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  1. Hi everybody! I thought of a little game. Each one write a name or picture of a character (or more than one) from anime that is similar in personality or appearance (or both) and can also explain what it resembles. Enjoy!
  2. TheNekoGirl

    How is your Life ???

    Sometimes I think my life is just boring. Nothing significant ever happens, every day is just like the day before. It's as if I'm stuck in an endless loop and nothing progresses. Well, I do enjoy it and interesting things happen to me sometimes, but once I tried to write a diary and just could not because most days I had nothing to tell about it ... Maybe my life is interesting and I'm just used to it?
  3. TheNekoGirl

    Name Pic Profile

    Name: 9 (i like it:)) Image: 7.5 (actually she is kinda cute) Profile: 9 (i really like the cover, its cool)
  4. TheNekoGirl

    What was your first anime ??

    Well, when I was little, I used to see all kinds of anime (I did not even knew what anime was) like Pokemon. But the first anime I think was Attack on titan, in fifth grade only because a friend suggested that I see it, and then I fell in love with the wonderful thing called anime.
  5. TheNekoGirl

    Living with the 'rents.

    I live with my parents (well, I'm only 13 so I dont have so many optionsXD) even though I always wanted to move to an art boarding school, but the studies there are really expensive ... Right now I plan to do a bachelor's degree like everyone else and then go to study in the United States for a master's degree .
  6. TheNekoGirl

    What's you favorite game?

    Well, for now, its league of legends.
  7. 👍

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    2. TheNekoGirl


      Oh i ment, just hey

    3. Nono


      Hey to you😊. How are you liking this forum?

    4. TheNekoGirl


      I really like the forum! Thanks for asking! ^^

  8. Hi everybody I do not really know how the games here are going but I'll try. So what you're supposed to do actually, everyone ranks the user above him by his name, his picture and his profile. for example: * I started the game * User: Name 7 Image 9 Profile 10 You can also explain why. so good luck(?)
  9. I havent seen it or heard about it Attack on titan
  10. If the user above me had a crush on me, i would probably start a talk cause i dont really know him/her
  11. Hey everyone!♡

    My name is Libi

    Im from Israel and im 13 years old

    My dream is to make a lot of friends from the world so I would like to be ur friend, just send me a message!.

    Btw im prety bad in english so im realy sorry if sometimes i get wrong):

    1. Wedgy


      Welcome! :)

    2. Nono


      Hello there NekoGirl. Welcome, and have fun.

  12. TheNekoGirl

    If you were stuck on an island...

    I will bring my leptop to watch tokyo ghoul, my dog fluffy(^^), and probably a cup of tea.
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