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  1. KeyDee

    Who else thinks this is funny?

    I think it's funny, only a bit though. Depending on the situation. (my friend says that is funny)
  2. Steins;Gate 0 Recent Episode Update:

    Oh! Things are happening again!! Will the guy time leap again?

    IDK!!! But things are getting interesting!

    El Psy Congroo

  3. I can use another way though..
  4. Hmm, Ogre Battle 64 looks good. Though I haven't played it, but it looks like Final Fantasy a bit. It seems you are into the fantasy kind of RTS games Awesome..
  5. Hey there whomever you are! I'm KeyDee and I'm a huge gaming addict especially when it comes to RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Games such as Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Cossacks and some more. Though I'm into those game, I'm really curious to games with exception to those franchise mentioned above. So any suggestions?
  6. Thanks for the follow SayuriChan! I promise I'll do good in Unotaku!

    1. SayuriChan


      No problem! I'm sure you will 😊

  7. KeyDee

    To all the ladies.. and some gentleman..

    What's that, desu? I haven't experienced things such as that..
  8. So, the question is, what if something did not happen or something did happen in history. Like, that would clearly change history forever. I'd like you guys to give out your own theories from questions of alternative history from below: 1. What if Pearl Harbor wasn't attacked by the Japanese? 2. What if Hitler didn't get all angry about the bombing of Berlin? So, those two for now. I'm excited to hear on your thoughts about this, also if you're interested in putting an idea into the thread, then you should and we should discuss on how things would go.
  9. KeyDee

    Steins;Gate 0

    Steins;Gate fans already know how this show will end
  10. KeyDee


    Come on man, It isn't that bad. Just go outside breathe deeply and let your body decompose , Just kidding.. I mean, there's much to do in life. It's hard bad it's up to you think what you want to do, something that makes you happy and will make feel satisfied in your life. Don't let the chains restraint whatever you wish for, do what you want. LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE (no not the sun, that would hurt more)..
  11. I'd go back to Ancient Greece and kill Aristotle and Plato and the Atomic Theory wouldn't have to 'hibernate' for hundreds of years, and when I get back here it'll be a whole new and a different future. BUT HEY! That's just a THEORY! an ABSURD THEORY! and CUT!!!
  12. KeyDee

    Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi strikers opinion

    I'll say, based on what I just saw on the video. This game is pretty wicked awesome! Though the graphics are much more cartoon-y compared to that of NUNSR, I must say this game is pretty fun and is a great idea of PVP, especially for the huge fans of the franchise. Still, I expect that future updates of this game would improve the graphics and obviously add more game modes to the game that would be awesome. Like, a boss co-op against a tailed beast, that would be pretty wicked.
  13. I applied as a writer, hope I'll be part of the team
  14. Woah I'm almost finished with Shakugan no Shana! It's so Amazing! :o :o :)  Why you bad bruh?

    1. Optic


      Shana is such a cute tsundere. :) And her voice is in so many other tsundere characters.

    2. bootsies


      I adore Shana!!! She's cute and badass! ^.^


    3. Ryuji


      All 4 seasons? I loved the first three. Season 4 was alright but I felt it was written by someone different.

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