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  1. Five Letters, Five Words The first poster gives 5 letters in order and the person to follow makes a 5 word phrase out of it using those letters to start each word. They then leave 5 new letters for the next person and so on. Here's some examples: Me: W W Y L T Bizzaro: Why Would You Leave Tanzania. P P T L N Frank: People Prefer To Live Naturally And so on... Basic Rules: Give at least 2 people between you before posting again. Actually follow the letters given. Follow basic rules of the forum. Have fun. Let us Begin. G A T L S
  2. Ah thanks for the heads up i'll watch that asap.
  3. ok thanks I just watched the first 2 episodes and it was really good. I've only seen Asobi Asobase and I agree I always liked the ending credits when they rocked out.
  4. is this a Netflix show because the name sounds familiar.
  5. What anime shows of 2018 caught you off guard this year by being surprisingly good? 1.voice of fox 2.Asobi Asobase 3.Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou Holmes 4.Hataraku Saibou 5.Baki
  6. Tenchi Muyo war on Geminar= 18 Heroic Age=8 times Irregular at magic high school=5 times Rurouni Kenshin=5
  7. I turned 22 not to long ago and I've come to realize that i'm probably getting to old for anime and manga. This is reinforced by everyone I know no longer being into it anymore. So should I just move on to more normal shows?
  8. Created this to find out from the community on the anime they have watched. Also to find out which ones they expected little of and got a whole lot more then they thought they would out of it.
  9. Binged watched The irregular at Magic Highschool
  10. That would make a nice tattoo. My buddy just got the saber guild tattoo.
  11. Watched it not to long ago it went from 0 to 100 pretty dame fast. It starts off innocent as a normal love story would but then it just goes all to hell when he starts sleeping around. It tops the list of my most disliked animes.
  12. Who's the mad man or woman who mad this series its most messed up thing I've watch in long time.

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