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  1. I not quite sure if people feel the same way, but I sorta feel down in the dumps after watching anime. I'm normally not that type of person to get depressed or easily persuaded by feelings. I'm not feeling suicidal or that I'm going to hurt anyone, but I don't mind my life ending (again not killing myself). I have a good life, nothing tragic has happened (and hopefully nothing will), but I just feel like my life is kind of meaningless. I have loving parents that provide for me and give me anything emotionally and I'm glad to have them. I'm currently watching the third season of Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. I recently had a dream about one of the characters that made me feel wonderful. Nothing sexual, I just can't describe the wonderful feeling i had when I woke up. I wished it never stopped. it only happens whenever I watch anime or read any interesting books. Honestly, I feel kind of silly typing this, but this is the way I feel. And now I have just poured my feelings to strangers on the internet. Hopefully you guys don't think I'm an idiot, but I've had these feelings for quite a while. Thank you for reading.
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