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  1. if they were going for a new studio..i prefered if they just rebooted the anime... so its more fresh that way
  2. tbh if there was a more active/populated Anime Forums site just like this..i would be there...but so far i haven't found any replacement yet here approximately take 12 hours before someone posts again or reply/comment
  3. think about it ...2 kids who play together ( Shiro and Sora ) created by a kid? ( Tet ) Invited by another world ( they were invited through online chess game ) honorable mentions that mostly fits the criteria is Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo?
  4. Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 57 i guess how they manage to turn things around despite Gon and Killua being captured by the Phantom Troupe .. everyone manage to play they're part and it made me rewatch the series just so i can watch that scene again...
  5. its like having no birthdays at all..it wouldn't bother me though..as i have never enjoyed my birthday parties since im in introvert if u had no choice but to sell/cook drugs as a living..what drugs would u sell?
  6. Cat i guess...so i can roam around..since Dogs arent as flexible anyway if you were in a situation where your life is on the line.. and u see a sword and a gun besides ...you can only take one..which one would u choose? sword is chipped gun only has 2 bullets
  7. you know how How some anime characters have different beliefs? for example : Arthuria thinks it is justified to kill people if it is within order Kiritsugu Emiya thinks that killing people is bad..but if its for the greater good and quantity...then so be it is that how it works...although i dont agree with either of them
  8. yes....its lovable although we have to pay for Eng Subs ... and for her to understand us in english
  9. Welcome to the Forums Hamsloth-san! I've actually seen your introduction thread around somewhere but I thought it would be much special for me to greet around here. :D Although I think I am fashionably late in welcoming you but it is a pleasure to meet you! :D

    1. Hamsloth


      Thank you thank you xD
      i appreciate that you even noticed me xD
      and you are not late at all...im still technically new :D 

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