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  1. If you're a fan of action stuff, check out Senki Zesshou Symphogear Probably one of the best action anime around and not a damn soul knows about it. It also has 5 seasons, 65 episodes total, so it's reasonably long. Check this scene out if you're wondering what it's like. https://streamable.com/s/fs4vl/qkmkei
  2. Tsuki ga Kirei Hourou Musuko One Week Friends (bearing in mind however, it is NOT a romance, it's a friendship thing. There's still a bunch of similarities though.)
  3. Bumping for the sake of bumping, since I'm actually still alive, and that's a dead link. Have some Sforzando from Symphogear XV
  4. Yo, I'm awesomedude20, as you can clearly read next to this post. I'm your anime curator! Technically! Waiting on the Anime tab to get some work done. AAAANYWAYS, being the anime curator, naturally, I know anime stuff. Feel free to ask for recs, I kinda live for that sorta thing, though entirely expect to get Senki Zesshou Symphogear, like you shouldn't even be surprised. But yeah, hope to meet folks around the forum and whatnot!
  5. Symphogear XV has hit 8.5 on MAL, RIIIIISE MY PRECIOUS, RIIIIIIIIISE!


    1. Seshi


      That’s awesome 👏 New series must be brilliant. Still haven’t watched any myself, but I have been looking through your threads 

  6. Pardon me breaking my own established rules, but if mine didn't work, round 2 XD Solid 7/10, but I feel like I could really catch onto it if I listened to it more than once as I went through the show lol ROUND TWO: Final Commander - Symphogear XV
  7. Obligated to mention that Trigger didn't actually make FranXX. They HELPED, but it was A1 that did most of the everything. Trigger only actually properly worked on 6 episodes total, their last episode being ep. 14. It isn't even on their website lmao http://www.st-trigger.co.jp/works/
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    How bout some even more hardcore mode.
  8. Symphogear XV- SOLID 10, WOOOOOO (But seriously this show has been nothing but awesome, truly a great finale for a 7-year-long franchise) O Maidens in Your Savage Season - Easy 9 right now! (great romance/drama, with some equally great comedy to boot! Can't wait to see where this one is going!) Cop Craft - Definitely an 8 right now. (Loving this show, despite its animation issues, it's always a fun watch.) Granbelm - Also an 8! (Awful MAL score that doesn't reflect how good it is, but has a rather interesting plot so far and some AWESOME animation. Which is important for an acti
  9. I could see this really working when tied to a scene properly. It's not particularly stand-out, I feel like I've heard a lot of rather similar tracks, but that doesn't mean it's at all bad. Solid 7.5/10 Final Commander - Symphogear XV
  10. Lack of justification? The Symphogear wielders are the only thing standing between the villains and the Earth getting blown up in most cases o.o I'm really not sure what's particularly contrived about it, though GX's biggest downfall was its writing, I'll admit that much. Regardless, you'll probably be glad to know that AXZ and XV are the best the series has literally ever been. The writing is similar, yet different, with a lot of focus on tying past events together and just doing a whole lot of neat stuff. They also realized basically all of their past mistakes and either didn't repeat t
  11. The scene you saw was from Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/3e0e64e8127b83ad777cdbafcc2c39ed.webm https://www.sakugabooru.com/data/f38b555e6e0a60746f34d1b2f424a696.webm Great show, fantastic animation. BUT, do know, it has a special watch order you NEED to follow, which I will now post: How to watch: Yozakura Quartet Completely skip the original Yozakura Quartet - https://myanimelist.net/anime/4548/Yozakura_Quartet Start with Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta - https://myanimelist.net/anime/18497/Yozakura_Quartet__Hana_no_Uta (Watch epi
  12. I could ramble for ages, but I can't contain myself with episode 8 having just come out. So instead, simply look at this. Bask in the hype. Holy shit. But don't spoil yourself if you haven't caught up properly. Also, feel free to chat about the show in general I suppose.
  13. Over all my time mingling in anime communities, I've noticed a very strange trend with a lot of people. "I don't like anime movies." But why the hell not? So that brings the question to the table... WHY? I can't quite comprehend why people would inherently love an anime SERIES, over watching an anime MOVIE, to the extent that they wouldn't want to watch ANY anime movies. I'll be honest, my usual immediate response is "Just watch better movies." (But they don't often like that answer.) And realistically speaking here, the only difference be
  14. Ayyy I reeled someone in ;D Would love to hear your thoughts when you get around to it :P
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