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  1. Hmzzz

    How has Anime Changed?

    So Anime has been around for ages now. There have been new shows coming in every year. However, naturally, anime has significantly changed in the past decade or so. There are many changes that have occurred. So in your opinion, how has anime changed? Do you still enjoy anime? What things do you like/dislike about anime now? We decided to make a video on this topic if you are interested in our opinion.
  2. Hmzzz

    Opinions on Sword Art Online?

    I personally enjoyed the first arc of season 1. In fact, i strongly believe it's the best arc in the whole series. Kazuto and Asuna developed decently well and i liked the romance too. They could have easily continued the first arc for the whole of season 1 and i think it would have been a nice cliff hanger at the end when Asuna "died". It would have allowed some of the side characters to develop as well and would have built a good foundation for the second arc to launch in season 2. The last arc of season 2 is fan service anyway so i wouldn't have cared if they didn't include that entirely. This series had a lot of potential. I actually watched season 1 and 2 within 48 hours so it's not exactly a terrible show. Overall, i think it's a solid 8/10.
  3. Hmzzz

    How does High school anime resonate with us?

    I also think that real life high schools are not as fun as they may seem in anime. I guess it gives people the incentive to enjoy high school and appreciate it for what it offers. I do agree. In fact, i have been influenced myself after watching a show. Obviously, high school anime doesn't change my perspective on things entirely but to an extent, even if it's really little, it can change my life for the better and has done so in the past.
  4. Hmzzz

    How does High school anime resonate with us?

    Yeh, i do agree with what you're saying. This also allows the producers to implement certain events like festivals etc. But i still do think it resonates with us, especially via the deep connections we sometimes have with the characters.
  5. High school anime is extremely popular. There are countless series in the anime medium but why is that the case? It's because high school anime resonates with us. We can relate to the characters because we are either enrolling in our high school life or have already experienced it. Furthermore, we become emotionally attached to some of the characters presented and make judgements on their actions. We see them grow and witness their relationships and friendships develop etc. What do you think of high school anime? Is it something that resonates with you? I also made a video along with a friend regarding this question. If you are interested feel free to check it out. I think it will give a good understanding of our opinion and what we think.
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