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  1. No way, your banner is from Zoids, love it! 

    Your pfp reminds me of the Immigrant Song (live) by The Cybertronic Spree. It's a classic. x3

  2. thanks for the follow 

  3. Thanks for the info, I'll make sure to avoid Neo Tokyo, but yeah I really enjoy Souleater it's a really fun watch. I will probably end up drawing some of the characters from it, as for right now though I have been watching The Devils A Part-Timer. It's a pretty neat concept.
  4. the games i play are The Simpsons Tapped Out, and I have a Digimon and Power Rangers game I play as well.
  5. I've tried pocky before, we got it in at my work a couple of times. Other than that I haven't tried anything. I did notice last night while looking up varion loot style crates to buy that one site has a Japanese food box which seemed interesting to try.
  6. my girlfriend bought Netflix for us, we both really enjoy it. The American version apparently has better shows on it than the Canadian version but oh well. But we use Netflix for our tv shows and I started using it for Anime as well.
  7. I have been looking for Horror anime as well, so I will definitely bee checking out the above titles.
  8. I just use a Samsung Galaxy s4 and my girlfriend uses a Samsung Note 4(it has a great camera)
  9. my most current "rig" would be my Xbox One. The most current games I play would be Friday the 13th, Fortnite and Overwatch. Besides that, I own a lot of the older consoles as well that I like to dust off every now and then.
  10. As being someone who has worked in a tattoo shop, I personally see no issues with it. If it's something that you love and want to express that love for it then there's no issue, For myself I have a big love for Horror movies and Frankenstein as well so I have a Frankenstein tattoo. It's your own body so do what you wish with it.
  11. well being an anime newb, I have just randomly started watching Souleater through Netflix. Really enjoying it onto season 2 now. I think today I am going to watch another random show off of Netflix.
  12. Hello, and welcome. I am new as well. I also feel like I am somewhat the same with not having watched a lot of anime.
  13. i've been playing Friday The 13th, Fortnite and Overwatch all on the Xbox One
  14. for me I would have to go with Chinese food, but i really do love a good Taco Poutine.
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