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  1. LOL welcome to the fun world

  2. Ice cream Alchemist

    I am making a story. Any advice? Also a help needed.

    I think a good way of coming up with a plot might be just talking with your friends about a bunch of random stuff and you can ask them for some ideas and try and put your ideas and your friends together and try to make a story out of it after that try and keep on changing it around till it sounds really good
  3. Ice cream Alchemist

    What is your most favorite episode out of any anime you've ever watched?

    Mine is either an episode of fairy tail the one where juvia buys a love potion and everyone goes crazy or maybe the first episode of Ouran highschool host club
  4. Ice cream Alchemist

    Favorite Anime Character With A Split Personality?

    I'm gonna say Kyoya from OHSHC well I'm pretty sure he has a split personality On the outside he acts very calm and nice but on the inside he really justs likes manipulating people and he's pretty mean too
  5. Ice cream Alchemist

    Anime you stopped watching

    I've dropped durarara bleach Naruto and blue exorcist because I felt they were all to slow
  6. Ice cream Alchemist

    What anime are you watching now?

    I've been watching fairy tail and there's one episode that's hilarious it's called watch out for the guy you like
  7. Ice cream Alchemist

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    Ok I'll give those a try, thanks(y)
  8. Ice cream Alchemist

    Subbed vs Dubbed

    I like dub more but I still like sub I just like dub a little more because when it's in English I feel I'm fully emersed in the show
  9. Ice cream Alchemist

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    I've actually watched that anime before but I didn't like it that much
  10. Not sure where to start with your anime episode thread? Here's a suggested outline you can use below! When you're done, remove this text and the headings. Your favourite or least favourite scene(s) in the episode? Try and add at least one screenshot! Any interesting thoughts or questions on a specific scene/arc//character? Try and encourage discussion. Overall rating out of 10 and why?
  11. hmm to follow me you may end up being lead astray , but thanks for the follow

    1. RyePotatoes


      Be led astray like melting ice cream oto san?

    2. Wodahs


      My replying comments to your statement could end up gettin me in to trouble Rye , so i won't

    3. RyePotatoes
  12. i think i would be erza from fairytail i know she's not a bad guy but she is pretty scary
  13. Ice cream Alchemist

    favourite time of day?

    my favorite time of the day is the middle of the day that's when i have the most energy
  14. Ice cream Alchemist

    Favourite Band/Singer/Musician?

    have you ever known anyone who doesn't like music?
  15. Ice cream Alchemist

    Chart of Suffering

    i think Ed suffered more than 55 percent also i don't think he deserved to suffer at all
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