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  1. awesomedude20

    In the mood to watch a Gundam series

    The Pacific Rim people are actually working on a legit Gundam live action. Hype.
  2. awesomedude20

    List of anime items?

    As a person that has known twig for a few years, there isn't a rude bone in their bodies lol. This is all a misunderstanding. People wonder why I use a ton if emotes, its so I don't confuse people with my tone ;D
  3. awesomedude20

    Looking for some insightful recommendations!

    Ah, insightful anime? Gotchu mah dood, lovely thing to start with. ef: a tale of memories. (No need to bother with the sequel, it's optional and not as good) Shinsekai Yori Tsuki ga Kirei Hourou Musuko Kyousou Giga (the 10 episode version. Skip episode 0 and every OVA.) Clannad (and Clannad After Story)
  4. awesomedude20

    Favourite form of source material?

    To clarify this further, I mean, what do you prefer your anime to come from? Be it manga, light novel, video games, cave etchings, you name it, what's your favourite. (Also do keep in mind, I'll be going on a tangent, and listing recommendations for my preference, you don't need to do that, but if you DO feel the need to, go for it.) Personally, I basically live by anime originals. Aka, no source material at all. Am I cheating my own topic? Maybe just a little, but the upsides are delicious. What makes anime originals so tempting? Well, the biggest thing is that, in order to make an anime original, the company behind it has to care, or they'll suffer pretty heavy consequences. Anime originals are absolutely not cheap to make, as the funding basically needs to ALL come from the studio itself, and for smaller studios, if they create an utter failure of an original, it could very well potentially destroy the company if they aren't careful. So this risk means that not a lot of anime originals get made, but.... it also means that the ones that DO get made, have a lot of care put into them. They also almost always have a proper ending. Even if the show DOES suck, it'll still probably have an ending because NOT ending the show is literally just too bad for sales. Nobody LIKES getting an incomplete story, and with originals, there's no excuse for an incomplete story unless they immediately announce a sequel of some sort. So overall, the ratio of good to bad looks quite nice. I find my biggest issue with adaptations from manga and light novels, is that they rarely wait for the source material to be complete before rushing out an anime. It's still possible for the anime to be great, don't get me wrong, just look at Spice and Wolf, but the VAST majority of anime that get sourced from manga or light novels simply don't end. Sasameki Koto is a favourite manga of mine, and the anime captures the manga perfectly.... except for the fact that it barely gets into the story at ALL because they made it WAY before the manga finished. Had they waited and made the anime when the manga had an ending, we'd certainly have one hell of a popular romance anime on our hands, in a subgenre that is SEVERELY lacking. BUT instead, we get no romantic conclusion at all, and simply end on the usual festival episode. I have very little tolerance when it comes to cliffhangers, so if a show cliffhangers and I still praise it, clearly it did something VERY VERY RIGHT. (Ex. Land of the Lustrous, Spice and Wolf, Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta) Anyways, back to originals. You'd be surprised to see what anime are originals. A LOT of them are extremely famous, solidifying more, the fact that caring about your product really pays off, rather than just dumping out a cash grab anime for the season. It's much more worth it to make a product that will make a lot of money, for a very, very long time, than it is to make an anime that will VERY briefly make a metric TON of money. May not get the money as fast, but it will absolutely pay off soon enough. Plus, the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. I'd much sooner listen to a friend tell me to watch a show than some youtube ad from crunchyroll. Some Original anime that, coincidentally, you should check out if you haven't: Gurren Lagann (I do recommend the dub) Kill la Kill Cowboy Bebop Samurai Champloo Madoka Magica ALMOST every Ghibli film. But not all. Anohana Code Geass Psycho-Pass Death Parade FLCL Angel Beats! Neon Genesis Evangelion Revolutionary Girl Utena (Seeing a popularity trend here?) -and for some lesser known but still great ones: Senki Zesshou Symphogear (though season 1 is iffy, the next THREE seasons are beyond dope. Yeah, 4 seasons. 5th on the way. Should say something.) Princess Principal Flip Flappers Noein: To Your Other Self Gunbuster/Diebuster (You can watch either of these in any order, or either of them alone. Just note that the plots take place 10,000 years apart, so if you don't like Gunbuster, try Diebuster.) Kyousou Giga (the 10 episode version. MAKE SURE to skip episode 0, and every single OVA.) Hanasaku Iroha Princess Tutu (particularly great show, don't be put off by the girly title, is one of the best fantasy anime around.) Nagi no Asukara Tamako Market (plus its film, Tamako Love Story) Space Patrol Luluco (I suggest having seen basically every other popular Trigger anime first however, as the references are through the roof. Yes, that includes Inferno Cop. Which is also an original, heh.)
  5. For anyone that may care, the Violet Evergarden OVA takes place between episodes 4 and 5 of the main show. So you can freely watch it then, or watch it after you've completed it, whatever works.

