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  1. Thanks for your reply, I will go more into detail with those Nong Shim noodles and see if I can order them here. ^.^
  2. *knock knock* *scans the area and leaves potatoes with a note*

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    2. RyePotatoes


      You never know what the note says! Anyways, welcome :D

    3. PunishableAnime
    4. RyePotatoes


      You're welcome :) We'll look forward seeing you around the forums ;) The note states that it'll destruct once you're finished reading it though :p

  3. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer (very rarely cuz I don't really have time anymore to play, I better watch some Detective Conan, a lot better than playing) ^.^
  4. Hello dear anime fans, This thread is about instant cup noodles from Japan. I've already eaten many instant noodles here in Europe (Austria) but the brands here have their locations here in Europe, so none of these were imported from outside the Europe. That's why I don't really know how "real" instant noodles from Japan taste like. Then I thought about ordering them online. But since I don't know anything about the japanese brands, I wanted to ask here for some help. So, does someone know any good japanese brand which makes good tasting instant noodles (spicy if possible). Thank you for your answers! Some noodles I found on Amazon (I don't know if they're japanese) Peace out ✖ PunishableAnime
  5. Yes the S8 is surely nice to look at but you need to wait for the upcoming iPhone 8. It will also have a big screen like the S8, even bigger actually. And the screen will be 120Hz, so it will be smooth af. This was never seen on a smartphone, so they will be the first one with it. But the bad thing about it, is that it will cost about 1200$. That means I can't get one. :cries:
  6. Skrillex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx5qYm6kvw0
  7. Welcome to my introduction, I'm a 17-years old guy from Austria who likes to spend his free time with watching animes. It's not like watching animes is the only thing I do but I do watch it very often. If you are interested what kind of animes I watch the most, there will be link down with a list of all the animes I have watched + the ones I do watch right now. Mostly I watch animes with the genres: Romance, Drama but some Action animes are also nice aswell. In my free time I also like to go longboarding, it's always nice to go out when the sun sets. I also do run a YouTube channel, I'm uploading stuff like "Anime Opening Quiz" or soundtracks from animes that I like. I've already made a thread yesterday about the Opening quiz, check it out if you have time and write down how many of the openings you guessed right. There are only openings of 2017 animes and all of them are currently airing, so it might be hard if you are not up to date. ^.^ ▼▼▼ Anime Opening Quiz | 10 Openings https://animeforums.net/community/threads/%E2%99%AA-anime-opening-quiz-2017-animes.3653/ My Anime List https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Punishable YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUEybdFnrf7hC_LKiCXri3Q ▼▼▼ If you have any further questions, then feel free to ask. Have a nice day, PunishableAnime
  8. Hello dear Anime Lovers, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZTztY_8LRQ Watch this video and write down how many of the openings you guessed right. You have 10 seconds at every opening to guess it, then it shows the picture of the anime. There are 10 openings in total, only animes from 2017 which are airing at the moment. It's quite easy actually, good luck! Write down how many you guessed right, I really would like to know that. I will do an Introducing thread later so you'll know more about me. Peace out, PunishableAnime
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