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  1. Anime Survey 2018 p1

    or an old arcade game those may be before your time
  2. Anime Survey 2018 p1

    Due to lack of precision of answers the following questions have been eliminated 1. Best video game of all time 2. Other than the one you are attending, name an anime convention 3. The best anime villain 4. Best anime anti-hero 8. What is the oldest anime that you’ve seen? Looking back on it, it was a mistake to put “villain” and “anti-hero” back to back The following questions are still part of survey 5. Name a Pokémon heroine 6. What English dub was actually than the Japanese? 7. Name a meat used in ramen
  3. Anime Survey 2018 p1

  4. Anime Survey 2018 p1

  5. Anime Survey 2018 p1

    so at least 2 people said it it's a "Family Feud" survey. Doesn't work if each response is said by only 1 person
  6. Yukiru Sugisaki.

    I would like to start a thread about one of my favorite manga authors: Yukiru Sugisaki. I love her art style, her characters, her stories I especially enjoy DNAngel and Candidate for Goddess Although, admittedly, I do have one big gripe about her. I wish she would stick to series and finish it and stop putting works on hiatus. She has even put DNAngel on hiatus twice. BTW, I understand she got started working on an Evangelion doujinshi. Has anyone ever seen this or had access to it?
  7. Anime Survey 2018 p1

    Happy New Year, folks! And to kick off the new year here is the first survey of 2018 1. What ‘s the best video game of all time? 2. Other than the one you usually attend, name an anime convention 3. Who’s the best anime villain? 4. Who’s the best anime anti-hero? 5. Name a Pokémon heroine 6. What English dub was actually than the Japanese? 7. Name a meat used in ramen 8. What is the oldest anime that you’ve seen?
  8. Anime Survey 2017

    Thanks for the responses. Between other forums and paper surveys I did at the local convention I have over 100 responses except for Korean shows (which I will drop) and directors (which I may finish later with other surveys next year).
  9. Anime Survey 2017

    Here is an anime I plan to use for a Family Feud event at an anime convention. More surveys will be later. 1. Other than voice acting, name a job in the domestic anime industry 2. Name a male character who wears glasses 3. Name a character with red hair. 4. What anime/manga would be ruined by a Hollywood adaptation? 5. What English speaking director would do a good job making a live-action version of an anime? 6. Name a Korean show 7. Other than anime dubbing, name a job for voice actors.
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