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  1. I drew ayano aishi from yandere simulator ! Hope it looks good! We all know she doesn't want candy, she wants.....SENPAI! Sorry this took me a bit long! Cause i wanted to submit another art. Ok so here it is! this is Shiro from deadman wonderland
  2. Well let's just say your 50% Kuundere and 50% yandere! XD but hey, i love that mixture!
  3. Um...so......idk why i decided to ask this? Lol Just for fun!! Btw, I'm not sure what I am...i guess I'm 5% tsundere and 50% yandere..... Please don't ask me why I'm a Yandere.. So i wanna know what u r!
  4. Um...both are okay for me..! But still i think sub is better! Cause i love Japanese( its Kawaii!) and also sometimes my parents walk in.. then i have to turn the volume to low or just mute it. Ik i can't hear anything but the subtitles are there to help!!
  5. I'm sorry if there's already a topic about it(i didn't copy anyone). Hmm... my color is really ugly i really wanna change it!!. Just kidding! Ok so if i could change my eye color i will change it to light brown! I am not picking any anime color eyes cause they ain't suit me! Btw, tell me your idea for changing your eye color!
  6. Both are delicious! I totally can't choose....... for now i am choosing......PIZZA!! YUM!!
  7. Yay! Let's friends what do you want to chat about?! I think we really good friends!
  8. I hate spiders too!! Ick!! I totally hate them and don't want invite any in my room!!! Ok so these two are my worst fear : spiders and cockroaches! Do any of you hate cockroach? I think u forgot something.....😒.........you are scared of..............FROGS!!!!!🐸🐸🐸🐸
  9. Hmmm......my birthday just past away Btw, my birthdays on 1 april.
  10. Tell me the nameof ur channel!!!!! Anyways i don't have a channel. But i will have one soon! 😊
  11. Um why r u stressed? Btw, i am doing great!
  12. Ohayo ! Have a good a too!
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