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  1. awesomedude20

    Thoughts Anyone on Slice of Life?

    I've always said that any genre can be enjoyable, so long as it does what it set out to do properly. I'm the furthest person from picky, and I will in fact watch anything and probably be capable of enjoying it, so long as it's good at doing what it's doing. Naturally, this means that if ANY genre is bad at doing its genre, I probably won't like it. You wouldn't watch a comedy with bad comedy right? So basically, it's hard to vote here since I can't pin anything on the first chunk of the survey. It entirely depends.
  2. awesomedude20

    ova Best OVA you have ever watched and which anime it was from.

    I should mention that season 2 is the 14th most popular anime on MAL XD And for very good reason lol. I suggest trying it out again, just keep in mind that you DO NOT want to watch season 1 as a romance, this is important. It's a drama/comedy, with a little bit of romance.
  3. awesomedude20

    ova Best OVA you have ever watched and which anime it was from.

    Whaaa, you hate Clannad? Tis' my favourite romance anime XD You make it to season 2 by chance? o.o Regardless, that's beside the point. Best OVA I've ever seen is Kubikiri Cycle. It isn't attached to any other shows, it is in fact, its own show. But still an OVA. 8 episodes, and remains one of the best mystery anime I've ever seen, I struggle to find any flaws with it. https://myanimelist.net/anime/33263/Kubikiri_Cycle__Aoiro_Savant_to_Zaregototsukai I highly recommend looking for OVAs that work like this one, or even ONAs, which are almost the same thing, but released via the internet only, rather than only being released on DVD or Bluray like OVAs are. Personally, most OVAs that are attached to shows that I've seen are highly unimportant. NOT all the time, but for the most part. OVAs like the ones you're talking about are almost always exclusively used to just give people a little gift for buying disc copies of the show, and more often than not are just a simple fun extra episode. There are very rare cases however, like for Steins;Gate, where its OVA was a proper sequel that led into the following movie. Long text aside, I normally pass on OVAs that are attached to shows unless I see that they're a proper sequel. Normally however, they're the equivalent of a filler episode, and those don't exactly interest me too much.
  4. awesomedude20


    You didn't read the first post at all did ya ;D
  5. awesomedude20


    Ah so it's like the Clannad movie is to Clannad. Not nearly as good, and they change how characters act for the worse, but thankfully you don't have to watch it at all.
  6. awesomedude20


    Cool, will jot these down. I will probably watch them eventually, if only to be able to recommend isekai anime to people that want isekai. I'm also noticing that these are all older ones, which is NOT an issue for me, but I find it funny just how much new stuff is just no. There was a time when even the dastardly isekai genre was in a good place XD Sure, no rush ;D Gotcha, is the movie a remake, or a sequel thing, or?
  7. awesomedude20

    Recommend me some animes ?? plz ?

    Huh, guess people missed this somehow. Katanagatari (the art isn't like Charlotte at all, however it does have a very unique art style that suits it incredibly well. It's about a guy who's rather dumb but incredibly strong, meeting a girl who's smart but incredibly fragile. They need to travel the lands together to collect 12 legendary swords. 12 episodes. 12 swords. See what they did? The episodes are double length, so something gets done in every episode without fail. Very good series.) And you can bet your ass the action looks good lol. https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/c1494c93f954846deb84e3ff6e0e63e9.webm Twin Star Exorcists (50 episodes, is a VERY basic shounen anime, however this time with a twist. There's a romance focus involved, and it goes to completion. The main character and a girl are both Exorcists, and are both recognized as being incredibly powerful, so they are teamed up as the... "twin star exorcists" lol. Unfortunately, episodes 20-30 are a drag, and they can't be skipped, but they thankfully ended that arc really well, and it goes straight uphill after that too. Everything before episode 20 is quite good as well. It has a proper nice ending as well, and is overall just a good watch. Has a nice style to it as well.) It's one of the OPs, but you get the drift: https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/9ce7bd971e5c96b1bd906d589e32c499.webm
  8. awesomedude20


    I'm glad you mentioned at least Escaflowne. Isn't that regarded as the first true isekai anime? I haven't seen it, but i've been very tempted. All I know is that it basically puts "Knight's and Magic" to shame ;D It and its misspelled name. I feel like I've heard of Rayearth before, but only heard about it. I shall look into this. But you should make a thread on that o.o So much shit is left unfinished, it kills me. I'm asking about this though because I am genuinely curious as to whether or not there are any new isekai anime that finish. I can LITERALLY only think of Zero no Tsukaima and that's like 2005.
  9. awesomedude20


    More to fulfill my own curiosity, list off some proper isekai anime that actually end. Entirely. Zero no Tsukaima is already accounted for. And by "end" I mean, finishes the ENTIRE plot with no huge strings left untied. If you've seen the aforementioned Zero no Tsukaima, you'll know exactly what I mean. Some examples of isekai that DO NOT pass this, are stuff like No Game No Life, Re:Zero, Smartphone, Death March, you get the point.
  10. awesomedude20

