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    Tokyo Raven (Season 1 needs a Season 2!)
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  1. I don't mind it so long as it's used right.
  2. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!
  3. I believe it's because most people have an understanding of what school is so it's easier to write stories for. It's a popular fantasy set to write about since a lot of what's being done is stuff we can easily imagine happening to us at our schools. I remember drawing lots of silly drawings while bored, imaging many wonderful and cool things when I got really bored in certain subjects in school, it's a place of imagination.
  4. I used to, but certain events happened and I stopped but when I did I played World Domination, Fallout Shelter, and a bunch of generic plane shooters, puzzles, and ball hitting games. I do like some of the games on Mobile, just haven't had a lot of exposure to playing them, mainly because I game with other means, usually, it's when I find something I really like (yugioh mobile and fire emblem). But if I find something I like an am getting really into it and you're still around I'll be sure to send you a friend request if the game has that feature in it.
  5. Blue-Eyes Loli Dragon

    Tokyo Ravens

    First Anime I watched that was recommended in this fantastic "Anime" section of the Anime Forum, I watched season 1 over the course of 3 weeks and enjoyed every episode. My favorite character in the series has to be Natsume, she was just so perfect in my opinion and her relationship with Harutora is just so cute, oh and little fox girl Kon, MELTS ME TO BITS, CUTE. What kept me coming back was the whole world and environment, the thing with the magic in a modern setting was all too interesting to watch plus all the characters were very fun. I'd recommend this, I think it was a fun journey, I ho
  6. I'd struggle to answer any of this, but that's because I'm an anime noob.
  7. Nothing yet, hoping to pick-up a few Animes browsing around here.
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