services between members. The art section is a place where members can view each others work and exchange art requests. You can also spend them in the Lottery here for the chance to win the Jackpot this fall!

  3. For some reason I have this fear of working in a workplace again. I feel uncomfortable with it. I’m such a slow learner and makes everything difficult. 

    1. Wedgy


      Everyone learns at their own pace. It may help if you can find a position which puts your strengths to use foremost, then slowly step out of your comfort zone as you gain more confidence in it. You can do it

  4. Might watch the fireworks later tonight at the city’s waterfront. I hope i’m not tired by then. 

    1. Seshi


      Enjoy, I love getting to go out this time of year. Fireworks are always so nice. Growing up it was a special time for me. Now I want to share it with my little girl :)

  5. Any of you like Natsu too? I sure do! 

  6. A long weekend due to Canada Day happening on Monday. Might go watch the fireworks.

    1. LonelyPoet


      Also eat pancakes and syrup. 

  7. Halo Infinite on the Xbox Scarlet will be great i at least hope it is. 

  8. Still haven’t sent an email to the admin at my old forum to “unlock” my account. Not sure what to say to him, it’s very anxiety inducing.

  9. I’ve signed in normally, not anonymously. Hiya!

  10. I think i’m more of a casual fan of anime. I don’t watch much TV but I do enjoy anime from time to time. I really like Fairy Tail though.

    1. Musuko


      You know what, that's fine. Watching anime shouldn't be a contest to see who can watch more anime or see who has better "taste" in anime. If you enjoy the anime that you do watch, then you're watching anime right.

  11. Probably listened to many paranormal stories on YouTube, I think some are exaggerated or the person may have seen something that was never there to begin with. Could be many different things that caused it like mental illness or lack of sleep. Interesting subject. 

  12. It’s almost officially summer. Not really looking forward to it honestly, I don’t mind summer but I like winter or mid to late fall. 

  13. Thought of writing to the administrator at my old forum. To get my account “unlocked” hopefully he’ll listen. I miss the place. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. brycec


      Oh, I see, so it is more along the lines of another member we had here who was banned so they could cool off.

    3. Tefutakato


      @brycec Pretty much. I even read that some of the banned came back and later became moderators. 

    4. brycec


      That's interesting. Hopefully, things can go just as well for you, if you decide to petition the admin to reinstate your access.

  14. I'm sad that Fairy Tail will be ending soon, I loved the anime and i have to say i watched every episode.  

  15. Don’t really visit here often anymore. Reminds me too much of how my old forum was setup. 

    1. brycec


      That's too bad, but understandable. Hope you are doing well.

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