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    Which Anime Streaming Service Should I Go For?

    Even if you pay for every legal anime streaming service available to English speaking audiences, you won't get everything. As such, I don't think I can say names, but free sites aren't as bad as they're made out to be. Watch what you can legally if you'd like, but just remember that even if you're paying around $40-$50 a month for a load of streaming services, you won't get everything. A fantastic way to give back to the industry is to buy blurays, so doing that is an option as well if you so choose to ever get into free sites. I only offer this up as a very viable option, simply because it is a very viable option, and one that should be greatly considered rather than being locked out of seeing certain series because of dumb licensing fees.
  2. awesomedude20

    Anime Database Request / Curator Assist

    Anime Database Request This thread is where you can request anime to be added to the AF Anime Database! Prior to now, the general public was allowed to add anime, however this was rather messy when it comes to duplicate posts and general quality control! As such, after checking the database first, you may simply request to have an anime added via this thread, and an Anime Curator will get to it! Supply as many details as you can, but don't feel obligated to! It'd just be a massive help to us! Anime Details: - Title + Alternate title (Attack on Titan and Shingeki no Kyojin) - Genre tags - The cover art of the anime - A description - A PV or trailer (Only from YouTube, if there isn't one there, don't worry about it.) - The date that it aired, including its season (July 4, 2015, Summer 2015) - Episode count (optionally include any details if the episodes are weird. Double length, half length, if it's a movie, so on.) Tips: MAL works for everything listed above. Including trailers and PVs that are hosted on YouTube, so use those. Reverse Image Search the displayed cover on a MAL page and find one with a nice resolution. Any image that's 500p tall or more should work out nicely. If it wasn't aired on TV, it won't have a seasonal listing. In these cases, you can find the season they came out in manually by looking at the month and year they came out, and going back to that point in MAL's Seasonal Anime List! Curator Assist This is a simple way to help us out! All you have to do is mention anything missing, or wrong from any entries in the Anime Database! Maybe we never added a trailer to one, and you found a good trailer. Let us know, toss us the trailer! Perhaps we messed up on the airing date of a show and you know the correct date, we'll be glad to hear it! Overall, we'll be glad to get any assistance we can in those regards, as there's quite a lot of anime in there for us to root through and touch up, so thanks in advance!
  3. awesomedude20

    What is everyone waiting for in 2019?

    Literally comparable lol
  4. awesomedude20

    What is everyone waiting for in 2019?

    She is merely the legally designated #1 Punchgirl.
  5. awesomedude20


    SO, SSSS.Gridman just finished. Thoughts? And if you haven't seen it by chance.... do that. (Ah and be wary of spoilers past this point. You don't want this spoiled.)
  6. awesomedude20


    SSSS.Gridman isn't actually technically a mecha series. Kinda looks like one, but it isn't ;D Fantastic series though, hope you enjoy it @Crevanille As I mentioned earlier in the thread, you will likely have questions. I can probably answer them.
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    Just finished rewatching with a friend. If anyone has questions, I might have answers ;D
  10. awesomedude20

    The Reasons an Anime Cliffhangs

  11. awesomedude20

    New gundam anime 2019 ?

    The latest one would be Mobile Suit Gundam NT, which is a movie. Will likely be made available next year.
  12. awesomedude20

    Anime Recommendation

    You liked One Punch Man and Dragon Ball? Wonderful, I have the show for you. Senki Zesshou Symphogear 4 seasons, with a 5th on the way! Top notch action across the board, with a MC that's second only to overpowered characters that are overpowered for jokes. Name another show where the MC can parry tank shells with their bare fists ;D Regardless, here's a clip, watch the WHOLE thing without skipping through, as the buildup is key. Enjoy. https://streamable.com/s/fs4vl/qkmkei
  13. awesomedude20

    Zombieland Saga

    No summary information has been added yet.
  14. awesomedude20

    What is everyone waiting for in 2019?

    Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV! THE HYPE
  15. awesomedude20

    Anime soundtrack The Reflection by Trevor Horn

    Because I somehow find myself to be in an unwritten legally binding clause to do so, I must mention Cross Ange whenever twig mentions Queen's Blade. Have some soundtrack from it.
  16. awesomedude20

    Anime that has many episodes

    Senki Zesshou Symphogear 52 episodes across 4 seasons as of right now, bumping up to 65 episodes in July with its 5th season. If you like action, this one does not disappoint. https://sakugabooru.com/data/54f8bde224f2176ef49097670d4b0629.webm
  17. Quick Links Awesome List Naughty List Current Challenges ☆☆☆☆☆ Notice: If you do not read the rules, and post something that breaks one of my rules, you will automatically lose a star. Depending on my mood, I may let you off the hook, just know that I rarely tell people that they dun goof'd. I'll tell you now, being polite and fun usually gets you into my good books General Rules: These rules technically apply to every mode! So what do you do? YOU COME TO ME, KNEEL IF YOU SO DESIRE, AND THEN, YOU ASK ME SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: "OI! GIMME SUMTHIN' GUD!" And give you something "gud" I shall. Ah but I'd appreciate it if you give me a link to your anime list! If you don't have one, so be it, but just saying, it'll speed up the process of me finding you an anime if I know what you've seen before ^.^ Remember though ol' chaps, this is MY say. You won't have any say in what kind of anime you get, you ask me for something, you get what you get! Simple as that Oh, but I'm not entirely cruel, I'll give you every right to request the following: Sub or dub (UNLESS I SAY TO WATCH ONE SPECIFICALLY, this doesn't happen often.) The length of the anime (I understand some people have less time than others, so if you only have time for 12 episodes, I gotchu.) For the three main modes (Regular, Hardcore, and Insane) you will gain stars by completing the anime that I give you! However you will LOSE stars by dropping the anime before you're allowed to! What's the fun part? Well I'm sure you saw me mention gaining/losing stars! WHEN you acquire at LEAST one star your name will be placed on the awesome list, with one star! The same applies to the naughty list, however that's for people with negative points. If your name is on that list, you will have at least one demerit point, and a large heap of shame. How do you get rid of demerit points? Get stars! How do you lose stars? Get demerit points. (Don't do that) Keep in mind, if you straight-up refuse to watch an anime (for whatever dumb reason) the penalty for "dropping" a show will be doubled. Spooky. Oh, and if you don't update me on whether you're still working away at your challenge within one month of receiving it or previously updating me on your progress, I will consider it a failure, and you will receive appropriate demerit points. To conserve on space: STAAAAR COLOOOOOURS! Soooo what're those? I used generic RPG rarity scale. Almost. 1 star = 1 black star ☆ 5 black stars = 1 green star ☆ 5 green stars = 1 blue star ☆ 5 blue stars = 1 purple star ☆ 5 purple stars = 1 orange star ☆ 5 orange stars = dayum son. So aim to score high! Ah yes, all those nice stars up there? Mind you, the same colour scheme applies to demerit points ('-' ) I will reward stars via chunks of episodes. What do I mean? 1-15 episodes is one chunk. 16-30 is the next chunk. 31-45 is the third chunk, and so on. The actual star values given are explained under each one's actual... explanation ;D I suppose I'll also allow you to BRIEFLY chat about the show you're watching if you have something you'd like to say. Just be sure to put spoilers in spoiler tags. ☆☆☆☆☆ Regular Mode! This is the classic mode! So HOW does THIS mode work? When I give you a recommendation, you watch it! If you complete it you will get your prize! HOWEVER If you drop the anime before COMPLETING episode 5... you will LOSE stars equivalent to however many you would have gained if you had completed it! Of course now you may be thinking "Ay, but what about that moral grey area between after episode 5 and before completion!?" Well meh, nothing happens if you drop it there, if you didn't like it by episode 5, that's fair So lets look at the numbers for a moment shall we? Every 1 to 15 episodes will reward you with 1 star. Every 16 to 30 episodes will reward you with 2 stars! This pattern continues onwards. Which reminds me, you ARE NOT obligated to watch every season of a show that I give to you in this mode, merely the first season. Should you choose to watch any further seasons, I WILL give you stars for them though, and the episode total will simply combine the total of all seasons. Movies are fair game too! Almost always worth only 1 star though, and regular mode is really the only mode you'll ever get a movie. ☆☆☆☆☆ Hardcore Mode THIS MODE IS EXTREME!!! WHY IS IT EXTREME!? BECAUSEYEAH IT'S EXTREME!!! What's the point of this? Well this is for you brave people out there who want ALLLLLL THE STARS!!! In THIS mode, you get DOUBLE THE STARS FOR COMPLETING WHAT I GIVE YOU! But that's not all, you also LOSE DOUBLE WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE LOST BY DROPPING IT!!! Not evil enough? Well I daresay I'm not done here yet, THIS TIME AROUND, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO DROP THE ANIME I GIVE YOU! If you drop it between episode 0 and the end, you will LOSE stars! Double the loss of course! In addition to this however, in order to get your stars, you will need to provide a 250 word MINIMUM review of the show that you got. As long as it's 250 words, you're good to go, just make sure you don't confuse "review" with "plot summary." The numbers though! Every chunk of episodes will be worth 2 stars! 1-15 is 2 stars, 16-30 is 4 stars, and all that stuff!!
  18. (If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this thread for this community, since it most definitely seems to be failing pretty hard, despite being a big hit elsewhere, do tell me. Is it too complex? Is it not compelling enough? Suggestions and critiques would be lovely.)
  19. awesomedude20

