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  1. Ayyy I reeled someone in ;D Would love to hear your thoughts when you get around to it :P
  2. Flip Flappers Sounds cutesy as hell, looks cutesy as hell, but is one of the coolest shows out there, made by the fantastic Studio 3Hz! Did I mention it's technically an isekai? Except instead of being transported to another world and getting stuck there, they travel to all sorts of different fantasy worlds to get shit done. This plotpoint allows them some VERY extreme freedom, leading up to the ability to utilize damn near any genre it feels like. One episode you'll have a Mad Max tribute with some seriously awesome fight scenes: Another episode you'll have genuinely effective horror: All nicely tied together by fantastic animation and an absolutely killer soundtrack. One last thing! Did I mention it's an anime original? It has no source material, basically. Translation: It has no source to follow, therefore, it tells its story at its own proper pace, and ACTUALLY HAS AN ENDING. Enjoy.
  3. How on Earth did nobody mention Kubikiri Cycle (Other title: The Beheading Cycle) 12 people are on a secluded island in a mansion. 5 Geniuses, people who are the absolute masters of their respective fields. Nobody else in the world can best them in those topics. 4 Maids. The head maid, and the 3 triplet maids. 2 Assistants. They tagged along with a few of the geniuses to simply help them out. The protagonist is one of them. And finally, the owner of the mansion, who invites these geniuses to her mansion purely for entertainment, and to have interesting people to speak to. One night, one of them is decapitated. They need to figure out who did it, before more people die.
  4. This'll do. 1. Senki Zesshou Symphogear 2. Gurren Lagann 2. Kill la Kill 2. Clannad 2. Katanagatari 2. ef: a tale of memories. 2. Tsuki ga Kirei 2. Kokoro Connect 2. Golden Time
  5. No game, unless you want to count the crappy mobile game, or that one time the main trio was tossed into Super Heroine Chronicles, which I'm not gonna count lmao Purely an anime original series, fueled by the creators actually wanting to make the thing lol
  6. Senki Zesshou Symphogear This is one of Japan's top selling anime, with 5 seasons, over the course of the past 7 years. Season 3 was #1 in sales for its season, while season 4 was ALSO #1 in sales for its season. AND season 3 beat ONE PUNCH MAN for the ENTIRE YEAR. And it isn't popular in the absolute bloody slightest outside of Japan. I'm confused too, don't worry. But if you want one of the best hype action shows of the decade, Symphogear is for you. It does damn near everything that people love about shounen action shows, except it does them far better than most actual shounens, despite Symphogear not actually being a shounen. AND it's a fucking musical. Didn't see that coming, did you. It ain't cutesy, it lives off of the rule of cool and more or less can't go more than 5 minutes without something exploding or it dies, with music that's about as cool as that whole concept is. Watch this scene, and witness our beloved main character parry tank shells with her bare fists. https://streamable.com/s/fs4vl/qkmkei Watch Order: Symphogear (a bit rough, don't judge the show based on this season. Still good, just not peak Symphogear.) Symphogear G (This is where Symphogear actually starts to shine, and it stays that way. A shitty side studio fucked up the first season, so they fired them and swapped out 90% of the staff and you're left with a season that's vastly superior to the first in absolutely every god damn way you could ever expect. Get. To. This. Season.) Symphogear GX (It got even prettier.) Symphogear AXZ (The animation got better.) Symphogear XV (Airing right now, and is really turning out to be a proper culmination and finale of 7 years of a franchise.) OOOOO Now that you've been so heartily informed of the best show ever, I'd love to hear what any of you think of it. First impressions based on this thread maybe, or impressions from you going to watch it! It's my favourite show by a mile, so I assure you I'm more than willing to chat your ear off about it, and if you aren't impressed by it... well, leave it to me
  7. A solid "good" Don't think I'd ever stay to listen to it, but a decent song. 7/10 Metanoia - Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV (Ignore the debatable quality and awkward fade out to end the song, we only have a radio rip to go off of lol)
  8. For DxD, I'll relate this rec to "ecchi with good plot" Punchline It seems terrible, but it isn't! It even has a proper ending, so that's neat. As for FranXX, just watch Gurren Lagann. it's effectively FranXX but way better. I also highly suggest the dub for this one.
  9. That just really isn't how life works mah dood.
  10. I should really clarify. I won't be updating the list at all for the foreseeable future, only because the process behind it is absolutely hell and a half. The staff should be working on a method to automatically create entries based on existing database sites, and when that happens, all further work that I do will just be removed anyways, so it's kinda pointless. For the time being, just use myanimelist.net. it's more fleshed out in every way, really.
  11. Even if you pay for every legal anime streaming service available to English speaking audiences, you won't get everything. As such, I don't think I can say names, but free sites aren't as bad as they're made out to be. Watch what you can legally if you'd like, but just remember that even if you're paying around $40-$50 a month for a load of streaming services, you won't get everything. A fantastic way to give back to the industry is to buy blurays, so doing that is an option as well if you so choose to ever get into free sites. I only offer this up as a very viable option, simply because it is a very viable option, and one that should be greatly considered rather than being locked out of seeing certain series because of dumb licensing fees.
  12. She is merely the legally designated #1 Punchgirl.
  13. SSSS.Gridman isn't actually technically a mecha series. Kinda looks like one, but it isn't ;D Fantastic series though, hope you enjoy it @Crevanille As I mentioned earlier in the thread, you will likely have questions. I can probably answer them.

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