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  1. well sadly i've only watched 2 animes in my time so far but i think the one i'm watching atm is gonna have a great effect on me i can just tell i've already cried at it like several times i'm watching Hanasaku Iroha and i'm on episode 14 and its getting to that point now that i know the ending is gonna be spectacular! quite excited
  2. blanket check, fluffy socks check pillow check! i think i'm ready... for a nap

  3. i think that Taiga from Toradora is at the top of my list i mean she's adorable
  4. what was the worst anime that let me down was Manabe and Kotorora from Kotorora-San they kind had a spark but like the anime left it on a bit of a cliff hanger to wether they really were with each other or not i wasn't too sure but they deffo liked each other.... was disappointed wanted a cute rom com
  5. meow *licks paws* i just want to be cute but i'm not :3

    1. Nectar


      You would be if you watched where you were walking before you licked your paws... ew xD Now don't you run from me x) [img]https://media.giphy.com/media/2KH4IjIQSgqvS/giphy.gif[/img]

  6. flip flops are literally satan they made me feet physically bleed i'm an absolute klutz i can't do anything right :,(

    1. zoop


      Eeegh. I was an excellent swimmer as a kid, but somehow always had trouble with diving. @[email protected]

    2. zoop


      Wait, wait. I thought that said "belly flops" originally. @[email protected] :? Okay, that's embarrassing. Yeah, I don't like flip-flops either.

  7. they don't really fall in love but they have a cute funny romance Kotoura-San and Manabe in Kotoura-San it's on Crunchy Roll if you have it and tbh it should be a must watch it was really good!!
  8. ehhh don't really wanna do this but here ya go!!
  9. you know you're life is hit a new level of strange when you're sat outside listening to the sound of bats, whilst eating cereal :)

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    2. zoop


      Odd combination, that o.O

    3. Kohloo


      I've done that!

    4. Nectar


      Ahh I might do that actually xD I agree with @[1665:Viper], they are great outdoor cereal companions :D

  10. i discovered anime when my friend introduced me to it i didn't think i'd like it becos i've never before shown much interest in comics of cartoons or stuff like that but i really like Japan and so i thought why not give it a try :3 and it just kinda went on from there!! sadly i've only watched 2 animes because I struggle to fine ones i like
  11. yeah games are always better with friends i don't really play many cos i don't have time like i used to cos i'm studying for my GCSEs
  12. aww that's really cool bet it's really fun!! do you play any other games?
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