    Needs a first and second season...

    I'd pay for a Y-Gamma anime. Especially since it's 20 chapters total. Make 4 anime-original episodes, which entiiiiirely works given the style of manga it is, and you got a 2 cour show right there. It'd likely be popular too, superhero stuff is always popular. As for stuff that needs a season 2, LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT CLIFFHANGS. Finish yo damn work. If you can't don't start the thing. Wait till the source has an end and THEN make it. Lawd. It's not so hard.
  20. awesomedude20

    The anime you've re-watched and for how many times?

    Angel Beats - 5 times Gosick - 4 times Symphogear - 5 times Symphogear G - 3 times Symphogear GX - 2 times Symphogear AXZ - 4 times AURA: Koga Maryuin's Last War - 3 times
  21. awesomedude20

    Making an anime podcast - any advice appreciated

    I'd perhaps set up a discord, get some folks into a voice chat over that. Would be a good way to get a bunch of different opinions and whatnot. I also suggest, at least very quietly, playing some music. Just something to add a bit of depth to what's going on. Finally, your intro sequence. All is well, but that knock sound is incredibly loud lol
  22. awesomedude20

    Looking for something like Ouran High School Host Club

    Isn't that a total remake that follows the manga, rather than a new season?
  23. awesomedude20

    Anime Database Request / Curator Assist

    Added sports stuff up to Ginga e Kickoff
  24. awesomedude20

    Ginga e Kickoff!!

    (No trailer available) The story follows a boy who was in a soccer team, but it was disbanded due to not enough players. However, after the boy meets a female professional soccer player, he aims to bring his soccer team back. (Source: AniDB)
  25. awesomedude20

    Giant Killing

    (No trailer available) East Tokyo United (ETU) has been struggling in Japan's top soccer league for the past few years. It has taken everything they have just to avoid relegation. To make matters even worse, the team has lost five matches in a row, leading to abysmal team morale. Even the fans are beginning to abandon them, and rumors hint that the home ground municipality is going to withdraw their support. With countless coaches fired and poor financial choices in hiring players, it is a downward spiral for ETU. The board of directors, under pressure from general manager Kousei Gotou, takes a gamble and hires a new coach—the slightly eccentric Takeshi Tatsumi. Though considered a great soccer player when he was younger, Tatsumi abandoned ETU years ago. However, since then, he has proven himself successful as the manager of one of England's lower division amateur teams. Tatsumi's task won't be easy; ETU fans call him a traitor, and the team is pitted against others with larger budgets and better players. Yet even the underdog can take down a goliath, and Tatsumi claims he is an expert at giant killing. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
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