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  1. For those of you who have watched the Attack on Titan anime, or read the manga you can agree with me that the series in its entirety is a masterpiece from start to finish. The show addresses many of the darker themes and aspects of life which are applicable in our world today such as war, bigotry, pain, suffering and other forms of hatred and injustices that are ever-present throughout the story’s continually evolving plot. Although the plot of Attack on Titan may encompass all of these different issues they are all intertwined, and the one crucial similarity among all of these different theme
  2. I think I speak for most people when I say Chainsaw Man is an elite new generation anime, and the manga has been one of the most enjoyable I have ever read. Over the course of two years it has already sold over nine million copies of its manga and with the anime premiering on June 27th it’s popularity will most likely continue to skyrocket. The overall writing and the characters are amazing and albeit you can say that the plot might be somewhat cliche, and how similar the origin story is in the beginning in comparison to other shonen anime, it has its own uniqueness and each of the characters
  3. Okay so I want to address this and see what you guys think. Having seen the first season of Demon Slayer and read all of the volumes for the Chainsaw Man Manga I can confidently say that so far Chainsaw Man has the better characters, and better plot and it’s better written. Demon Slayer is good in it’s own right but even so I just think that Chainsaw man is superior in every aspect but how do you guys feel? Remember this is a debate club so feel free to express your opinions.
  4. @Irsich To be honest it could be about anything. I have a YouTube channel called AnimeCommentary where I review and rate anime, individual characters and I also do versus battles and power scaling on there too so pretty much anything goes in this club too as long as you’re respectful and not toxic when others are stating their opinions in debating you then honestly it could be on anything whether it’s power scaling or whether a show or character is written well or not. @gabe07j I’ll be sure to add you when I can and I hope you guys enjoy the club spread the word.
  5. To anyone who sees this I’m probably going to create an anime power scaling and debate club on here. The rules are we can discuss who would win in certain verses scenarios and we can make it professional and provide general statistics to determine who would win. However in order to join you’ve got to be respectful when it comes to other people present other facts or their own opinions we don’t need any toxicity. So yeah if you want to join just let me know.
  6. So if you guys have ever seen Assassin’s Pride and the Quintessential Quintuplets if some of you are unaware they are both getting second seasons. Assassin’s Pride is getting a second season in 2021 and the Quintuplets get theirs in October 2020. What are your thoughts on both shows how would you rank them and are you excited for a second season. If you haven’t seen them I’d personally recommend watching them because I thought they were pretty good and I feel most people would probably enjoy watching them.
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