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  1. saltyricebollz

    Anime recommendations

    Thank you guys for the suggestions, I watched paprika the other day and I was hella lost 😭😩
  2. saltyricebollz

    Anime recommendations

    Hi guise, I’ve been looking for another good series or a movie type anime like perfect blue, something along the lines of monster cuz that shi got me fucked up and I loved it. Please halp
  3. saltyricebollz

    Metal lee’s mother

    lol who else fits the criteria tho 😭
  4. saltyricebollz

    Where do you watch your anime?

  5. saltyricebollz

    Metal lee’s mother

    So like I thought metals mother was Tenten but I read elsewhere that it’s unknown like what?
  6. saltyricebollz

    Kokoro Connect

    Thank you guys for the input, I started watching it and it’s getting pretty interesting
  7. saltyricebollz

    Kokoro Connect

    Has anyone watched it? Would you say it’s worth watching?
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