  6. awesomedude20

    What year or age did you start watching animes?

    Like, 4 or 5 years ago I'd say. First "official" anime, where I was entirely aware it was an anime, was Occult Academy. Not a bad show, actually. BUT my FIIIIIRST first anime would be Spirited Away, I think. Barely remembered it till I rewatched it a couple years ago though.
  7. awesomedude20

    Which anime character represents you the most or what you look like

    Nuff said.
  8. OH, had no clue about the language thing, thanks for letting me know. I'll change that asap. Anyhoo, here ya go! YOU HAVE BEEN FORCED INTO: Flip Flappers (From the creators of Princess Principal)
  9. awesomedude20

    Please Help Me Find This Movie

    Closest I could find. https://myanimelist.net/anime/15379/Kotoura-san
  10. awesomedude20

    Check out my Anime List

    Garo: The Animation is a great one. It has a proper sequel movie if you didn't know, titled Garo: Divine Flame. There are two other Garo anime however, Crimson Moon and Vanishing Line, both of which are completely unrelated to the Garo you've seen. Crimson Moon is a complete dumpster fire. Vanishing Line is very passable from what I've heard, I still need to watch it myself. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! is certainly up there in my list of favourite romances, especially since it JUST had its finale movie released, which gave us JUST what everyone wanted that the show's 2 seasons didn't deliver. Go Kyoto Animation, you haven't failed me yet. Except for Myriad Colors Phantom World. We don't talk about that one. Beyond the Boundary is also another great one by Kyoto Animation. Wonderful animation, good characters, I have very few complaints. ~~~ Danmachi is probably my most hated anime however. Thoughts here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ACf6Y-b9eq8UiDsPFIcd3x1xRL4KF8FDp5ZGwuaEsiU And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online is the sole reason I fucking despise cliffhangers now. Before that show, I could stand them. But when I found this show, I asked around my old forum about it, and EVERYONE said "ah ye mate it's super good." and when I asked if the romance goes places they all said "ah ye mate that's good too." but NAH, that ending was as bullshit, bland, and boring as the 100s of other ecchi school romcom series floating around out there that exist solely to farm money for the studio but people love them to death anyways for some damnable reason. *inhale* *exhale* Seraph of the End pisses me off because its first episode or 2 were super good, with the setting and the idea of children hiding away and surviving in a city filled with vampires. There was risk, we rarely get children as main characters, and overall they could have done some really neat stuff with it. But NAH. They ditch that and instead go for the typical battle shounen style with whom is effectively a more spunky Eren from AoT as a main character. complete with a sword (of fukkin course) and an edgy colour palette. Cliches ensue for 2 seasons until the inevitable cliffhanger. As for your list as a whole, I'm fine with it, of course. You do you, watch what you like. It is however, incomplete, as you have not seen Senki Zesshou Symphogear yet.
  11. (Click for link)

    I have moved in. Feel free to join in on the fun with my Extreme Recommendation Thread.


    All rules are in there, is fairly straightforward. Post merging made a bit of a mess, but ehh, shit happens.

