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  1. Favourite Band/Singer/Musician?

    Currently my list of favourite bands/singers. Linkin Park Thousand Foot Krutch Evanescence Dead By Sunrise Maroon 5 BackStreet Boys (because why not?) Chris Tomlin FM Static Pretty much it, in terms of my favourite bands/singers. I listen to these artist often i’ve only seen two of them in person though. One very recently actually. Both were great concerts.
  2. Hey it's Guts

    Welcome to AF. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. Wish I could see the recent Free! movie. I do like the anime it’s alright.

  4. Sometimes you can’t help but just think maybe I could’ve done better at this or that. We all have something we need to improve on. 

    1. Wodahs


      but if you had done this or that then you may not have turned out who you are now ! This may have made your circumstances better but may have ended up worse as well

    2. Optic


      Better to give it a go than not act at all. Then you can always refine later based on the result.

  5. Come to think of it I never really say much here. I’m mostly on the MAL forum. But this place is okay too. 

  6. It's almost my birthday. I'm sure that I'll get a wonderful gift as well. ^_^ 

  7. What's your current/favorite game?

    Can't really say what my favorite game is, but nowadays i play stuff like FPS, action/adventure and platformers. Really enjoy the Arkham games and Call of Duty. Don't play games for competition just for fun mostly.
  8. Someone thought it was unique for a guy to like Free! so much. I mean you don't see that everyday. Free is a great anime! 

    1. Muco


      I like Free! as well, seen both seasons along with the special episode + movie. (o^.^o) 

      Only have to watch the movies that's been released last year + the special "Take your Marks". 


    2. Tefutakato


      @Muco I've never seen the movie myself. Or the two ova.

    3. Muco


      I highly recommend the movie, though the ova is sheer fanservice but fun to watch if you don't mind water gun fights.

  9. hey im new also!

    Heya. Welcome to AF. Nice to meet you, i'm Tefutakato or Tef for short. Hope you're having a good time here.
  10. My page is looking good. 

  11. Good morning my fellow otakus. :) 

    1. TyCoya


      Morning :)

    2. OraOraOuroboros


      good morning!

  12. Awesome, i'm having nachos for dinner today! Love the nacho cheese! 

    1. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      My sisters and I were just talking about how we loved going to Fuddruckers growing up, because you can get unlimited cheese, and you don't even have to ask the staff to get it for you, they have a dispensing machine so you can get it yourself. Long live cheese.

  13. Love the new look the forum has. Thanks @Optic

    1. Optic


      Thanks! I'm happy you love it. :)

  14. What anime are you watching now?

    Currently watching D-Frag and Ultimate Otaku Teacher. I'm almost done both, i like both of them. D-Frag is funny and a bit weird too. Ultimate Otaku Teacher is a underrated anime, i love it though.
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