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  1. Well I’m again talking medicine for mental health issues. Hopefully it’ll help.

  2. I have this feeling like something is seriously wrong with me. But I don’t understand what it may be. It’s a thought I get from time to time. 

  3. Have both a dentist and doctor’s appointment on Monday. Been awhile since i went to the dentist. Doctor’s visit is for my blood pressure. It’s going to be a busy Monday.

    1. Seshi


      I can tell you're looking forward to that :P

      I really want to go to the dentist soon. Need a cleaning. I'll probably go in Feb...

  4. I see you like Natsu. He’s definitely one of my favourite anime characters. Natsu for the win!

    1. Lelouch


      Yes indeed 

  5. How is everyone doing today? 

  6. Apparently I received a trophy here, I looked on the page nothing there. Huh...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Seshi


      Hey Tefutakato, there was a problem with a parameter that I had set for the AF Guardian Trophy. If anyone got that, it was not supposed to be awarded, so I revoked them. Sorry! I hope the rest of the process goes more smoothly for everyone.

    3. Tefutakato


      @Seshi Thanks for the explanation. Was a little confused.  

    4. Seshi


      Thanks for bringing it up. I updated the forum with a note about it in our community news section

  7. Thought about recently visiting the doctor for mental health. Not sure though. I have been off medication for about a year or so. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tefutakato


      @Illusion of Terra Just was thinking about some things. These days I can’t help but think why I even bother sometimes sticking around others when I could easily be in solitude forever. I’m afraid for people to become close to me. Had other thoughts last night about me not deserving companions. 

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      That's a tough one. Initially I would have said something like talking to someone you know well, but in your case that kinda seems to be the problem in the first place.
      Maybe tackling one thing after the other might help? Why exactly are you afraid about people becoming close to you?

    4. Tefutakato


      @Illusion of Terra Sounds like a plan. As for the second it's just that i have some trust issues. 

  8. I have exactly 555 points. What an odd number. 

    1. Seshi


      You’re an odd number 🤣🤣

      Thats one for every salamander you have on your profile 

    2. Tefutakato


      @Seshi Atleast someone likes my math joke. lol 

  9. I have no idea why I still visit here, I rarely say anything. Maybe it’s just anxiety. 

    1. Xyro


      Stay or go, we can never truly leave....

  10. Only nine episodes of Fairy Tail left. It’s almost over and i hope they make a possible spin off in the future. Maybe call it “The Adventures of Natsu and Happy”.

    1. Muco


      What about the 100 years quest arc? 

      Afaik, it's a continuation of fairy tail but whether they will make it into an anime is still not clear.

  11. I see this points feature on here. Not sure what they're for though. 

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      You can exchange them for souls at the cryptkeeper.


      Or buy certain things at the shop


    2. Seshi


      Well now I think we need a cryptkeeper shop item >_>

      Shop items are fun and useful ways to spend your points, but you can also exchange them for other services between members. The art section is a place where members can view each others work and exchange art requests. You can also spend them in the Lottery here for the chance to win the Jackpot this fall!

  12. For some reason I have this fear of working in a workplace again. I feel uncomfortable with it. I’m such a slow learner and makes everything difficult. 

    1. Wedgy


      Everyone learns at their own pace. It may help if you can find a position which puts your strengths to use foremost, then slowly step out of your comfort zone as you gain more confidence in it. You can do it

  13. Might watch the fireworks later tonight at the city’s waterfront. I hope i’m not tired by then. 

    1. Seshi


      Enjoy, I love getting to go out this time of year. Fireworks are always so nice. Growing up it was a special time for me. Now I want to share it with my little girl :)

  14. Any of you like Natsu too? I sure do! 

  15. A long weekend due to Canada Day happening on Monday. Might go watch the fireworks.

    1. LonelyPoet


      Also eat pancakes and syrup. 

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