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  1. I sometimes get bummed out that I am getting older, 23 years old now and I’m almost to my mid twenties. 

  2. I like survival horror games, I really enjoyed Alien Isolation, RE2 Remake and RE7. I guess I could add Fear 2 Project Origin to the list too but it’s more of an action game. 

    1. IIVIsouljam


      Same! I get kind of a heart pounding rush when I first play them and nothing in gaming can compare to that specific feeling.

  3. I’m glad my job is almost over as I don’t enjoy it. Once my last day comes I’ll sleep all night finally.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tefutakato


      @Illusion of Terra No. I am just going to focus mainly on my education, I thought about getting a job in security as I have my license to be a security guard.

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      education is great. You already have a specific field in mind?

    4. Tefutakato


      @Illusion of Terra Honestly I don’t know what I want to do. There is so many fields and it’s hard to choose.

  4. Seen the Sonic movie on Thursday, I thought it was decent and I enjoyed the post credit scene. I was a Sonic fan back in the day, I don’t really pay attention to much of Sonic nowadays but he still has a place in my mind.

  5. Seen Weathering With You a little while back. I liked it, the imagination it had was interesting and the story of the film was great like Your Name. Essentially these two movies take place in the same universe. 

  6. I really want to have an ice cream cake for my birthday with an anime picture on it. Maybe Natsu and Happy. 

    1. Seshi


      Sounds cute, I bought a special order cake recently for a friends birthday and it only costed arund $40 for the design and all. 

    2. madeyalook


      That sounds yummy but then I wouldn't want to ruin the pic. happy birthday!

    3. Tefutakato


      @madeyalook Appreciate the birthday wish but I don’t have a birthday until the 10th. lol 

  7. Have one more course for school to go. I’ve made some progress in my last class to do. I wish I had finished secondary school a long time ago. 

  8. I consider myself somewhere in the middle, I enjoy causal play of video games and occasionally get competitive when I play online via Xbox Live or PSN whenever I do. Games such as Call of Duty and Halo are games I play for a bit of with competitiveness online but most of the time it’s for fun. I prefer to play games causally honestly, I have a great time playing games on single player if there is one.
  9. I’m doing very good in one of my classes, I just have to finish 6 more lessons in the workbook in order to get my credit. And after that I have to complete my math homework a total of 20 lessons then I graduate. I don’t really understand the material in math but I’m gonna have to learn it regardless. 

  10. Wishing all my fellow AF members a happy New Year and happy New Decade! 🥳

    1. IIVIsouljam


      Same! May you have new adventures both small and grand and filled with memorable, reflective growth. Sending all the best vibes and wishes! ✌️😁

  11. I’ve been a member here for 2 years and will be going to my third year very soon. Time flies by. 

  12. Had a good Christmas. Hope you all had a good Christmas too. :) 

  13. Welcome to AF. Hope you’re enjoying your time here so far, I’m Tefutakato or Teffy for short. Definitely make yourself comfortable here and get to know others if you like. After all we’re all fans of anime and that’s what we’re here for.
  14. I’ve beaten the Arkham games the first two many times. I love them too much! The other games are good too, I just haven’t 100% Arkham Origins and Knight yet.

  15. I had to go to the hospital for a possible infection I had but thank goodness I had none. Instead I was told I had an allergic reaction to something. They gave me Benadryl, IV fluid and the same medication found in epipen. I came home earlier today and I slept after I got back to my dad’s place. I’m taking some Benadryl my dad bought for me recommended by the doctor. It’s temporary though which is nice. I have to see my family doctor soon so I’ll ask if I have to see a specialist, it’s seems like a good possibility. Anyway I feel a lot better after getting medication from the hospital and buying some. 

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