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  1. AniMeFReaK

    Wish granted, but...

    Granted, but every single animal insults you so badly you run away crying. I wish I were Draco Malfoy's girlfriend. I know I'm weird, no need to point it out.
  2. AniMeFReaK

    one magical wish -- what would you wish ?!

    That's one wish. I have another wish to choose from, too. I wish to be beautiful- like everyone else.

    Woo hoo! I'm eighteen now, which means I am a fully qualified adult!

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    2. Wedgy


      Happy birthday, don't do anything too crazy.

    3. brycec


      Did Mr Cake level up when you aged? If not, he might have troubles keeping undesirables away.

    4. RyePotatoes


      *eats a piece of Mr. Cake* Omedetou! Happy Biirthdayyyyyyy Pocky <3 Time for the purge. 😛 Just kidding 

  4. AniMeFReaK

    Any good LGBT or Gay anime?

    Love Stage is pretty awesome. It's sort of a romantic comedy.
  5. AniMeFReaK

    what attracts you to anime ? (and or manga)

    One thing: THE ART.
  6. AniMeFReaK

    Kirry back in the house

    @Kohloo I remember spending my days reading your flirty messages on @Frost's profile. It was extremely entertaining. I apologize for being a creep.
  7. AniMeFReaK

    Finish the sentence

    I took down Mountain Olympus using a potato. Sometimes I wonder how _______ and why _______.
  8. AniMeFReaK

    Kirry back in the house

    Yeah, I'm probably forgotten as usual... Remember me? I was the newbie who, er, sort of looked up to you like a senpai?
  9. @Roxeg So... you're not mad at me anymore?
  10. @Roxeg It's more like... no, it is awkward. In my point of view, anyway.
  11. @Roxeg Oh, um, this is a bit awkward. Hi...?
  12. AniMeFReaK

    Do you sleep a lot or very little?

    I am active at night, which I guess makes me nocturnal. I generally sleep for about six to seven hours a day, but sometimes I feel really restless and agitated, so either I don't sleep at all or I cut it down to two to three hours.
  13. AniMeFReaK

    Do you have IRL friends who watch anime?

    Er, yeah, there was a guy who watched anime, but then we sort of fell apart, and later I found out what a two-faced snake he was, so I sort of hate him now. But we were once friends. Also, there's @I.Zara2006.
  14. AniMeFReaK

    Short Manga?

    Ipaasha Suki Ni Naru Made Matte Kazekaze no Hito Utahime
  15. AniMeFReaK

    Help remembering the title of an anime

    Really? Well, what is it?
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