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  1. Not much of a gamer anymore, but when I do play from time to time when chilling with friends. Right now it's just DBZ Fighter and Madden
  2. 8.5/10. Robert Pattinson kills it in this. I'm amazed, yet disgusted at his character and the actions he takes. He's pretty much a despicable piece of garbage that gets caught up in his own desperate schemes. Even though it's hard to sympathize with him, you can't help but be interested in following the characters and the environments he goes in.
  3. ehh I'm ok with it. It would probably get annoying though if the mc in the course of like 20 episodes still hasn't learned anything useful or developed properly
  4. Dragon Ball Super. Can't wait til the finale
  5. Hugely addicted to television rn. There's a lot of shows I enjoy so I don't have a personal favorite genre. All time favorite goes to The Wire, which I explain in this thread Other favorites I have include Fargo, Daredevil, Legion, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, and The Boondocks. Currently I'm watching Riverdale, Twin Peaks: The Return, Agents of Shield, Legends of Tomorrow, and very soon, The Punisher. I do feel inspired by what a series presents at times. For a show like The Boondocks, I love the social commentary that was especially prevalent in season 1. Very entertaining yet you take something away from it that makes you want to learn about and better your community.
  6. It's pretty safe for a timeskip going into season 3 since the child actors are actually teens rn, so the high school scenario is very likely. I doubt the child actors would be replaced because they're all pretty much the heart of what makes the series special. The familiarity fans have with them has been set since season 1 and I doubt the creators would change that.
  7. Enjoyed the second season a lot. It took pretty much everything great about season 1 and built on them even further. You could tell from the posters and trailers that it was going to be more movie-like, which looked amazing. While the plot started off a little slow, it majorly improved going forward. The stakes were bigger and the danger felt more threatening this time around. These child actors are also some of the best I've seen in television, especially Noah Snchapp's performance as Will. Probably the only gripes I had is how it's still setting up some things to come. The 008 storyline ruined the flow of the show after the previous episode and the main villain of the season didn't turn out to be much of a threat in the end. These could've been better presented, but it's not much to detract how great the season was.
  8. Trailer out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU02NWfHT2g
  9. This crap always comes out and will hopefully always be shut down. Seems counter-productive anyway since it could interfere with government surveillance on the internet, unless there's a way around that...
  10. Graduated with my BA in criminal justice. Not sure what profession I want to go into tho...
  11. This Is Us is back! Time to get the tissues

  12. For a while my routine has been pretty redundant: wake up, work, complete online school work, sleep- rinse and repeat. Just no time or motivation for a social life. Then some friends suggested going to the gym with them and I took them on their offer. Thought it would be a chore at first but it's something I was actually glad to add to my daily routine. It felt good to socialize more after so long, and I think it's something that's needed to fill that void within.
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