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  1. My Artwork

    I started listening to the What A Rush Podcast and had the urge to do a Road Warrior Animal piece, LOD was one of my all time favorite tag teams growing up as a kid.
  2. My Artwork

    Thank you very much Thank you very much, and yes practice does help a lot, the hardest part is finding your own style i think. This is the first piece in my cartoon Bread series, I don't have a title yet for the entire series, but this piece is inspired a bit by one of my all-time favorite horror movies The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Decided tonight while watching some horror movies that I was going to bang out a small Tony Todd as The Candyman. Also did up the finished version of my Friday The 13th bread parody piece, Bread The 13th! Fresh off the tablet, I watched Friday The13th: The Final Chapter last night and was inspired to do some Jason Voorhees artwork. Maybe some future pins and stickers in the near future? A break down of the three images, we have the basic dead green version, next to that we have a retro version and last but not least we have the "Stinger Splash" version mixing Horror with 80s pro wrestling! Let me know what you think folks!
  3. My Artwork

    newest Bread sketch "Whats In The Box?" Pinhead meets Bread, Pinread? Had a lot of fun like always with this concept. I will try to get around to inking and coloring this one this weekend.
  4. My Artwork

    thank you very much, much appreciated. All drawings take time to practice and to improve. thank you, very much appreciated.
  5. My Artwork

    I don't know why, but I am having a lot of fun creating these. I will most likely color one of them up by next weekend. The first one was created while waiting for the rest of the players in my #FridayThe13thTheGame lobby to die. Then the second one is a parody of one of my favorite horror movies #TexasChainsawMassacre Hope you guys enjoy it, -Cheers!
  6. My Artwork

    just did up this sketch of another classic #N64 game I use to play as a kid, Banjo and Kazooie, a lot of good memories from this one.
  7. My Artwork

    Trying to kick the down mood I have been in today, Got the random urge to watch #SmallSoldiers last night, haven;t gotten around to it yet; but I figured I would do the next best thing and draw one of my favorite characters from the movie #MajorChipHazard Hope you guys enjoy it. I may get around to inking this piece as well as drawing some of the other characters as well. -Cheers! Just did this video game sketch, I tried to keep it as close to the original video game art style. This first piece is based on one of my all-time favorite #Nintendo #N64 games of all time, #ConkersBadFurday. I may digitally ink and color this piece and turn it into a series, not sure yet though.
  8. My Artwork

    Just did up this sketch tonight, a possible addition to my Super Mario x Wrestler series. Who would like to see some more Wario art?
  9. My Artwork

    thanks! much appreciated! something non-anime related, I'm a big wrestling fan. I tend to not draw a lot of female characters but I plan on changing that with this year to become a better well-rounded artist. Did up this sketch earlier today while my daughter was taking her afternoon nap. This is a tribute piece to a cartoon I use to watch as a kid back on YTV, this is Femur from #ShadowRaiders. Hope you guys enjoy it. I might ink it at some point not sure yet. -Cheers!
  10. My Artwork

    Didn't get too much done artwise on this lazy Sunday, but I did get this piece done. This piece is another cartoon/anime I use to watch as a kid. This piece is based off of Suezo from Monster Rancher. I will go on record and say that this is one of my first hand colored pieces of 2018, As I don't color stuff much at all I plan on doing more this year and improving that. Cheers!
  11. My Artwork

    thank you very much thanks, it was my first time ever drawing a Gundam, It was fun and a bit stressful all at the same time thank you, I will try and post at least one piece of art each week. Thank you, always open for requests can't say I will always get around to them, but I will always consider them.
  12. thanks for the follow 

  13. What Are You Watching Today?

    Thanks for the info, I'll make sure to avoid Neo Tokyo, but yeah I really enjoy Souleater it's a really fun watch. I will probably end up drawing some of the characters from it, as for right now though I have been watching The Devils A Part-Timer. It's a pretty neat concept.
  14. Mobile Games

    the games i play are The Simpsons Tapped Out, and I have a Digimon and Power Rangers game I play as well.
  15. Japanese snacks

    I've tried pocky before, we got it in at my work a couple of times. Other than that I haven't tried anything. I did notice last night while looking up varion loot style crates to buy that one site has a Japanese food box which seemed interesting to try.
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