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  1. I have these once in a while, and find them to be pleasant now and then, though I don't tend to be able to do them too frequently. they've also got a premium Black version of that soup, which is pretty good. you can see a taste test between the two versions here over here. this stuff, though, is my cheap food / lazy good bread and butter... the hot and spicy version, anyway. the fact that there's no super salty broth is kind of a nice change of pace, and makes it something that I'm capable of eating more frequently. both of those pale in comparison to this stuff, though:
  2. proooobably not the expression isn't particularly welcoming o.0
  3. I'd have to gently remind her that she's not 18 years old that any sort sort of relationship would be wholly inappropriate
  4. Hiii ~ welcome to the forum ^^

  5. Mixed up my regular jambalaya recipe with a different type of sausage, extra peppers, and a partridge in a pear tree. Turned out really nicely, I think.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3at_Ev2kOoI RIP
  7. Hiya and welcome to the forum :)

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    2. zoop


      It's my pleasure! Please let me know if you have any questions, or need any help. ^^

    3. honeyandblush


      Thanks! I was struggling for a second with the background editor but I think I got it now lol

    4. zoop


      Awesome, glad to hear it! :)

  8. Favorite Doctors from Doctor Who? Least favorite?
  9. I really do! Though, most horror movies are honestly and unfortunately really trashy so I'm reeeaaally picky with them. I tend to prefer things that don't rely on jump scares and pure shock value to get you going. Jacob's Ladder being a good example of a movie that does it well, imo.
  10. Probably Attack on Titan season two, to be honest ... Re:Creators was a strong contender, though I honestly feel like the wheels kind of came off on that one. ^^;
  11. I'm fond of classical music, though I think my interests tend to veer toward things with Celtic influences and such. And anything that features a hammered dulcimer as an instrument. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayAvzVdOJJY
  12. She's a character from a fighting game that I'm quite fond of - her name is a little silly sounding: Riesbyfe. My wife and I noticed, while alternating between playing the game, that the Ries and another character had characteristics and a relationship that basically matched our own to a somewhat eerie degree, so we decided to adopt them as our avatar characters and such on the internet. A little goofy, but amusing I think. But yeah, that's the long and short as to why she and I always have these characters plastered everywhere, and why her profile background is the same as mine ^^
  13. Fair enough! What are your favorite varieties of foreign food?
  14. Oh gosh, no. While I won't say that I wouldn't, maybe, get something small, someday, it isn't really something that I'm thinking much about at the moment. A simple white ink tattoo could be nice, though, and subtle.
  15. I can't say that I've ever actually gotten into Transformers before! My wife is a big fan though, particularly of the old cartoons. I had a couple Transformers toys though, as a child, that my older brothers passed along to me though.
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