  12. (Oh look, post merging gave up) WAS HARDCORE NOT HARDCORE ENOUGH!? WELL THIS BETTER BE! SO WHAT'S UP WITH THIS MODE!? WHAT MAKES IT STAND OUT FROM THE REST? THIS ONE WILL MAKE YOU CRY. MUCH LIKE HARDCORE, YOU CAN'T DROP THE ANIME I GIVE YOU. YOU ALSO CAN'T WATCH ANOTHER ANIME ONCE YOU BEGIN. BUT HERE'S WHERE THE FUN STARTS! HOW LONG DO YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT? AS MANY HOURS AS THE SHOW HAS EPISODES. The challenge begins as soon as I send it. If you wish, tell me your timezone so that I can properly gauge when you'd actually be awake if I happen to not be around when you first ask. AND THE INFO YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR... WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU FAIL!? I'M NOT EXACTLY CREATIVE HERE, YOU'LL LOSE STARS! OR GAIN DEMERITS! LOTS OF STARS! PROBABLY MORE DEMERITS!! PROVE ME WRONG!!! LOSING HERE ALSO SCREWS OVER YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE! IF YOU COMPLETE A REGULAR CHALLENGE, YOU GET NO STARS FOR IT! IF YOU COMPLETE A HARDCORE, YOU GET REGULAR STARS! AND IF YOU "COMPLETE" "ANOTHER" INSANE, YOU'LL GET HARDCORE STARS!!! FUN RIGHT!? NO ESCAPING THE PAIN TRAIN THIS TIME. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! YOU NEED TO POST A REVIEW OF THE ANIME YOU WATCHED! GOOGLE DOCS WORKS PERFECTLY, JUST LINK IT TO ME! THIS REVIEW MUST BE POSTED BEFORE THE WATCH TIMER WINDS DOWN. ONLY THEN, WILL YOU GET YOUR STARS. AKA, FOR EVERY ONE STAR YOU WOULD GAIN, YOU INSTEAD GAIN 4. ☆☆☆☆☆ Sandbox Mode The function of this mode, is quite literally to mix in an older thread of mine that died out. The Anime Dealer thread. Rest in pieces. So what is it? Just think... Nothin' to it You'll never gain stars with this mode, you'll also never lose stars! On top of that, I'll let you tell me what sort of thing you want to watch! Of course you're always welcome to let me do the choosing as well! Truly just for if you want an anime and that's it, there are no strings attached You hate it? Drop it! You love it? Yippee! There are absolutely no penalties to this mode, it's almost the same as making your own thread asking for an anime, except you'll let just me do the choosing for you! If you want! ☆☆☆☆☆ Events! This space is as empty as my relationship status on Facebook. Participants: 1. 2. 3. ☆☆☆☆☆ Consistent Event Rules: You are to give me a spoiler-free review when you finish. It can be in the thread, or DM'd to me. If you do give me spoilers... well I won't do much. You'll probably just upset me (._. ) You are allowed to drop your event challenge. Dropping your challenge will not reward you with your stars. Every challenge is worth roughly 5x that of a regular challenge. Easier than a regular, more stars than an insane? Cool. As a final note, anybody that is currently partaking in a regular or hardcore challenge is allowed to take a break to do the event. I think that's fair. But not insane though. BECAUSE INSANE. That and they don't last very long, so.
  13. Quick Links Awesome List Naughty List Current Challenges ☆☆☆☆☆ Notice: If you do not read the rules, and post something that breaks one of my rules, you will automatically lose a star. Depending on my mood, I may let you off the hook, just know that I rarely tell people that they dun goof'd. I'll tell you now, being polite and fun usually gets you into my good books General Rules: These rules technically apply to every mode! So what do you do? YOU COME TO ME, KNEEL IF YOU SO DESIRE, AND THEN, YOU ASK ME SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: "OI! GIMME SUMTHIN' GUD!" And give you something "gud" I shall. Ah but I'd appreciate it if you give me a link to your anime list! If you don't have one, so be it, but just saying, it'll speed up the process of me finding you an anime if I know what you've seen before ^.^ Remember though ol' chaps, this is MY say. You won't have any say in what kind of anime you get, you ask me for something, you get what you get! Simple as that Oh, but I'm not entirely cruel, I'll give you every right to request the following: Sub or dub (UNLESS I SAY TO WATCH ONE SPECIFICALLY, this doesn't happen often.) The length of the anime (I understand some people have less time than others, so if you only have time for 12 episodes, I gotchu.) For the three main modes (Regular, Hardcore, and Insane) you will gain stars by completing the anime that I give you! However you will LOSE stars by dropping the anime before you're allowed to! What's the fun part? Well I'm sure you saw me mention gaining/losing stars! WHEN you acquire at LEAST one star your name will be placed on the awesome list, with one star! The same applies to the naughty list, however that's for people with negative points. If your name is on that list, you will have at least one demerit point, and a large heap of shame. How do you get rid of demerit points? Get stars! How do you lose stars? Get demerit points. (Don't do that) Keep in mind, if you straight-up refuse to watch an anime (for whatever dumb reason) the penalty for "dropping" a show will be doubled. Spooky. Oh, and if you don't update me on whether you're still working away at your challenge within one month of receiving it or previously updating me on your progress, I will consider it a failure, and you will receive appropriate demerit points. To conserve on space: STAAAAR COLOOOOOURS! Soooo what're those? I used generic RPG rarity scale. Almost. 1 star = 1 black star ☆ 5 black stars = 1 green star ☆ 5 green stars = 1 blue star ☆ 5 blue stars = 1 purple star ☆ 5 purple stars = 1 orange star ☆ 5 orange stars = dayum son. So aim to score high! Ah yes, all those nice stars up there? Mind you, the same colour scheme applies to demerit points ('-' ) I will reward stars via chunks of episodes. What do I mean? 1-15 episodes is one chunk. 16-30 is the next chunk. 31-45 is the third chunk, and so on. The actual star values given are explained under each one's actual... explanation ;D I suppose I'll also allow you to BRIEFLY chat about the show you're watching if you have something you'd like to say. Just be sure to put spoilers in spoiler tags. ☆☆☆☆☆ Regular Mode! This is the classic mode! So HOW does THIS mode work? When I give you a recommendation, you watch it! If you complete it you will get your prize! HOWEVER If you drop the anime before COMPLETING episode 5... you will LOSE stars equivalent to however many you would have gained if you had completed it! Of course now you may be thinking "Ay, but what about that moral grey area between after episode 5 and before completion!?" Well meh, nothing happens if you drop it there, if you didn't like it by episode 5, that's fair So lets look at the numbers for a moment shall we? Every 1 to 15 episodes will reward you with 1 star. Every 16 to 30 episodes will reward you with 2 stars! This pattern continues onwards. Which reminds me, you ARE NOT obligated to watch every season of a show that I give to you in this mode, merely the first season. Should you choose to watch any further seasons, I WILL give you stars for them though, and the episode total will simply combine the total of all seasons. Movies are fair game too! Almost always worth only 1 star though, and regular mode is really the only mode you'll ever get a movie. ☆☆☆☆☆ Hardcore Mode THIS MODE IS EXTREME!!! WHY IS IT EXTREME!? BECAUSEYEAH IT'S EXTREME!!! What's the point of this? Well this is for you brave people out there who want ALLLLLL THE STARS!!! In THIS mode, you get DOUBLE THE STARS FOR COMPLETING WHAT I GIVE YOU! But that's not all, you also LOSE DOUBLE WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE LOST BY DROPPING IT!!! Not evil enough? Well I daresay I'm not done here yet, THIS TIME AROUND, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO DROP THE ANIME I GIVE YOU! If you drop it between episode 0 and the end, you will LOSE stars! Double the loss of course! In addition to this however, in order to get your stars, you will need to provide a 250 word MINIMUM review of the show that you got. As long as it's 250 words, you're good to go, just make sure you don't confuse "review" with "plot summary." The numbers though! Every chunk of episodes will be worth 2 stars! 1-15 is 2 stars, 16-30 is 4 stars, and all that stuff!!
  14. awesomedude20