    The Anime Dealer

    Well how are we defining harem here? Yes, the MC is surrounded by girls, but as I said, the entire show focuses on the romance between him and one girl, with a bit of a love triangle thing for another girl, but she backs off. If we're simply saying that it's a harem because there's a dude surrounded by women, then yes it's a harem. But that's not how I personally define harem anime. For it to be a harem, every girl in the "harem" needs to have an actual romantic interest in the protagonist. By the surrounded by women thing, that makes Little Busters a harem too ('-' ) Kubikiri Cycle too. Punch Line as well. But Little Busters has VERY minimal romantic focus until the second season, and even then it isn't a ton, but the MC is surrounded by a large majority of the main cast being female. Kubikiri Cycle has a spot of romance in it, and only once. The rest is pure mystery, and all the women don't overly give a shit about the MC. Yet, he is surrounded by women. Punch Line is in the same boat as Kubikiri Cycle, it perhaps plays with romance once or so, but in the end, there's so little romantic stuff between the MC and the women he's surrounded by, I find it hard to count. Going back to Clannad and reiterating, yes there's a big romance focus, and perhaps the visual novel allowed you to have any of the girls have a thing for you, the anime itself focused on one, and one alone, with a second VERY obviously-not-going-anywhere second character being kinda interested. Point is, I find it silly to define a harem as simply being surrounded by women. Edit: also, I have failed to find anywhere where I can type in "harem" and find Clannad (._. ) Even on bigger anime sites that support that type of search.
  11. awesomedude20

    The Anime Dealer

    Whoawhoawhoa, hold the fuck up XD Clannad is absolutely not a harem, at MOST it's a love triangle for a very brief period. ef: a tale of memories is even further from a harem. There's a bunch of girls because the show follows 2 completely separate MCs, each of which have a very obvious focus on just one girl, and ONE of those MCs happens to be in a love triangle as well, but because it's ef, they handled it super well and it wasn't annoying. Not to mention that both Clannad and ef have full, proper, VERY satisfying endings, so that's a thing. I can give you more if you really want, but I assure you, you'll kick yourself later if you pass on these ones. Edit: Not to mention that ef is made by studio Shaft. and Shaft makes good shit. Y'know, the Monogatari people? The art direction alone makes the thing worth watching lol
  12. awesomedude20

    The Anime Dealer

    Clannad (and Clannad After Story. Admittedly, season 1 is MUCH more of a drama/comedy so watch it as such, but season 2 is where the romance is at, and it isn't #14 on MAL for no reason) ef: a tale of memories. (DO NOT confuse this with the optional second season "ef: tale of melodies." You can watch it if you want, but I didn't find it to be nearly as good.) Tsuki ga Kirei (an extremely realistic romance that portrays the age of the characters, in this day and age, basically perfectly. You'll be able to relate a hell of a lot more if you grew up attached to your phone.)
  13. awesomedude20

    Suggestions for good fight/shonen animes

    I need no history, for nobody has seen Senki Zesshou Symphogear 4 seasons of completely awesome action and explosions, and basically nothing else. Much like Boku no Hero Academia, the story is VERY cliche, but they make it work wonderfully. I will apologize on one front, as season 1 isn't the prettiest thing in the world. They did however save ALL of their budget for the action scenes, so all things considered, those still look quite solid, as you can see here: https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/681e319e6457f539b8510da7c734d028.webm (Scene from the TV version, not the bluray version. The bluray version looks ever so slightly better, like fixing the rotating barrels of the miniguns when they first pop up, keep this in mind) Season 2 onwards however, oh lawdy. Prepare your hype pants because this series turned EVERYTHING up to 11. The art, the music, the choreography, character development, has the most entertaining villain ever not kidding, you name it, it improved upon it, and every season starting at season 2, continues to improve itself. Impressive, right? Season 2: https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/db920e7443dac5bb7d6f5d3b36545c10.webm Season 3: https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/9e08df6f2a5a365943a1ddf8b97e52b6.mp4 Season 4: https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/89a90903782d71d753578efcfe59b907.mp4 Anyways, for sure, get to season 2 and try that out. Season 1 isn't bad, it's just lacking in a lot of areas that the others are wonderful in. It's VERY worth it to get to season 2 onwards.
  14. awesomedude20

    The Anime Dealer

    Flip Flappers is a great half isekai. The two main characters wind up going to a whole bunch of different worlds throughout the show. Very episodic, but the final arc is a pretty solid finale for it. It also entirely naile the fantasy aspect. Can't say I know anything for contemporary/modernistic though, of only because I'm not entirely sure what you mean lol
  15. I have indeed seen all of these lol. Well. I never got around to season 2 of Snow White with the Red Hair, I should do that e.e Ah nice, older ones. I highly recommend the ones I mention in my first post (the good ones at least) I will look into these. Thanks! Oh and uh, so long as the movies complete the series, that's fine.
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