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  1. Nothing after I step on one I gove up trying to avoid then ,and I walk like a normal person .
  2. I never walk on cracks. Since I was a kid I would never step on cracks in the street ,and to this day I avoid it as much as possible.
  3. Sometimes it feels good to tell people how your life is . It could be good , bad , terrible or Just ok . Also if any one cares my life is always garbage...
  4. Well hello sobun , how are you doing . I do not think eggs go well with bacon ,but they do go with toast .
  5. Image 9 ( what I would expect from anime forms ) Name 7 ( also what I expect from the anime forms )
  6. I played it before oddly enough ,and honestly the game wasn't that bad... GO CORY GO CORY , NOW LISTEN UP ;)
  7. Hey Sobun you should make this open To more than the club If you want people to respond . OK about MMO anime I dont normally what them , but overlord is a great one I puts a twist on a normal MMO . Its a really fun show If you haven't you should check it out
  8. I cringe when I go to Thanksgiving and see the Christmas tree out . It just really bugs me !
  9. Yeah I agree but EA does push a lot more purchases On people which give the company a very bad reputation among fans .
  10. I had Grand theft Auto for the gameboy Advance ,and I would purposely kill people as often as I could. It felt good crushing tiny people will a tiny car .
  11. This is the best part of Pokemon!
  12. Yeah Arcanine is good ,and you can find growlithe on rought 127 I think .
  13. Thanks I was useing nuzlock as a term for a pokemom challenge ,but it good to know the official rules too so thank you .:)
  14. A useless human being who can't get a job #parents house for life
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