    "Cool OP Male MC"

    See, Vash is entirely fine though. Yes he's cool, OP, and male, but he's a great character that's a lot of fun to watch, and is super unique in both his appearances and personality, not to mention backstory and motives. Everything I just described there can apply to anyone to make a good character, but that's just the thing, it can all be applied to females too, so as we agree, it's very dumb when people are so extremely biased against it. It makes me wonder though why it's so prominent in the anime community though. I NEVER see this happen in other sources of media, ever. Well, aside from the occasional weirdo I suppose, but with anime if you try you can find one within the damn hour if you ask in the right areas. Just baffles me that people would prefer to have a badly written generic cool OP male MC over a really well written and enjoyable, ALSO cool and OP female MC. Of course though, like Vash, there are some excellent cool OP male MCs, but people are never picky enough to specify that. If it has edge it wins immediately btw. Ah, this. See, I watch anime because of a few things. The shows almost always have a proper story, and the art is rarely hot garbage. With western cartoons, they ARE almost entirely just episodic comedies, with a couple good ones in there that really stand out, like Avatar and whatnot. Like you can obviously get some enjoyment out of these episodic comedy cartoons, but I'd never devote as much time to them as I have to anime because I don't think I'd seriously be able to. I've seen cartoon reviewers, and the things they say are good are just SO MUCH WORSE than the stuff you and I are used to with anime. Past cartoons though, even live action is plagued with copy/pasted stuff. You know how many damn cop shows get made? Way too fukkin many, that's how many. And they're all dark and gritty. With a funny lady that talks to them through a headset while they're on the field for comedic relief. Obviously it doesn't stop there, and there are a lot of great movies and shows that get made, but you really gotta sift through the crap to get to them. With anime, there's still a LOT of crap, but there's a lot less crap when compared to western television. I've kinda hit a difficult point, since I LOVE recommending anime, but as I watch more anime and get more used to them, I'm able to pick up on the philosophical things much more easily, so my sense of what makes certain shows really good just goes RIGHT over some people's heads when I give them some anime. I kinda get to sidestep this by being the Symphogear Nut that I am, and that show is 210% explosions and fun, but when I'm not screaming that at people, it's just that much tougher to look at someone and really know what they'd like. Y'know, another form of this is simple elitism. You know, those people that say "all new anime is garbage, the only good stuff was made a long time ago" yadda yadda. I won't get into that, but it really is the same narrow-minded concept. They're so deluded by their own opinion that they just assume everything that doesn't match with their thought process will be a dumpster fire. I'm using that word now. I absolutely have no true preference at the core of the issue really, as long as the character is well written I'll find enjoyment in it (probably), but as I said, based on my experiences, simply more often than not, I have more favourite shows that have a female MC because of the care tossed into it. Like if I can tell you to picture a generic copy/pasted male protagonist, you'll probably either picture a very boring looking character with brown or black hair. But if I say to picture a generic copy/pasted female protagonist, it's a hell of a lot harder for one to come to mind. Shoujo is the worst offender since most of those MCs are the small, pretty, shy, unpopular types, but even those almost always LOOK unique.
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